Office space in Sohna Road

Sohna Road is a relatively newer area as compared to Cyber City and has a choice of office space in different buildings with multiple builders. This has created a wide variety of options for office space in Sohna Road in terms of building facilities to office space rentals.

Sohna Road is an upcoming area and one can find a wide variety of office space in commercial buildings on this road. Some companies prefer to have large and spacious office areas while others prefer to just have workstations are pay the minimum rental possible. Whatever the criteria of your organisation you can find an office space with the desired specifications on Sohna Road.

Sohna Road has a vast residential area surrounding it as well, which is convenient for those who live in rented accommodation to move closer to their work place. Sohna Road connects to the National Highway 8 at Rajiv Chowk making it easily accessible for those from Delhi and Noida.

Good office space

Organisations that want an office in a nice area of Gurgaon but cannot afford the rents of Udyog Vihar, Cyber City and Golf Course Road usually opt for Sohna Road. This locality offer premium office space at a slightly cheaper price than some buildings in Cyber City, Udyog Vihar and Golf Course Road.

Another reason that Sohna Road is a popular choice for office location is the fact that organisations can find larger office spaces here. Because Sohna Road is still a developing area there are many new commercial buildings with limited occupancy can large office ready to be occupied.

Office space rental budget

AIHP ensures that you get good office space within your budget. Some organisations are moving their offices to Sohna Road as they are able to secure better rentals for their office space as well as enjoy the benefit of a larger and more premium office space.  Today cost is an essential consideration for renting office space.

AIHP has some top office space available for lease or rent in premium buildings like Spaze. These buildings offer their clients high end facilities. Each of the floors is designed in a superior manner with multiple facilities.

Office furnishings

Organisations also have the choice of renting fully furnished office spaces in Sohna Road. For those organisations that have particular preferences for interiors you can avail the facility of a getting a customised interior. AIHP can arrange to have the office interiors customised according to your organisations requirement.  This way you can rent an office space that is made especially for your company. This is a  special facility offered by AIHP for their clients.

The best places to rent office space Gurgaon

Gurgaon is the commercial hub of Northern India. Let us take a look at some of the best places to rent office space Gurgaon. Gurgaon in itself is very vast and has expanded beyond comprehension over the last decade. This has resulted in the demarcation of certain areas for commercial use while other areas are strictly for residential purposes.

Why is there such a disparity between some areas of Gurgaon for the renting of office space? It has much to do with locality and areas which have been defined as upmarket. Over the last few decades the original map of Gurgaon has experienced major changes. Areas that had no identification are now popular and much sought after spots.

Where to rent office space Gurgaon

The area where you rent your office space has a lot to do with the budget of your company as well as the preferred area of choice. If you are looking for office space in a prime area, then you should have a substantial rent budget. However you can count on AIHP to get you the best bargain deals. You can look forward to AIHP negotiating a good deal for your company.

Even prime areas have all categories of office space for rent. There are some upmarket buildings and some not so sophisticated infrastructure buildings which may be slightly cheaper. These places are also in demand due to their location rather than the facilities or infrastructure. So you can get an office space in a prime locality is a building with fewer facilities for a cheaper rate. At the end of the day it is your business address which holds greater value than your office luxuries.

Assessable office space

The overall infrastructure of Gurgaon has undergone tremendous overhaul to accommodate the growing commercial activity. This has also greatly improved the accessibility of various commercial locations. Internal metro connectivity between Cyber City and Golf Course Road has been a major boon for many office commuters. Ease of commuting and public transport facilities is a major factor which contributes towards the popularity of an area for renting office space.

Every large company with an office in India has a presence in Gurgaon. This goes to show the demand and acts as a forerunner paving the necessity for other organisations to have some presence in Gurgaon as well.

If you want to rent office space in Gurgaon get in touch with AIHP, the corporate landlord entity. AIHP are leaders in the market when it comes to renting and leasing of office space. We have command over huge areas of office space in Gurgaon and can help you find your preferred office space without much effort.

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