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Factors and Benefits of Rentable Commercial Property You Should Know

Discovering the right office space can be a challenging job for a business, especially when it is in its blooming stage. Despite this fact, companies and startups are choosing the best available options by simply considering a list of factors and flourishing at an astonishing rate. Consider this list given below to discover and rent commercial property.

List of factors

• Location

When it comes to real estate, the first factor has to be ‘location’. Experts suggest that even rentable properties should be chosen at the best location in order to bring more convenience to your daily business operations.

The definition of location varies for residential and commercial properties in different aspects. An office on rent in Cyber City will have different features in terms of location such as conveyance, availability of resources mandatory for offices, the presence of other businesses supportive to the venture, etc.

You will also have to make sure that your clients are able to communicate with you in no time. Make sure that your employees are able to connect to your location hassle-free. If they feel tired just by reaching their workstations, the output of your team will automatically reduce.

• Rent rate

The second most important factor that determines the type of commercial property you can choose is rent. The amount you will have to pay every month will matter a lot when it comes to company expenses.

The rate of commercial property is higher than that of residential properties. You need to maintain a balance between your requirement and your capability of spending on rent. Hence, overspending will cause unnecessary financial stress on you.

In this aspect, analyze your financial condition wisely and realize what the need of the moment is. Apart from rent, there are other overhead expenses linked to an office on rent in Cyber City. For instance, you will have to afford a deposit for the property and will also have to consider maintenance, parking, energy bills, etc. These costs will reduce in volume but increase in number when you choose to share an office space with other companies.

• Floor space

The third most important factor is the floor space. You will have to choose an optimum floor space in terms of your office requirement. You can utilize the extra expenses in other domains. Similarly, choosing a small space may make your office look cluttered and can hinder the normal workflow. Hence you should rent commercial property that suits your need and offers ample flexibility.

• Infrastructure

In today’s world, office space is not only a floor with chairs and tables. There are so many things to consider creating a modern environment where employees will love to work and clients will prefer to visit for business.

Hence, your choice of office space will be a prime factor that decides the level of first impression. For this, a considerable investment is required. You can still find affordable space in commercial properties offering exclusive services such as cafeteria, parking, business lounges, internet services, reception, virtual office space, concierge, etc. You can decide to A rent commercial property after considering these added services.

Why choose a rentable commercial property?

There is a saying in business that the less you are obligated the better you can make exceptional financial decisions. Managing your capital investment is a crucial point in the success of your business. This is where leasing property for fully furnished commercial purposes can be a great idea. Check out the reasons mentioned below that will encourage you to choose a commercial property for rent.

1. Access to remarkable options

Considering the features of your business and brand recognition, discover rentable commercial properties in the best locations. Budding ideas and blooming enterprises need exclusive perks and location-based workstations to flourish. This factor becomes a crucial point in the preliminary phase of a business. When you are planning to expand your business or want to cut down the required resources, an office on rent in Cyber City is the best bet.

2. Flexibility

The more you keep yourself free from obligations you can avail of brilliant options. For instance, when you buy a commercial property, you will have to stick to it and might have to face hurdles to cut down expenses while increasing space for future requirements. Hence, rentable commercial properties as you can make a brilliant choice in the present according to your need and can make better decisions in the future.

It means you can change your resources according to your present requirement and do not have to feel the financial pressure whatsoever.

3. Investment control

There is no need to spend a fortune on commercial properties in prime locations. Consider renting a property as you will also have to pay installments when you buy one. Of course, a property bought is an asset and works well for the portfolio of a business. In this aspect, attracting financial pressure might not be feasible for some. Hence, rented commercial properties are ideal for the time being.

4. Fewer obligations

Buying a property can attract a lot of responsibilities. On the contrary, renting a property does not add major financial obligations. All you have to do is to pay the rent on time and a few other added fees. Major repairs will not fall into your account. Your responsibility will be to keep the internal area clean and maintained.


Consider following these points mentioned when you are willing to choose an office on rent in Cyber City. Make sure your decision is budget-friendly and supports your business plans well. Keep your options open and focus on optimizing these resources to manage your finances better. Focus on the location of the property and avail only those services That you need to run your business.

