Office on Corporate Lease in Gurgaon

Office on Corporate Lease in Gurgaon

Taking up office Space on Corporate lease can be a daunting task. There are many crucial points to be looked into before you take up an office of corporate lease. Here are some of the crucial points you need to look into.

  • What is the length of the agreement? Typically in India the lease agreement are 3,6 or 9 years old. Also what the renewable options?
  • What is the rent, what are the allowable increases in rent and after what periods?
  • Does your rent included insurance, maintenance costs? It is possible to draft the agreement both ways i.e. where these costs are separately added or whether these individual items included in the rent. While the former is called Net lease the latter is called gross lease.
  • Is there any subleasing provision?
  • How the physical space you are renting is defined? This includes the use common areas such as elevators, public conveniences and hallways?
  • What are the security deposits associated with the corporate lease?
  • Where are the signage places where people can identify your office? This is crucial for your potentials clients to identify your place. This is also important from a branding perspective.
  • What are the kind of modifications you have agreed to with the landlord? Will there be any modifications? Will there be any additions? In case of additions who would be owning the fixtures that were added to the physical space at the end of lease agreement.
  • Is there any professional maintenance company who would be taking care of the premise? If yes, what are the credentials of that facility management company and what is their experience. This is important for the smooth running of operations once you have moved into the office space. In addition, also who would be paying for the maintenance costs of larger things such as air conditioners? Such things can be expensive and it is important to clarify in the agreement on who is going to bear the costs of such maintenance.
  • Very important you should also consider the terminations clauses. Businesses today are thriving in very dynamic environments. Especially startups can go both ways. Many starts ups are there to disrupt the markets and can their returns can be exponentially rewarding. At the same time there is a tremendous amount of risk associated with them. Hence, the terminations clauses become very crucial.

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Office on Corporate Lease in Gurgaon


Parameters to be considered are : Length of agreement, clauses and many other such parameters.


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We have an experience of more than 15 years in corporate leasing in Gurgaon.

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