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Are You Searching for Office Space? Consider These Factors First!

One of the critical factors that impacts employee productivity and satisfaction is the office space. Finding a new space for your commercial requirements can be overwhelming, but it is exciting too! You have to research the perfect location and find the ideal type of property for your needs, and there are so many things that you have to take care of. 

commercial office space gurgaon

Scientifically proven, employees are more engaged and productive if they like their office space. If your office is well maintained, it will improve employee satisfaction. When the space is well maintained, the employees will be happier, and happy employees can help the organization. Organizations must also consider the cost of office space rent, legal requirements, public transportation, and other important things. Consider these factors! 



Among all the factors, location is the most important. It is essential to choose a place that is easily accessible. The accessibility of the location directly impacts the organization. Modern cities have many problems with traffic and need more parking places. But this should not mean picking a location far away from the city. 


The office space must be accessible by public transportation, which is a bonus point if there are no traffic jams. The employees and your clients should be able to come to the office without hassle. Consider locations that are close to malls, restaurants, and coffee shops. 


For instance, if you are looking for commercial office space Gurgaon, choose an affordable location close to the public transport network. Reserve an area on the city’s outskirts where public transportation exists. Such places are cheaper, but they will demotivate the employees and clients! 



It’s important to have a general idea of how the market works regarding price, amenities, and location. Choosing a space below market standards is not a good idea. The low price can be due to a poor location or problematic space. Similarly, if the cost of the property is too high, your business will be negatively affected. 


Paying more than your allocated budget will burden the business in the long run. Always ensure there are no hidden charges; the lowest price should match the location and available facilities. Pay only the market standard because the location is good. There are numerous options available on a budget. The price should be equivalent to the quality of the property and all the facilities you will get with it. 



Before finalizing the space, consider all the facilities you will get with the property. It is essential to have good internet and electricity connections in the office space. Businesses these days can only operate via the internet. 


Other factors, such as lighting, parking spaces, kitchens, and washrooms, should be in good shape. It is ideal if the place has good security. Ventilation should be excellent. Always remember that your clients or business prospects will visit your office, so the decorum of the place has to be awesome.


Company size: 

It is crucial to have a space that properly accommodates all your employees. Nobody wants to work in an organization where the desks are crammed together with no breathing space. Similarly, you should only spend money on a small space if you know it will be used. Take your time with the process. 


Choosing the wrong place will force you to move from it to a better place sooner or later. Know your size requirements beforehand. Plan how you want the office to look and how much space is required for all your employees, equipment, and other activities. If you are looking forward to hiring more people, invest in office space that can accommodate your company’s growth. 



Before investing in an office space, it’s essential to consider how it’s designed and laid out. The design of the space tremendously affects employee productivity and satisfaction. The area you choose for your office must feel welcoming and have a productive vibe. Visit the site and pay attention to natural lighting, ventilation, noise pollution, and how close it is to nature. All these factors are significant in building or defining the office’s vibe. 


If the property has working bathrooms and a kitchen that is easy to get to, that is a plus. The layout is essential when considering a property; plan how to make the most of it. 


Types of office spaces: 

Many office spaces include coworking spaces, business incubators, serviced offices, and commercial leases. Each of these has its advantages and purposes. Consider all the types of office spaces available to you. This will help you choose the most affordable and efficient option. 


Coworking spaces are pocket-friendly and have extra perks like cafes, gyms, and event spaces. Business incubators offer support and resources at affordable prices. Serviced offices are pre-furnished and have flexible leases. A commercial lease gives you more control over the space. It provides more privacy and has lower long-term costs. 




Most business owners make the mistake of leaving the research behind. Doing your research helps you evaluate your options and the pros and cons of each of them. It is essential to analyze your requirements and predict your future requirements. Your office space should be accommodating and flexible for your future needs. 


Reach out to AIHP if you are looking for an affordable office space for your organization. They provide solutions for all types of businesses and ensure that your property is well-maintained and has all the facilities required. If you need a reasonable budget, consider cost-friendly options. Doing a little research will help you choose the best place for your business. 


