Need Office Space in Gurgaon?

There is huge demand for office space in Gurgaon. There are a huge number of commercial buildings coming up to meet this unquenchable demand. The heart of the matter s not the demand or the availability, it all comes down to the type of office space that a company needs.


Office Space to suit your needs

Finding suitable office space in Gurgaon is a challenge. Any business which has been down that road will vouch for it. But why is it such a huge problem. Contrary to popular belief most office space brokers are not there to find you what you need. Their sole purpose is to find a tenant for the office space that they have jurisdiction over.


So when you approach a property broker to help you find a suitable office space they show you what they have rather than what you want. To make matters worse they try and align their property with your requirement. When you flatly refuse to settle for their property they make a half-hearted effort to find you something else. This can be very frustrating.


Finding the right office space has become more like shopping. You contact a broker and see what they have. If it doesn’t suit your requirement you have to contact another broker to see what they have to offer and so on, till you find a suitable office space.


One stop office space solution

You want a one stop office space solution? A brokerage firm which can help you find the type of office space that you need, which meets your specifications and within your budget. AIHP is your solution provider. As a corporate landlord entity in Gurgaon, AIHP has over half a million sq. ft. of office space under our command. Why run from one broker to another when AIHP can help you locate the perfect office space from our repository. If there is an office space available in Gurgaon we know about it.


AIHP also has a number of our own office buildings which are designed to offer modern work style concepts. A break away from the conventional work stations, these office spaces allow a creative approach to conducting business. Employees tend to perform better when given a flexible atmosphere to work in.


Give us a call and let us discuss how we can help you find the perfect office space that you are looking for. We have a large number of offices all around Gurgaon, and something to suit every budget category.

Lease fully furnished office space in Gurgaon with ease

you running around in circles looking for fully furnished office space in
Gurgaon? Locating the right office space can be a challenge in a place like
Gurgaon. It is huge and spread out over a very vast area. The demographics can
be daunting. So how do you go about looking for office space? A realtor is the
obvious answer.

is essential to understand that not every property broker can understand your
requirement. Selecting the right property brokers is another challenge. To make
matters easy just go with the famous names. Any realtor who has a big name
knows their job. You don’t have to worry about trying to make them understand
your requirement. We are already familiar with business requirements of
different levels.

caters to big corporate companies and small businesses at
their own level. No client is too small. We regard all clients with the highest
esteem. We adopt a futuristic vision. A small business with grow into a
corporate giant tomorrow. And we will continue to serve you with the same vigour.

endeavour of AIHP is to ease the client’s burden of locating suitable office
space. We understand our client’s requirement and accordingly identify office
spaces in Gurgaon which meets their criteria. Locating the right office space
is a time consuming task if you are not in contact with resourceful realtors.

Types of office space

are different categories of fully furnished office space in Gurgaon. For some
businesses having functional office spaces and cabins with basic furniture will
suffice. There are other businesses which expect the office interiors to exude
a certain ambience. The office architecture and interior planning should have
some character. The quality of furniture and the facilities at the workstations
should cater to more than just the basic work requirement. There should be a
certain feel to the place which reflects in the décor.

looking for fully furnished office space can lead you down the wrong road. You
need to be specific and clearly outline your office interior requirement with
the realtor. Budget is a constraint but AIHP can help you to get the best that
your money can afford. Trust the commissures in the business to find you a
fully furnished office which satisfies your requirement and meets your budget
expectations. We build long term relationships with our clients and provide end
to end solutions. As an AIHP client you can be sure that you won’t have to
worry about any matters related to the realty sector, we will take care of it
all for you. 

How to find office space available for rent in Gurgaon

businesses face huge challenges when it comes to finding office space for rent
in Gurgaon. After much head banging they begin to question if there is any
suitable office space available for rent in Gurgaon. While it may be a silly
question to those who know, it is a very relevant question for those businesses
trying to locate office space and unable to find anything that is to their
liking. Finding the right office space is a huge challenge especially when you
do not have the right realtor on your side to help you through this process.

is huge and growing by the day. It has become the corporate hub of India and
houses half of the Fortune 500 companies in the world. Every business knows
that having an office presence in Gurgaon is one of the pillars of success. The
quest for office space begins by contacting a realty company.

