Why is there such a huge demand for office space in Gurgaon?

Office space in Gurgaon is in popular demand. Gurgaon is the hub for all corporate activity. It has almost become mandatory for Medium and Large sized businesses to have a presence in Gurgaon whether they have business operation there or not.

There are numerous factors which have a hand in making Gurgaon what it is today. The availability of vast expanses of space is one of the main factors that promoted Gurgaon. Companies that want to consolidate all their offices and operate out of a single location have a huge an advantage in Gurgaon. At one time all businesses vied for office space at Nariman Point. Today Gurgaon is the new Nariman Point.

The demand for office space has led to the development of Gurgaon as a residential area as well. This has resulted in Gurgaon expanding to its further most limits. Sohan and Manesar which were considered a short distance away from Gurgaon are now extensions of Gurgaon with no demarcation for the townships. Gurgaon is expanding in every direction possible. Today we are barely able to decipher where Gurgaon ends and Delhi begins.

Gurgaon’s popularity is also prompted by the fact that it is a part of the National Capital Region. When it comes to legal permits and other corporate formalities Gurgaon is just an hour’s drive from central Delhi. The various Ministry offices are all within close proximity and the corporates do not have to spend huge sums for getting their various permits and permissions in place by sending staff out of town for unlimited number of days till the job is accomplished. Why waste resources when you can get an office in Gurgaon. Gurgaon is a very central location and is also in close proximity to the airport. This is a huge advantage for day visitors who come for business meetings.

The benefits of having an office in Gurgaon are multi-fold and far outweigh any doubts that a business may harbour. The demand for office space is growing at a fast pace and finding office apace in a prime location can be quite a challenge.

 AIHP is a corporate landlord entity and can help you find exactly what you are looking for. They will get you an office space that meets all most of your major criteria’s and demands. In fact there may be a few additional perks which come as a bonus. If you want office space in Gurgaon there is no point wasting time with small time property brokers. AIHP has all the available office space in their realm.  

Rent office space Gurgaon

The common concept is why buy office space when you can rent. Over and above that most of the office spaces in the prime areas of Gurgaon might not be affordable to buy but can be rented easily. Areas such as Cyber City do not have office space for sale. DLF offers this office space for long term lease to companies with many perks.

Benefits of renting office space

There are many benefits to renting office space in Gurgaon. The greatest benefit of renting is that it allows you to choose exactly where you want to have your office. Very often there imaybe no office space for sale in the location you desire, but renting is a different story. It allows you the freedom of choice.

When renting an office space a company is not responsible for repairing structural damage to the building. Minor repairs and maintenance may be a part of the lease or rent agreement but you are absolved of having to pay any major amounts for building repairs. Usually building exterior cleaning and maintenance is all prearranged and your company does not need to bother about it. Most commercial office spaces on rent comes with power backup pre-installed. This is another essential criterion that is takes care of.

Leasing office space in prime areas

Many areas in Gurgaon like Cyber City and Golf Course Road are very prime locations to have an office. However most of these office spaces are only available for lease and not for sale. The majority of the office buildings in Cyber City are owned by DLF while office buildings on Golf Course Road and Sohna Road are owned by numerous builders and can only be leased.

Renting office space through AIHP

AIHP is a reputed corporate landlord and has vast areas of office space. They tie up with builders who entrust them with certain areas. Thus if an organisation is looking to rent office space in Gurgaon AIHP can help find the right space according to their requirement and budget.  AIHP can also help companies negotiate good deals with builders for renting their office space. AIHP will take care of the legal technicalities for the client with the help of their legal team and get the necessary documentation made and paper work in process. There are manifold benefits to when you rent office space in Gurgaon through AIHP. AIHP makes the process of renting office space easier and hassle free for organisations. Most businesses prefer to use the services of AIHP as it save them time and effort besides the hassle and running around.

Office space available for rent in Gurgaon

Looking for office space in Gurgaon? Every organisation has specific requirements when it comes to office space. There is a lot of office space that is available for rent. However the main issue for most organisations is finding the right place. There is no lack of space, but Gurgaon is vast and the information is scarce. So how do you find out where there is office pace for rent? Which buildings have available office spaces?