Remember, the more you invest in the business, the more benefits you reap. Investing in a good office space is a safe and cheap way to boost employee satisfaction and productivity. Motivated and happy employees contribute tremendously to the growth of the organization. In the long term, this leads to the survival of the business and more profits! Carefully analyze your requirements and invest in an office face that fulfills all your needs!

Hassle free renting with the leading office space provider company

If you want to rent office space in Gurgaon the first step is to contact the Leading office space provider company. Finding good office space in Gurgaon can be a very difficult task. The demand is high and most of the good spaces are already occupied. This leaves you with the obvious question- will you actually find what you are looking for? When AIHP is your realtor you can be rest assured that you will get the best that is available in the market which not only suits your requirement but your budget as well.

When you contact AIHP for your office space requirements you can be sure that you will get exactly what you need. We have access to a large number of properties and can help you find the perfect office space.

What is the benefit of AIHP

Benefits of working with the leading office space provider are numerous. The most apparent ones are that you won’t get duped into believing that you will get a space that is desirable but not available.  With AIHP you can be rest assured that you will get the best office space in Gurgaon.

AIhp has control of over half a million sq feet of prime office space in Gurgaon. This in itself is a guarantee that what AIHP can give you no other realtor can.

AIHP will ensure that the rental rates per square foot are according to the market rate and not inflated rates. Sometimes you can get caught off guard and end up agreeing to a higher rental. AIHP ensures that the rental rates remain amicable and agreeable to both parties.

Office facilities

Modern office facilities which includes technologically advanced systems. Security and surveillance are facilities that we often hear of but seldom find it to a level of satisfaction. AIHP ensures that your office will be located in a hi-tech office complex which has the latest security systems in place. This not only makes your office physically secure but adds to the status and name of your company.

Many office space facilities are taken for granted, but you will be surprised to learn that many spaces do not come with the obvious facilities unless you specifically ask for them. For instance most office spaces come with internal network cabling and high speed internet. But you may end up in an office which does not have this setup.

This is where AIHP steps in. On your behalf we do a thorough check of what is available and what is not. This allows you to discuss the matters with the office space owner and work out what they can do. The office rental can be adjusted according to the facilities.


Find your choice of office space for rent Gurgaon?

What type of office space are you looking for? This question becomes valid because there is a huge variety of a different kind of office space for rent in Gurgaon. This also opens up a large number of associated possibilities with it.

There are always the underlying factors which help us to filter the kind of office space we need. The most significant of these is the size of the space, the kind of space and budget. Some organisations are particular about the area that they want the office space in. They may want an office space in Udyog VIhar or Golf Course Road or Sohna Road.

What do you want in an office space?

Before looking for office space you should also have a general idea of the kind of space you prefer. The size required and the facilities that you desire to have along with the office space. Do you need office space with network cabling or do you plan on installing your own? What about other building facilities? Making a list of your requirements prior to looking for office space will help you short list places faster. It will also help your broker to take you to office spaces which meet your requirement. 

After seeing a few places you may find a need to make a few changes to your office space demands. Either you may add a few more requirements that you realised are essential or you may remove a few requirements which you realise are not really necessary. It also helps you to get a fair idea of what you can get in your budget. If you are not getting what you want in your budget, you may need to increase your budget for office space rent.

Location of office space

The location of the office space determines the rent. If you are getting more than what you hoped for in a particular location, you may want to consider looking at a better location. Always get the best that your money can afford you, don’t settle for less.  

Features such as access and parking do influence the rental rates of an office space. If you and your team need car parking space it is preferable to select an office in an area where there is available parking. The daily battle of fighting for parking is no worth wasting your energy on.

Get in touch with us at AIHP for your office space requirements. We will help you to find exactly what you need in the shortest time frame and with the least hassle.

Customize Office Space

Office space comes with a very standard interior décor. This can be boring at times. Every company has certain specific requirements for office space. These requirements may vary based on the type of the company and the budget they have for office facilities. Some organisations need a large conference room as they hold many meetings. They will also need the infrastructure setup for presentations etc. The kind of office interiors depends on the type of business. Some offices like those of Builders and Developer prefer to have many meeting rooms, where they can meet clients and discuss their requirements in privacy. They are not so keen on large conference rooms.

