Furnished office space for rent in Gurgaon with Modern Interiors

Are you
looking for a furnished office space for rent? Gurgaon ranks high among the top
cities in India for office space. It is also one of the best places to get an
office with high end interior designs and the latest furnishings.


Sound proofing in offices is
a necessity. Do you want people listening in on your meetings? Many senior
officials feel that the conference room is the most secure place in the entire
office for confidential discussions. They feel that when something is discussed
in the conference room no one else can hear. It is a popular belief that
conversations that take place in the conference room cannot be heard outside.
But is it really so? Are you sure that your conference room is so secure? Why
risk it? The latest office interiors comprise of sound proofing for office
cabins, meeting rooms and the conference room. With this technology in place
you can be certain that no one can eves drop on your important business discussions.

Lighting & Decor

Lighting is very essential
for offices. The office should be brightly lit and should not have areas which
are dark, making them seem secluded. These spaces cannot be properly utilised
and most employees prefer to avoid using them.

The office interior décor
comprises of the colour scheme and the style of furniture. The furniture should
be of a high quality and of the latest technology. Modern day office furniture
is made with a scientific design. This takes into account the user comfort,
health and the functionality.

Security Technology

Technology such as CCTV
cameras, smoke detectors, fire safety standards etc. are
now incorporated into all modern offices. Security is another feature which is
not just in door and locks but extends to different levels with electronically
controlled multi-level access codes. Access to different parts of the office is
restricted to authorised personnel only.


You can get a fully furnished
office space for rent in Gurgaon with modern interiors from AIHP. Whether you
want a ready office or custom designed office interiors, AIHP can do it for

AIHP is a leader in providing
office spaces in Gurgaon. We have decades of experience in the field and know
exactly what our clients require. Irrespective of your budget we don’t
discriminate. Every business starts small and then grows. We like to build customer
loyalty from the beginning and continue to serve and meet the needs of our
clients. Get in touch with us to find your perfect office space. We cover all
areas of Gurgaon and can advise you about suitable areas for your office.

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