Crafting the impeccable office space for rent

It is always believed that properly designed office space, leads to the workers to have more productivity and wellness in the office. Hence, designing the office in a proper manner will ensure that people have a good time working. That is one of the main reasons why people tend to find the best office space for rent in order to create the best office space. In order to create the perfect office design, there are certain things that people need to make sure of when they are designing.

Few Tips When Designing the Office

Office design is really important when it comes to increasing productivity in the office. There is a reason why people want to work in an office that has a better design than others. Not to mention that the clients will also be impressed if the office design is made in a certain way. These are the things that are really important in the first place. Hence, it has become really important for people to design their office in the best possible way in order to get the best results. Here are some things that you need to factor in when you are designing an office from the office space for rent in Gurgaon.

Color selection plays a vital role.

When it comes to the color, the right ones can actually help in spicing up the looks of the office. However, you need to be extra careful when it comes to choosing the right colors. Colors tend to have certain psychological effects on people. It can also have an impact on the way people think as well. If you have brighter colors in an office, there is no doubt that people will feel motivated to work and hence productivity will increase as well. That is one of the main reasons why most people tend to pay special attention to the color of the office when they are trying to design one with office space for rent.

Lighting in office space
It might come off as a surprise to the people but lighting also has a very important role to play when it comes to increasing productivity and morale of the people. There are numerous studies that have proved that with proper lighting more and more people are motivated to work and hence productivity takes a positive turn. Hence, it is really important to pay attention to the lighting of the office.

  ● Closed or Open Spaces?
If the space of the office is small and there are smaller cubicles, there can be an issue with the design for sure. The spaces of the office are cramped and hence people feel pretty trapped. However, having an open office space has its own problem as well. It actually depends on the people who are working there for sure. Every single office tends to have a different environment of working. Hence, the design and the space of the office are something that can differ according to the office type as well.

Below are the Factors to Consider While Selecting Office Space Rent

In case you are in the market looking for commercial office space rent, there are important things you need to keep in your head because where you work might have an effect on your business. It can affect the operations that happen in your office on a daily basis but it will also have effect staff morale as well as the brand image of the company. So, choosing the right commercial property in order to turn it into an office space is really an important and daunting task. With timely & corrective help, the selection process becomes really easy. All you need to do is concentrate on a few points that will help in the selection process in the best way.

● When it comes to choosing the right space for the office that you want to create for yourself, there is no doubt that you are going to need some help in that aspect for sure. So, we are going to help you out in that aspect. We are mentioning some important factors that you definitely need to keep in your mind when you are making the choice for the office space for rent in the first place.

Look at your budget
The budget also has a very important role to play when you are trying to find a proper office space for rent. This factor is important because it might decide the success and failure of the business on the basis of the office space rent that you have. Different locations, areas, spaces for the offices might have differed rates attached to them. It totally depends on your pocket that you have when it comes to selecting the right place. You need to ensure that you are not going over with budget.

Look at the size
When you have the price and the location of the office space rent set, the next thing that will influence the decision that you make has to be the size of the property that you are seeing. That you need to ask yourself whether the size of the business that you have will be able to accommodate, in the office space or not. It is wise to think about the size for the office space rent this will beneficial for workers as well.

Selection of the location
Here is an important thing that you certainly need to keep in your mind when you want to select the best office space for rent. When you are selecting the office space rent, you positively need to pay proper attention to the paperwork of the property and to the location where the space is present. The importance of selecting the right location for your office space is definitely pretty great. Therefore, we can see many people research the location of the place before they actually go ahead and make the choice of the office space rent.


Well, these are some office design factors that tend to have an effect on the productivity of the office. Hence, it is essential to take care of the office design. Choose an office space for rent and design your office now. When it comes to selecting the office space rent, these are some of the important factors that you definitely need to consider. Make sure you follow what we have to say here to get some good results.

5 Ways to Transform Your Workplace for Better Employee Engagement

The most successful companies in the world are those that have the happiest employees. The employees who are happy always strive to go beyond the extra mile not because they have been hired to do so but because they want to do so. Various studies have revealed that happy workers are around 50% more likely not to leave a company, and on the other hand, the employees who never enjoy coming to their workplace are not only low in productivity but also give more absences to their company.