Nature of business

Each organisation has a particular type of business function.  The core business determines the office requirements. Offices that are into IT functions, especially backend work, are not very concerned about the layout and setup of the office space. They need high speed internet and proper cabling which can support high bandwidth.

The nature of your business sometimes demands a certain office décor. Travel companies like bright and creative designs. Customers who visit your office are also attracted to the décor and inclined to make up their mind faster regarding travel.

Organisations that are into creativity like advertising, magazines and publishing houses like to have pleasant office interiors. It keeps the employees inspired. Drab décor can affect the mood and the creative spirit. They prefer more open space and less clutter. It helps ideas to take root and grow. On the other hand IT offices like to use as much of the office area as work stations. Their office may appear to be congested, but they are too preoccupied to mind the maze.

Customised Office space in Gurgaon

The availability of customised office space in Gurgaon comes in all types and caters to a variety of different requirements. There are variations in the type of décor and the facilities that are available. You can get a very cheap customised office space in Gurgaon even in nice areas like Sohna Road and near Udyog Vihar. The cost of the office space depends on factors such as the facilities available and the services being provided. The type of building also makes a difference to the cost of the office space.

If you have a requirement for a particular type of customised office space AIHP can help you find it. Though there are many customised office spaces available each one has a different specification. Not all spaces will suit your requirement. To find the space with the exact requirement in the right kind of location and within your budget you need the right realtor – AIHP. They are the leaders in commercial and office space.

Why is there such a huge demand for office space in Gurgaon?

Office space in Gurgaon is in popular demand. Gurgaon is the hub for all corporate activity. It has almost become mandatory for Medium and Large sized businesses to have a presence in Gurgaon whether they have business operation there or not.

There are numerous factors which have a hand in making Gurgaon what it is today. The availability of vast expanses of space is one of the main factors that promoted Gurgaon. Companies that want to consolidate all their offices and operate out of a single location have a huge an advantage in Gurgaon. At one time all businesses vied for office space at Nariman Point. Today Gurgaon is the new Nariman Point.

The demand for office space has led to the development of Gurgaon as a residential area as well. This has resulted in Gurgaon expanding to its further most limits. Sohan and Manesar which were considered a short distance away from Gurgaon are now extensions of Gurgaon with no demarcation for the townships. Gurgaon is expanding in every direction possible. Today we are barely able to decipher where Gurgaon ends and Delhi begins.

Gurgaon’s popularity is also prompted by the fact that it is a part of the National Capital Region. When it comes to legal permits and other corporate formalities Gurgaon is just an hour’s drive from central Delhi. The various Ministry offices are all within close proximity and the corporates do not have to spend huge sums for getting their various permits and permissions in place by sending staff out of town for unlimited number of days till the job is accomplished. Why waste resources when you can get an office in Gurgaon. Gurgaon is a very central location and is also in close proximity to the airport. This is a huge advantage for day visitors who come for business meetings.

The benefits of having an office in Gurgaon are multi-fold and far outweigh any doubts that a business may harbour. The demand for office space is growing at a fast pace and finding office apace in a prime location can be quite a challenge.

 AIHP is a corporate landlord entity and can help you find exactly what you are looking for. They will get you an office space that meets all most of your major criteria’s and demands. In fact there may be a few additional perks which come as a bonus. If you want office space in Gurgaon there is no point wasting time with small time property brokers. AIHP has all the available office space in their realm.  

How to locate commercial space for rent in Gurgaon

There is a huge demand for commercial space in Gurgaon. As a millennium city Gurgaon is expanding beyond what we could have ever imagined a few years ago. Traders find that Gurgaon offers great opportunity for their business to flourish. It has enormous growth potential. Gurgaon is one of the fastest growing cities in India on a commercial scale as well as on an economic level.

As Gurgaon is growing and the commercial areas are also growing in a proportionate manner. Huge housing complexes are coming up to cater to the influx of people moving to these newer areas. Large commercial complexes are coming up all around Gurgaon. Many commercial complexes provide retail space on some floors and office space in the higher floors. This seems to be a popular norm nowadays.

