Office space in Golf Course Ext Road

Golf Course Extension Road is the new up and coming area in Gurgaon. This road connects Sohna Road to the Faridabad bypass. It intersects with many other major roads such as the Golf Course Road and various others. Many top rated builders have bought land on this road and are making huge premium commercial complexes that have large capacity office space. Organisations which are looking for large floor size can consider taking up office space on the Golf Course Extn Road. Today since there is a little office space available in premium areas most organisations find it difficult to get large floor areas all together and end up having to divide their operations between different office locations or floors.

Type of office space

AIHP offers clients a wide variety of different kinds of office space. There could be variations in the facilities provided by the office building as well as choice of interiors and furnishings. Some companies prefer to rent the bare floor and have the interiors made by a professional interior designer as per the set standards of their organisation. Some companies are a bit flexible when it comes to interiors are would rather rent an office space that has the bare minimum already in place. This could include predesignated workstations areas, meeting rooms, conference rooms, office cabins, cafeteria area etc.

Choosing the right office space on Golf Course Extn Road

The greatest hurdle faced by organisations is finding the office space that suits their requirement. Usually they have to go through many properties before they finally find something that looks remotely agreeable. With AIHP an organisation need not waste time going around and looking at something that is not even close to what they need. AIHP has a variety of properties under their command and can show the client what is available with details regarding location area, interiors, facilities etc. Once an office space is of interest to the client and they would like to see it physically, they are taken to the actual location. This saves time, money and effort for both parties.

AIHP can negotiate the deal with the builder company on behalf of their clients and ensure that you get the best deal possible. AIHP can also take care of all the legal formalities. Their legal team will ensure that all the paper work is in place as soon as possible. This saves the organisation the trouble of hiring a legal representation for the lease formalities.

AIHP provide their clients with world class office space in the most premium locations. For the best office space solutions AIHP is the right path to follow.

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