The difference between big
and small realtors

clarify matters at the start we should make it known that brokerage charges are
more or less standard in the real estate business. Whether you contact a big
real estate company or a small time realtor you will still have to shell out
the same brokerage. So don’t compromise on choosing the best services with the
fear of paying a higher brokerage fees. Go for the best. It is not going to
cost you more. In fact it may end up costing you less, in terms to the time
saved and the effort you put in. 

in the business is one important consideration that a business should look into
before selecting a realtor to help them find office space for rent in Gurgaon.
An inexperienced property broker can end up making you run around in circles.
They don’t have the right contacts and try and force you to settle among the
few places that they have shown you.  This
can be very frustrating.

is an old hand in the real estate trade. They are corporate landlords and have
huge amounts of commercial and corporate space at their disposal. AIHP prefers
to first understand your requirement, criteria’s, budget and will accordingly
show you some office spaces which are suitable. They don’t believe in wasting
time – theirs or yours. Time is a precious commodity and there is no point
running around in circles with the wrong broker..

Hassle free commercial space for rent

Looking for commercial space for rent
in Gurgaon? This can be quite a challenging experience. Whether you are a large
corporate company or a small business, many of the hassles remain the same. The easiest and
best way to find the office space is by contacting the right office space
brokers. You are probably wondering who the right broker is, when there are
hundreds of brokers at every turn. A broker who knows their job and has all the
right contacts is AIHP. This is your final stop and your solution provider.

So let us explore what kind of challenges
you might face while looking for commercial space for rent in Gurgaon. The
first challenge is finding a suitable office space in the desired part of
Gurgaon. This is a huge city and there are many areas which have been defined
as commercial. These are interlaced with residential sectors. Office employees
can live close by and easily travel to work.

what is the problem? Unfortunately most businesses tend to get in touch with
small time property brokers, who neither have the knowhow, or the resources to
help their clients. They end up wasting your time and energy by showing you
office spaces which are completely different from your requirement. This can
become quite taxing for the business owner. Not to forget the number of days
spent running around in circles. When you do not follow the right channels you
can end up wasting a lot of time.

why do businesses contact small time, inexperienced property brokers. Many small
and large businesses believe that they are a cost effective option. They think
the large corporate brokers like AIHP will charge them a lot. On the contrary
AIHP has a database of office spaces available and can help you find the right
space without much effort on their part. 
Hence, they will charge you the same or probably even a lower brokerage.
Over and above that you also have the advantage of enjoying other services
rendered by AIHP to their clients. These services include negotiating a good
deal for you with the landlord. AIHP can also help with doing up the office interiors
and providing you with a ready to move in office space.

Renting commercial space is no longer a
challenge. With AIHP on the scene you just have to sit back and relax while we
scout around for the commercial space which meets your requirement.

Furnished office space for rent in Gurgaon with Modern Interiors

Are you
looking for a furnished office space for rent? Gurgaon ranks high among the top
cities in India for office space. It is also one of the best places to get an
office with high end interior designs and the latest furnishings.


Sound proofing in offices is
a necessity. Do you want people listening in on your meetings? Many senior
officials feel that the conference room is the most secure place in the entire
office for confidential discussions. They feel that when something is discussed
in the conference room no one else can hear. It is a popular belief that
conversations that take place in the conference room cannot be heard outside.
But is it really so? Are you sure that your conference room is so secure? Why
risk it? The latest office interiors comprise of sound proofing for office
cabins, meeting rooms and the conference room. With this technology in place
you can be certain that no one can eves drop on your important business discussions.

Lighting & Decor

Lighting is very essential
for offices. The office should be brightly lit and should not have areas which
are dark, making them seem secluded. These spaces cannot be properly utilised
and most employees prefer to avoid using them.

The office interior décor
comprises of the colour scheme and the style of furniture. The furniture should
be of a high quality and of the latest technology. Modern day office furniture
is made with a scientific design. This takes into account the user comfort,
health and the functionality.

Security Technology

Technology such as CCTV
cameras, smoke detectors, fire safety standards etc. are
now incorporated into all modern offices. Security is another feature which is
not just in door and locks but extends to different levels with electronically
controlled multi-level access codes. Access to different parts of the office is
restricted to authorised personnel only.


You can get a fully furnished
office space for rent in Gurgaon with modern interiors from AIHP. Whether you
want a ready office or custom designed office interiors, AIHP can do it for

AIHP is a leader in providing
office spaces in Gurgaon. We have decades of experience in the field and know
exactly what our clients require. Irrespective of your budget we don’t
discriminate. Every business starts small and then grows. We like to build customer
loyalty from the beginning and continue to serve and meet the needs of our
clients. Get in touch with us to find your perfect office space. We cover all
areas of Gurgaon and can advise you about suitable areas for your office.