Be it a Golf Course Road Office Space or anywhere else across the country, an ideal and happy workplace is not something that can be created only by stuffing it with all the required tools and equipment and hiring the people on robust pay packages, rather it is something that needs both intangible and physical strategies that turn it into a harmonious workplace.

This blog sheds light on some practically proven tips that will help you create a better workplace:

  1. Contemplate over design, seriously 

You might be completely wrong if you don’t give any credit to design for the overall utility and harmoniousness of your workplace. Be it commercial office space in Golf Course Road Gurgaon or any other sophisticated corporate workplace anywhere across the country, the design of all the great workplaces must have a unique blend of style and comfort. A well-designed workplace can be considered a gift that your employees admire and appreciate the most. Well-designed workplaces not only reflect a company’s values but also speak its working style always in high spirits.

  1. Be particular about color and lighting

Colors and lighting are part and parcel of the physical environment of any commercial office space in Golf Course Road Gurgaon and have a great impact on the moods of your employees. Lighting and colors on the walls, ceiling, and other regions are what determine the spirit of any workplace. You can change the aura of your workplace by adding vibrant and colorful elements to it.

Blue and green are the most preferred colors these days for the walls of the workplace and denote creativity and innovation. In this way, red helps people concentrate better, and can be added to walls and any specific purpose spaces for better focus. When it comes to lighting, a well-lit workplace helps employees to manage even the most intriguing and complex tasks easily. It is now a scientifically proven fact that proper lighting in any workplace with no glare or shadow helps a lot in preventing problems such as headaches and fatigue among employees.

The professional interior decorators also suggest that whether it’s a Golf Course Road Office Space or any other location, having sufficient ambient daylight in certain areas of the workplace also makes it livelier. Even a little bit of exposure to natural elements including natural light and greenery plays a great role in setting the moods of your employees and improving their mental health.

  1. Wellness in the workplace

Be it commercial office space in Golf Course Road Gurgaon or any other place, keeping health and wellness on top priority is necessary for any workplace. Your employees’ health is very closely associated with the conditions and offering that they find around. Various business owners think that they can’t do much to address the health concerns of their employees, but things are not like that. Once you take charge of prioritizing the wellness concerns of your employees, you can reap bigger rewards from smaller efforts for sure

Get started by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Are your employees striking a perfect balance between their personal and professional life?
  • Are you conducting any preventive health check-ups in your company?
  • Has your company taken any purposeful initiative to promote wellness?
  • Are you providing your employees with a reasonable workload?
  • Are your employees often stressed or frustrated?
  • Is there any dedicated corporate wellness wing in your company?
  • Are you providing your employees with nutritional food?
  • Is smoking around your workplace a common sight?

If you think you are not coming to any conclusion with the abovementioned questions, then you can also go for an individual survey to understand the individual health issues of your employees.

  1. Equip the workplace with recreational resources

Be it a Golf Course Road Office Space or any other location, making room either for an indoor ping pong table or outdoor hoops will help your employees to have some mild exercise sessions or blow off some steam at regular intervals. What’s more, when your employees are engaged in friendly games, they are destined to develop good rapport and team cohesion for sure.

  1. Refrain from Micromanaging

In any organization, when employees feel they are trusted and supported with no hovering around, they statistically find themselves more confident and relaxed while performing their daily duties. It needs no mention that no individual likes to be micromanaged. Any employee when constantly micromanaged gets incapacitated to perform the way he or she normally does. So, keeping your employees on your radar round-the-clock makes them feel bitter and indignant.

Be it commercial office space in Golf Course Road Gurgaon or any other place, you need to give your team members a feeling that they are trusted and supported. Provide them with trust and creative freedom which they deserve. Let them set their expectations with fair boundaries. Always remember the purpose you have hired them for and have trust in their decision-making capacity without round-the-clock hovering. Once you start believing in them, they will do everything to the best of their capacity.

Concluding Remarks 

Providing world-class commercial office space in Golf Course Road Gurgaon, AIHP conceptualizes, creates, and implements the management of high-quality workplace environments. Working on a unique concept, it is the first company in India to offer corporate and commercial space in Gurgaon as a product instead of a group of outsourced services. The promoters behind the company are the largest corporate landlords in the city dealing in commercial property for lease and office spaces.

