The best office space Sohna Road Gurgaon

Rent office space on Sohna Road Gurgaon. The easiest way to find office space for rental is through AIHP. We are your office realtors. We have arange of office space under our command and can help you find a perfect office within your budget. Office space rental in Gurgaon without proper guidance can be very tedious.


Choice of office space in Sohna Road

When you have AIHP as your broker you can put forth your preferences for office space. Do you want a bright and spacious office? While some people prefer natural lighting others are fine with artificial lights. Is central air conditioning a must or do you prefer to install your own air conditioners enabling you to control the indoor temperature? There are numerous choices that come with renting office space. While you may be clear about some choices, you may have to ponder over other matters. It is advisable to discuss these issues with your AIHP representative. We will help you make the best choice concerning your office interiors.


Furnished, partially furnished or totally bare office space is another choice that many businesses have to deal with. Larger companies prefer bare office spaces. They want the interiors set up in alignment with their global offices. Smaller businesses prefer furnished office spaces. This saves you the office interiors investment cost.


Importance of office location

An office in a better location comes at a higher price. What does good location mean to you? Everyone has their own definition based on their need. Don’t just follow the crowd; identify the location criteria’s that you want.


Is dedicated parking space a requirement? To some companies parking is essential and to others it is not a priority. An office that is easy to find is important when you have many visitors. A good landmark is helpful. But when you have a few visitors you should focus on other aspects which are more relevant to your need. If an office with better facilities is available at a good rental, but it is off the main road, is it worth sacrificing the easy accessibility criteria?


Why contact AIHP for your office space Sohna Road

There are numerous reasons why you should contact AIHP for your office space. The first and most important one is low brokerage. Contrary to what you may have assumed, AIHP charges a very competitive brokerage rate.


AIHP makes you whole office rental process very easy. We take care of all the legal formalities with our legal team.  We assist you with all the necessary paperwork and the lease deed registration process. We are well versed with all the regulations and can guide you through it all. This will help you to save time and money. So don’t wait give us a call.

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