Fully Furnished office space on Sohna Road Gurgaon

the trend for office space is changing. Most businesses prefer to rent fully
furnished office spaces on Sohna Road. You’re probably wondering why Sohna
Road? Why not Udyog Vihar or Cyber City or any other location in Gurgaon?

any doubt, Gurgaon is the hub of corporate activity in India. Those businesses
that are based in Gurgaon are in the right place, but those which are located
in other parts of the country either have to move, or open an office in
Gurgaon, just to show their presence. 

a new office means a lot of work. Worst of all, there is a time lag while the
office is getting done up. Making the office interiors takes time. You can’t
start work in a bare office and to do up the interiors later. When it is an
office in another city, it can be a bigger challenge. You need to send people
out of town for extended periods of time to supervise the work. They have to be
responsible enough to be to make some immediate decisions regarding the work, without
senior approval.

things have become easier. The hassle of renting a bare office space and
getting the interior decoration according to company specifications is no
longer your headache. Now you can rent a fully furnished office. It is totally done
up and ready to use. AIHP takes on the responsibility of doing up your office
after you sign the lease agreement. One of the perks of renting office space
through AIHP is that we relive you of the regular new office workload.

you want a customised office décor, let us know your requirement and we will
get it done accordingly. Once your company has approved the interior decoration
blue prints our interior designing team will begin work. We have our own team
of interior decorators and hence you do not need to worry about the quality of
work. We value our clients and provide the highest quality service. Our
Interior designing team works closely with us and we ensure that your office is
up and ready for use within the given time frame. So if you are moving across
cities, you can move into a ready to use office space. We go all out to make
certain that our clients are satisfied and there is no compromise on our part
in this area.

you want a fully furnished office space in Gurgaon get in touch with us and we
can find you exactly what you need.

Looking for reasonable office space for rent in Gurgaon?

Office space for rent in Gurgaon usually comes at a premium, and rightly so. Gurgaon is the most sought after place to have an office in the whole of India. It is worth mentioning that half of the Fortune 500 companies have an office presence in Gurgaon. You are probably wondering what about the other half. Unfortunately they do not have any presence in India. Name any of the top companies in India and we can locate their office on the map of Gurgaon. This in itself says a lot about the need to have a presence in Gurgaon.

The high demand of office space in Gurgaon ensures that landlords can demand premium rentals. So how do you go about finding reasonable office space in a decent area of Gurgaon?

When you have the right sources – all things are possible. AIHP is the right contact. Why go to the biggest realtor in town? To start with a big realtor knows what is available in the market and what is going on. To a large extent prices are defined by large realtors. The authority they command enables them to negotiate a good deal on behalf of their client. They are in a position to command and landlords agree, because they want to continue doing business with them.

A small time property broker is not in a position to state rates to a landlord. Thus the client has to just take what is being offered and at the quoted rate. So if you want a reasonable office space for rent in Gurgaon then AIHP s your best bet. Looking elsewhere could end up costing you more and also take up a lot of your time.

You are probably wondering who defines the rental rates for office space. To some extent the landlords put a price on the space. Since office space in prime areas is limited they tend to hike the rates. Very often they are even able to get what they ask for. However, realtors like AIHP are able to put a spoke in the inflated rental rates and keep them at affordable levels. This is beneficial for the landlord too, as they do not have to lose out on clients preferring other office spaces over theirs. They also do not run the risk of their office space remaining unoccupied for too long which could become a big financial loss for them. Thus AIHP is the right choice for getting office space in Gurgaon at a reasonable rate.

Leasing office space on Golf Course Road

Office space Golf Course Road is a premium demand. There are so many businesses who dream of having an office on Golf Course Road. But the office space on Golf Course Road is limited and only the fortunate few can have this privilege.

So how do you find office space on Golf Course Road? Not just any realtor can help you find what you need. It is only those who have command over various office space and authority by the landlords who can provide you with the type of office space that you need. There are many brokers who will keep you on the run with wild promises of finding office space on Golf Course Road for you. After a while it becomes quite obvious that you are just being taken for a ride, because they cannot deliver.

To avoid wasting time you need to get in touch with the corporate landlord entities.  AIHP has thousands of sq. ft. office space under their command. All you have to do is call and state your requirement. They will get back to you with the available office space on Golf Couse Road which meets your requirement criteria’s. This can be such a relief for businesses looking for office space.