Why to pick up an office space for rent in Gurgaon?

Whenever we are starting our business there are two options available with us for the office space, and that is:

  • We can buy a new piece of land or office directly.
  • We can get office space for rent.

In a poll, we figured out that most people went for buying a new piece of land or office directly. But here in this post, we are going to have a look at some of the most important reasons why you should pick up an office space for rent Gurgaon.

Why to pick up an office space for rent in Gurgaon?

There are several reasons because of which you should opt for an office space for rent in Gurgaon rather than directly buying the property and setting up an office. Some of those reasons are as follows:

  • You all know that property rates are extremely high, and buying property can be challenging for your business. Hence that’s the reason we suggest you all to opt for office space for rent with the help of which you can easily carry forward everything in small rents.

If you are a business with a higher budget and can easily afford property prices and buy a new place for your office, you can go with it.

  • The next thought in mind is that every location is not perfect for a kind of business. You need to pick up the right location with the help of which you can give better exposure to your business.

If you bought a property for your office space, you would never be able to opt for better locations where you can get enhanced results. Hence, on the other hand, this is completely possible when you are dealing in office space for rent, as you can anytime move from one place to another easily.

  • Most people go for buying a property for office space in Gurgaon because they cannot find the right office space for rent around the preferred location. Nowadays, there are several office spaces for rent and companies who can easily help you pick up the right office space for rent for yourself.

This was all about some of the most important reasons because of which you should pick up office space on rent in Gurgaon.


Leading office space provider in Gurgaon

Dynamic office space in Gurgaon is becoming the trend. Innovative office spaces with modern interiors and state of the art designs are now easy to get in Gurgaon. Companies are beginning to understand the importance of having a good office in a nice location. The type of office and the location of the office are both important factors.

The kind of office environment you have is crucial for the success of your business. The potential clients of a business judge the company based on the office. Interiors play a major role in creating an impression. If a client is pleased by what they see, they are inclined to have further business relations. A nice office means that you have a successful business running. This in turn implies that your company is worth doing business with.

AIHP helps you find the most suitable office space which is appropriate for you type of business and line of work. The type of offices interiors you need to have will be specific to your field of business.  Being connoisseurs in the arena of providing office space, we have learnt what type of office each business needs.

What kind of office space can you get?

There are numerous different types of office space available. The variants are based on location, pricing, features and so on. Each business has different requirements and these are defined by various factors such as nature of business, number of employees and budget.

Deciding on an office is influenced by requirement, but more than that it should have a long term perspective. Our AIHP representative will help you understand the bottom line on how to select the right kind of office space and the features that are investments with short term gain.

Where can you find office space?

In the huge maze of Gurgaon locating the precise office space is like searching for a needle in the haystack. With AIHP your worries and headache are all over. We take stock of your needs and match it with the most suitable available offices in our database.

We save you the hassle of running around and wasting time scouting around the city for a suitable office. We have a vast expanse of office space under our control and we can help you find exactly what you need within a very short span of time. We also take into consideration your budget and other particular requirements. Contact us for a more information on how we can help you. We can help you with the legalities of leasing as well as with interior décor of the office. We can give you a ready to move in office.

Furnished Office space In Gurgaon

Gurgaon is the best place to have office space. Any company that wants to create a name for itself in the market place needs to ensure that it has an office address that adds to its brand value. There are various types of office space available in Gurgaon and clients can find the exact type of space they require from the vast choice.

Types of office space
Some companies prefer to take a bare office space and do up the interiors as per their company norms. This does not only include defining partitions and cabins but also doing the flooring, walls and ceiling. This kind of office space is cheaper to rent but entails a huge initial investment cost. Partially furnished offices provide the bare essentials. A partially furnished office space offers finished interior layout with work stations, cabins, conference room, meeting rooms, completed walls, ceiling and flooring. Movable furniture like chairs, tables, workstations, conference table, file cabinets, carpeting etc. are not provided with the office. Fully furnished offices come with everything. If a client requires a particular number of chairs or tables or anything else they can ask the landlord to provide.