Locating commercial space

While there is a lot of commercial space available in Gurgaon it is not always easy to find the owners. The best way that one can locate commercial space in Gurgaon is through a real estate broker. Brokers are able to get you in touch with the owner of the commercial space and help you to negotiate a good rental rate.

Just any real estate broker is not going to do. The commercial space you rent is going to determine the outcome of your business for the next few years. Ensuring that you are able to find the right kind of commercial space is the best possible location is very essential.

Commercial space pricing

There is no fixed or defined price for the rental of a commercial space. Sometime real estate brokers try and push the rental up for their own benefit. A higher rental rate results in the broker earning a higher brokerage. This kind of mal practice is not supported by the large players like AIHP. Just to make a slightly higher commission it is not fair trade practice to promote higher rental rates. At AIHP we will not only ensure that you get commercial space at a currently trending rental rate, but we even help to negotiate a better rental rate for you.

At AIHP we always put the client first. We go to all lengths to help our clients to finalise the rental deal with the property owner. We also help with the formalities including the paper work and the legal procedures which are mandatory for renting commercial property. Rental and leasing formalities can be quite complicated for people who are not familiar with the procedures. This can also result in a lot of wastage of time. With the help of AIHP all the formalities can be completed within a short duration of time.

Find an office on rent in Gurgaon

Looking for an office on rent Gurgaon can be quite laborious and tiring. You go to see numerous office spaces all around Gurgaon with property various brokers. You go from one office to another only to find that it is not what you want. Either it is too big or too small or doesn’t have the required facilities. Or the budget is too high or the location is unsuitable. There are numerous matters which have to be taken into consideration when you decide to look for an office on rent in Gurgaon.


Homework before looking for an office

Before you start looking for an office to rent, there are a few things that you need to do first. This exercise will help you save time and enable you to find the perfect office without much hassle. Preparation is the key.


Every business has a fair idea of the rental budget. But making a rental budget is not enough. You probably have an idea of the location in which you would like to have an office. The size of the office is determined by the number of employees and the size of your business. This information is not all that you need. You want an office of a particular size in a specific location within a certain budget. The basics are clear and that is great. But there is more.


Now we come to the important part. What is the rental rate in the area that you would like to have an office? Today office space rates are generally referred to in terms of sq. ft. A particular area will have a certain rate and this will vary from area to area.


You need to check if you can find the required office space within your budget in a particular area. This preliminary ground work will help to identify the areas in which you can find the desired office for rent. It will avoid wastage of time.


Deciding your rent budget

If you are set on a particular area, you may have to make some adjustment to your rent budget for office space in Gurgaon. This will help your company to be prepared in advance rather than finding out the hard way that your current rental budget doesn’t suffice.


For more information on rental rates in various parts of Gurgaon get in touch with us. We can guide you regarding space availability, facilities and approximate cost of rent.

Furnished Office space In Gurgaon : Aihp

Gurgaon is the best place to have office space. Any company that wants to create a name for itself in the market place needs to ensure that it has an office address that adds to its brand value. There are various types of office space available in Gurgaon and clients can find the exact type of space they require from the vast choice.

Types of office space

Some companies prefer to take a bare office space and do up the interiors as per their company norms. This does not only include defining partitions and cabins but also doing the flooring, walls and ceiling. This kind of office space is cheaper to rent but entails a huge initial investment cost. Partially furnished offices provide the bare essentials. A partially furnished office space offers finished interior layout with work stations, cabins, conference room, meeting rooms, completed walls, ceiling and flooring.  Movable furniture like chairs, tables, workstations, conference table, file cabinets, carpeting etc. are not provided with the office. Fully furnished offices come with everything. If a client requires a particular number of chairs or tables or anything else they can ask the landlord to provide.

Furnished Office Space

There are many options for furnished office space available in Gurgaon. AIHP can help your organisation find office space in the preferred area and of the required size. The location of the office space plays a major contributing factor in the rental. Every organisation has a budget and AIHP ensures that the office space is within the client’s budget.