The next step is physically visiting the available office space as soon as possible and finalising on the most suitable space.  With AIHP things are so easy because you don’t have to waste time running around looking at office space that is either not in the desired location or does not meet your prerequisites. AIHP shows you the available spaces that suit your need and allows you to close the deal within a short span of time. Office space on golf course road is usually taken up very fast, but if a space interests you, AIHP will ensure that the space is reserved until you are able to take decide on it.

Leasing office space has many complexities and legal hassles which no business is happy to go through. The paper work and legal formalities can be tiresome when you have no idea of the type of documents and forms required. Fortunately AIHP staff will guide you through all the formalities and help you get through each one step by step. This can be such a relief and also save you a lot of time besides all the headache of running from pillar to post just to get your paperwork in order.


There is no better broker for leasing office space on Golf Course Road, than AIHP. They ensure that you are not only able to find what you require but will see you though until you have the office space in your possession.

How to find rented property for office in Gurgaon

Gurgaon can be quite confusing for new comers. Even those who are familiar with this city can face a problem finding rented property for office in Gurgaon. Before you start looking for an office space, the first step is to clearly identify the size of the office space that you require, your rental budget and the preferred location. Once you have these basic criteria’s on the table, you can proceed to the next step which is the most difficult one. The process of actually locating the property requires professional help.

Most businesses already have an idea of what they need. You just need help finding the best rented property for office in Gurgaon. Unless you have the right kind of help you may find yourself going round in circles without being able to actually find what you need. Small time real estate brokers have a habit of trying to palm of what is available to them rather than understanding your need and likewise trying to fulfil it. So how do you go about finding your perfect office space in Gurgaon?

How to rent an office in Gurgaon?

There are many options for finding offices for rent in Gurgaon.  The best way to locate a nice office within your budget is through the large real estate agents, like AIHP. We are the biggest realtors for office space in Gurgaon and have personal command over vast expanses of office and commercial space. Whatever your requirement is, let us know and we will definitely have something that will suit your preference.

AIHP is a corporate landlord entity and we have a huge database of the office space available in various parts of Gurgaon as well as the current rental rates. We help our clients find the most suitable office space without any running around. Once you have learned what is available and short listed some places of interest, we can show you the office space, to help you make the final decision.

After you have decided on which office space you would like to rent, we will help you to negotiate a good deal with the landlord. We will also guide and help you with the paper work and legal formalities for the commercial rental agreement.

Without the right kind of help you can be running around in circles looking for office space. At AIHP we try and make your experience of renting office property as easy as possible by facilitating our clients in every way that we can.

Partially or fully furnished office space for rent in Gurgaon

How do you decide whether to rent a fully furnished office space or a partially furnished one? You can start by looking at some important aspects. How much it will cost to do up the interiors of a new office space? Inflation has affected the prices of everything. Even something like a basic office chair is so expensive that it makes you wonder what is so special about it. But that is just something we have to come to terms with in today’s day and age.

The concept of office space for rent has changed quite a bit over the last decade. Businesses can now opt for furnished office space for rent in Gurgaon.

A furnished office is a cost effective choice

A furnished office is one which is equipped with all the basic necessities required for an office to function. Some places even have some additional comforts as a part of the package deal. But there is a price attached to it.

Some businesses are dissuaded by the higher rental rates of the furnished office. However when you compare the capital investment required to make a bare office space functional, we find that the additional rent amount is much lesser.

This comparative study has encouraged many businesses, especially start-ups to opt for fully furnished office spaces. It is cheaper to rent a furnished office than take a bare office space and furnish it yourself. It saves you the huge capital investment of doing up the interiors. Over and above that in a furnished office place you can enjoy additional comforts that you probably would not have indulged in if you were doing the furnishings yourself..

What do you get in a furnished office?

No two office spaces are the same. There are no predefined criteria to state that certain things are mandatory in a fully furnished office space. What you get in a furnished office space depends entirely upon the landlord and their personal definition of fully furnished.

Usually a furnished office space will have the basic necessities such as workstations, office partitions, cabins, meeting rooms, equipped conference room, functional pantry, high speed internet, network cabling. Some furnished office spaces have nice carpeting, attractive wall panels, storage cabinets etc.

Facilities such as central air conditioning, security, HVAC, Fire services etc. are a part of the building services and included in the maintenance. It is possible to negotiate with the building owner regarding certain facilities or furnishings that you might require.

The downside of a fully furnished office is that you do not have any say in the interior décor of the office or the layout. Since all these factors are predefined and already done before you take the office.