Upgrade with an office situated on Golf Course Road

Getting office space in Gurgaon is not as easy as it sounds. But this also depends on the location you desire to have an office. Office space Golf Course Road is difficult to get. This is because there are limited commercial buildings on Golf Course Road and the demand is high. Everyone wants an office in this prime location.

Type of office space

With AIHP you have the choice to select the type of office space that you need. Most businesses want a bright and spacious office. The area and layout of the office is of some concern. We take care of all your needs and can reorganise the interiors to match your business requirement.

Type of building and its amenities

Some aspects of an office space we take for granted. It is necessary to make s checklist of the basic amenities that you require. Even small things such as power backup or fibre optic high speed internet make a difference. We tend to overlook such trivial matters when selecting an office space Gurgaon. AIHP on the other hand ensures that the basic amenities are available in the office space we show you. If something is lacking we bring it to your attention at the onset. This enables you to make an informed choice. We don’t wait for you to move into your new office and then realise that something is missing.

The office location

Even a main road like the Golf course road has buildings which are more conveniently located and some which have a more difficult approach. This factor does influence the office space rental. On the whole Golf Course Road is a prime area even if the buildings do not have easy access from the main road. This area is easy to find and commands a premium rental. But do not fret AIHP can help you get a good deal in the best of places when you contact us for your office space Golf Course Road.

Enjoy easy rental with AIHP

AIHP makes your rental process very simple and easy. You tell us what you want and we find it for you. You don’t have to run around looking at office spaces that are nowhere near your requirement criteria.

Partner with AIHP for low brokerage

Are you worried about the high brokerage rates? You can relax. AIHP offers you very competitive rates and a service beyond par. You can partner with us to take care of all your office property services. We can facilitate the rental registration process and all the necessary paperwork involved for the process. We go over and beyond to ensure ultimate client satisfaction.

Commercial space for rent

Gurgaon is the commercial hub for the top companies in the world. 250 of the Fortune 500 companies have their offices located in Gurgaon. Commercial space for rent in Gurgaon comes at a premium. Certain areas are categorised as prime commercial locations. Sourcing commercial space in these areas is literally like a hit and miss kind of opportunity. As soon as an office space is vacated, the very next day it is taken up by some other company.

To get commercial space on rent in Gurgaon a company needs to get in touch with the big players in the field, like AIHP. Some company’s make the mistake of contacting small time brokers who keep them on the run. They show you lots of commercial spaces which are available for rent, but none of them suit your criteria. After a while it becomes somewhat of a wild goose chase.

Finding the perfect commercial space

The top rated realtors like AIHP have vast expanses of commercial space under their authority. These buildings or floors have been given to their charge. So if you are looking for something specific or even a general commercial space, you can find it easily with AIHP.

The newer areas of Gurgaon are somewhat planned. There are particular areas which are designated commercial areas. You can also find commercial space in the midst of residential colonies. But again it depends on what your requirement is. Commercial space inside a colony is more or less limited to nearby residents. With a lot of advertising you can draw other footfall, but that is an expensive proposal.

Then you have commercial space on main roads, like MG Road, Golf Course Road, Sohna Road etc. These are premium areas with visitors not just from Gurgaon, but Delhi as well.

Save time with AIHP

Hunting for the right commercial space can be very time consuming. You know what you want but all the spaces you see do not match up. At AIHP you can discuss your criteria and they can tell you what commercial spaces are available in the similar category. Without having to run around you can study the specification of each appropriate space. If you find any properties which are suitable, you can make a trip to the location to get the reality feel. Through pictures shown to you by AIHP you get a rough idea of what you can expect. In this manner you can conserve time. There is no need to make needless trips to numerous commercial locations to look at commercial spaces.

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