It is essential to understand the required size of the office space. Organisations have specific requirements when it comes to size of the area that they need. If a company requires a certain square footage of office space they may be willing to adjust with a little more or a little less. 50 to 100 square feet more or less may be acceptable, but a greater variation may be beyond their capability to adjust. A larger space may require a compromise with having to pay a higher rental. An office space that is smaller than the requirement may not be suitable. If the space identified it is a lot smaller than the requirement it becomes a problem for the client to accept. Hence AIHP is careful to match the size requirement to the closest fit.

AIHP can help clients find the perfect office space in the desired locality. The office space will be furnished in the manner they need and with the facilities that they want. AIHP has great command over office space in Gurgaon.

Office space in Golf Course Road

Golf Course Road in Gurgaon is a place for the elite. Whether it is a requirement for residential or commercial space,  everyone would like to be situated on Golf Course Road in Gurgaon. DLF’s Golf Club located out in the far countryside was the reason behind the name of this road, little knowing that a decade later this road would be among the most prime areas in Gurgaon. Today we have multiple commercial buildings on the Golf Course Road and it has become a much sought after address for businesses.

The Golf Course Road is also easily accessible from the main interstate highways. This makes it convenient for people living outside Gurgaon to reach their offices easily. Accessibility is one of the essential criteria’s which helps businesses decide in which area they would like to have their office space situated.

Bright and spacious areas

Depending on the requirement there is office space available on Golf Course Road in a number of different office buildings. All of these office spaces are designed in a very spacious manner with plenty of natural light streaming in. The exterior of the building is glass thus allowing maximum capacity of natural lighting.  Some companies are very concerned about the percentage of natural light inside the office area. To some extent natural light is a cost saving benefit while it is also considered a healthier option for the workspace. Sunlight is a mood enhancer and helps to maintain a positive mind-set in the office and is recommended to help generate higher productivity.

A spacious office area allows plenty of movement space. Most organisations do not like to work in cramped areas where movement room is restricted due to office furniture. They would rather pay a little extra and take a bigger area than having to watch where they are walking lest they bang into filing cabinet or other furniture. A spacious office also looks neater and offers a pleasant atmosphere for the employees as well as a serves as a presentable office space for clients.

Finding the perfect office space

Locating the right office space on Golf Course Road is a job that needs expert help as most of the space is occupied or not available. AIHP has vast areas of commercial space under its banner and can help its clients find the perfect office space that meets their specific requisite. Whether you need a large office space area or a small one, AIHP can help you find the right space within your budget. AIHP will also help negotiate the right deal for you company.

Find serviced offices for rent in Gurgaon easily

There are many options for serviced offices for rent in Gurgaon if you know where to look and whom to contact. But do you even know what the options available to you are?

Fully functional office 

There are many people who are not even aware of what a serviced office is. A serviced office is an office which is fully functional and ready to use. This is the most convenient type of office for any organisation to rent. Another common term used to describe this kind of setup is: plug and play office space. After you rent the office your team of staff can walk into the workstation area, plug in their laptops to the existing network and start working. It is as simple and easy as that. The good news is that there are loads of serviced offices for rent in Gurgaon.

One of the most common reasons that businesses prefer to rent a serviced office in Gurgaon is because it save time and money. Time and money are the two most critical aspects of a new aspect. It takes several weeks to do up the interiors of an office space after renting. A serviced office saves the organisation this time lapse. You can start working immediately as soon as you get the possession of the Serviced office space. When a company rents an office space they have to spend money to furnish the interiors. In a serviced office these funds are saved and there is no major capital investment involved.

How to find office space?

The problem is how do you find what you need? You contact the best realtors in town and there is no better choice than AIHP. Will a big realtor be interested in a small client like me and my small office space requirement? For AIHP no client is too small – everyone receives equal importance.

Where to look for office space?

It makes logical sense to live as close to your office as possible. People who work on Sohna Road live on Sohna Road. Some areas such as Udyog Vihar may require travel time as there are no residential areas up close. Cyber city is flanked by DLF Phase 1, DLF Phase 2 and DLF Phase 3 on three sides. But civic planning has ensured that walking to your office is not possible even if you live right behind your office. In fact it might take you a minimum of 20 minutes to get to your office by road instead.


Renting an office in a conveniently accessible location is an important consideration of every business. AIHP can help you find an office space in the desired location.

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