Furnished Office Space
There are many options for furnished office space available in Gurgaon. AIHP can help your organisation find office space in the preferred area and of the required size. The location of the office space plays a major contributing factor in the rental. Every organisation has a budget and AIHP ensures that the office space is within the client’s budget.

It is essential to understand the required size of the office space. Organisations have specific requirements when it comes to size of the area that they need. If a company requires a certain square footage of office space they may be willing to adjust with a little more or a little less. 50 to 100 square feet more or less may be acceptable, but a greater variation may be beyond their capability to adjust. A larger space may require a compromise with having to pay a higher rental. An office space that is smaller than the requirement may not be suitable. If the space identified it is a lot smaller than the requirement it becomes a problem for the client to accept. Hence AIHP is careful to match the size requirement to the closest fit.

AIHP can help clients find the perfect office space in the desired locality. The office space will be furnished in the manner they need and with the facilities that they want. AIHP has great command over office space in Gurgaon.

Looking for reasonable office space for rent in Gurgaon?

Office space for rent in Gurgaon usually comes at a premium, and rightly so. Gurgaon is the most sought after place to have an office in the whole of India. It is worth mentioning that half of the Fortune 500 companies have an office presence in Gurgaon. You are probably wondering what about the other half. Unfortunately they do not have any presence in India. Name any of the top companies in India and we can locate their office on the map of Gurgaon. This in itself says a lot about the need to have a presence in Gurgaon.

The high demand of office space in Gurgaon ensures that landlords can demand premium rentals. So how do you go about finding reasonable office space in a decent area of Gurgaon?

When you have the right sources – all things are possible. AIHP is the right contact. Why go to the biggest realtor in town? To start with a big realtor knows what is available in the market and what is going on. To a large extent prices are defined by large realtors. The authority they command enables them to negotiate a good deal on behalf of their client. They are in a position to command and landlords agree, because they want to continue doing business with them.

A small time property broker is not in a position to state rates to a landlord. Thus the client has to just take what is being offered and at the quoted rate. So if you want a reasonable office space for rent in Gurgaon then AIHP s your best bet. Looking elsewhere could end up costing you more and also take up a lot of your time.

You are probably wondering who defines the rental rates for office space. To some extent the landlords put a price on the space. Since office space in prime areas is limited they tend to hike the rates. Very often they are even able to get what they ask for. However, realtors like AIHP are able to put a spoke in the inflated rental rates and keep them at affordable levels. This is beneficial for the landlord too, as they do not have to lose out on clients preferring other office spaces over theirs. They also do not run the risk of their office space remaining unoccupied for too long which could become a big financial loss for them. Thus AIHP is the right choice for getting office space in Gurgaon at a reasonable rate.

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Setting up an office in Gurgaon? You would be looking for office space for rent in Gurgaon. Gurgaon is huge and expanding by the day. There are several areas that are earmarked as the best for office space. Office space in UdyogVihar is the most popular choice. You can find all types of offices in UdyogVihar and something to suit every budget.


Necessary Office Building features

What are the main features that one looks for in an office? A building with lift, 24×7 power backup, central air conditioning, high speed lease line internet and security are important. These are just some of the basic features that every company needs to be able to function.Building amenities are certainly important and one cannot overlook these factors. How can you work in an environment which does not have proper power backup or slow internet speed? This would severely hamper your business. AIHP ensures that all the basic features for a company to be able to function without any hassle are already in place.


Suitable type of office

A bright and spacious office is what we automatically assume. Today most commercial office buildings have glass exteriors allowing maximum lighting. A well light office adds a positive cheer. Small office spaces tend to make you feel claustrophobic. Those days of small dark office that look like cubby holes are over. Today you have the choice of a spacious office. The professional interior decoration ensures that the office has a comfortable feel.


Furnishings in the office

Most office spaces come with the basic furnishings. Some office spaces are semi furnished and some are fully furnished. You can choose the type of office you want. AIHP has a variety of office space options for you. You can get a bare office space which is just a shell, or a semi furnished office with basic furnishings or a fully functional plug and play office. Office space in UdyogVihar comes with a variety of options. If you have certain specification for office interiors we can comply. AIHP can customise your office to suit your company standards. Our interior designing team is just a call away.


AIHP for office space in Gurgaon

AIHP is your service provides when you want office space for rent in Gurgaon. We have the resources to find you exactly what you need. Let us know your requirements and budget. Comparatively we charge a low brokerage and provide an excellent service. We believe in building long term relationships.

Commercial Property Lease Gurgaon

There are many prime commercial areas in Gurgaon which are only available for lease. Organisations can lease these properties for long durations which can span to a decade or even longer. A long term lease works out to be a cost effective option for a company in the long run especially if there is an escalation in the rental pricing. Long term lease also assures the organisation of the office space for a longer duration. This is essential when a company has spent huge sums for the interior décor of the office space. Many companies like the office décor emulate a certain style and standard which is in tune with their global offices. This is a representation of their company image to their clients and they are very particular about it. Very often such office interiors come at a high investment cost. With this kind of investment it doesn’t make economic sense to not have a long term lease on the commercial property.

AIHP assists organisations in finding the right commercial property which meets their specific requirement. Whether your specifics include amenities or are building specific AIHP can help fulfil as many conditions as possible. AIHP has vast areas of commercial space under its command in prime areas of Gurgaon.

Leasing procedure

Leasing a commercial property in Gurgaon or anywhere in India involves a complicated procedure. There are a lot of formalities and hordes of paper work that needs to be completed. For the final registration of the lease both parties have to be present at the registrar’s office in person. Getting all the supporting documents and forms completed and your file ready for approval takes much effort. One can seek professional assistance and there are many agents who can help with the procedures for a fee. If you are fortunate your agent will advise you correctly and get your paper work in order quickly. However, in most cases your file is returned as incomplete and you realise your agent is incompetent. Many organisations get stuck with the lease registration process which holds them up and causes a delay in their schedule.

When you finalise your commercial property lease in Gurgaon through AIHP you need not worry about the lease registration formalities. AIHP has a team of experts who will help get all the required papers in order and have your file ready very quickly.

Commercial property lease in Gurgaon is very easy when you have AIHP to do all the required work and find the right property for you. It pays to hire with the best in the field.

The best office space Sohna Road Gurgaon

Rent office space on Sohna Road Gurgaon. The easiest way to find office space for rental is through AIHP. We are your office realtors. We have arange of office space under our command and can help you find a perfect office within your budget. Office space rental in Gurgaon without proper guidance can be very tedious.


Choice of office space in Sohna Road

When you have AIHP as your broker you can put forth your preferences for office space. Do you want a bright and spacious office? While some people prefer natural lighting others are fine with artificial lights. Is central air conditioning a must or do you prefer to install your own air conditioners enabling you to control the indoor temperature? There are numerous choices that come with renting office space. While you may be clear about some choices, you may have to ponder over other matters. It is advisable to discuss these issues with your AIHP representative. We will help you make the best choice concerning your office interiors.


Furnished, partially furnished or totally bare office space is another choice that many businesses have to deal with. Larger companies prefer bare office spaces. They want the interiors set up in alignment with their global offices. Smaller businesses prefer furnished office spaces. This saves you the office interiors investment cost.


Importance of office location

An office in a better location comes at a higher price. What does good location mean to you? Everyone has their own definition based on their need. Don’t just follow the crowd; identify the location criteria’s that you want.


Is dedicated parking space a requirement? To some companies parking is essential and to others it is not a priority. An office that is easy to find is important when you have many visitors. A good landmark is helpful. But when you have a few visitors you should focus on other aspects which are more relevant to your need. If an office with better facilities is available at a good rental, but it is off the main road, is it worth sacrificing the easy accessibility criteria?


Why contact AIHP for your office space Sohna Road

There are numerous reasons why you should contact AIHP for your office space. The first and most important one is low brokerage. Contrary to what you may have assumed, AIHP charges a very competitive brokerage rate.


AIHP makes you whole office rental process very easy. We take care of all the legal formalities with our legal team.  We assist you with all the necessary paperwork and the lease deed registration process. We are well versed with all the regulations and can guide you through it all. This will help you to save time and money. So don’t wait give us a call.