Getting the right kind of help

There is only one way to get the required information about the office space available for rent in Gurgaon and that is through a real estate broker. But, it is worth heeding a word of caution at the onset. Select a realtor who has the required information and resources. Find a realtor who deals in offices spaces of the type that you need. This will help you find the right office space in Gurgaon quickly.

How do you know which realtor is the right one? This is where experience counts. Select a property broker who has experience in the field. An unexperienced broker may appear to be helpful, but they are also learning the ropes which running around to look for the available office space for you. They mean well, but you pay for their inexperience by wasting valuable time and resources.

Save scouting time

The big players in the market like AIHP know exactly where the vacant office spaces are. They have all the details available with them and can tell you the specifications of the office space and the locations. You can decide which one you would like to see and they will arrange a site visit accordingly. With AIHP you can get exactly what you need.

Holding Office space for you

Very often you will have a number of companies vying for the same office location that you are looking at. As it is obvious the space will go to the company who closes the deal first. So even if you like a place you have a chance of losing it if you do not finalise before another company does.

Another great advantage of AIHP is that they have sole command over a large area of office space. If you are contemplating finalising a particular office space, AIHP will keep the space for you. They will ensure that the space is no longer available on the market. If you chose to finalise the deal for the office space available for rent then it is yours. But just in case you decide not to take it, then it is put back on the market.  AIHP is in a position to hold an office space for you in Gurgaon.

How to find office space available for rent in Gurgaon

Many businesses face huge challenges when it comes to finding office space for rent in Gurgaon. After much head banging they begin to question if there is any suitable office space available for rent in Gurgaon. While it may be a silly question to those who know, it is a very relevant question for those businesses trying to locate office space and unable to find anything that is to their liking. Finding the right office space is a huge challenge especially when you do not have the right realtor on your side to help you through this process.

Gurgaon is huge and growing by the day. It has become the corporate hub of India and houses half of the Fortune 500 companies in the world. Every business knows that having an office presence in Gurgaon is one of the pillars of success. The quest for office space begins by contacting a realty company.

The difference between big and small realtors

To clarify matters at the start we should make it known that brokerage charges are more or less standard in the real estate business. Whether you contact a big real estate company or a small time realtor you will still have to shell out the same brokerage. So don’t compromise on choosing the best services with the fear of paying a higher brokerage fees. Go for the best. It is not going to cost you more. In fact it may end up costing you less, in terms to the time saved and the effort you put in. 

Experience in the business is one important consideration that a business should look into before selecting a realtor to help them find office space for rent in Gurgaon. An inexperienced property broker can end up making you run around in circles. They don’t have the right contacts and try and force you to settle among the few places that they have shown you.  This can be very frustrating.

AIHP is an old hand in the real estate trade. They are corporate landlords and have huge amounts of commercial and corporate space at their disposal. AIHP prefers to first understand your requirement, criteria’s, budget and will accordingly show you some office spaces which are suitable. They don’t believe in wasting time – theirs or yours. Time is a precious commodity and there is no point running around in circles with the wrong broker..

How to locate commercial space for rent in Gurgaon

There is a huge demand for commercial space in Gurgaon. As a millennium city Gurgaon is expanding beyond what we could have ever imagined a few years ago. Traders find that Gurgaon offers great opportunity for their business to flourish. It has enormous growth potential. Gurgaon is one of the fastest growing cities in India on a commercial scale as well as on an economic level.

As Gurgaon is growing and the commercial areas are also growing in a proportionate manner. Huge housing complexes are coming up to cater to the influx of people moving to these newer areas. Large commercial complexes are coming up all around Gurgaon. Many commercial complexes provide retail space on some floors and office space in the higher floors. This seems to be a popular norm nowadays.

Locating commercial space

While there is a lot of commercial space available in Gurgaon it is not always easy to find the owners. The best way that one can locate commercial space in Gurgaon is through a real estate broker. Brokers are able to get you in touch with the owner of the commercial space and help you to negotiate a good rental rate.

Just any real estate broker is not going to do. The commercial space you rent is going to determine the outcome of your business for the next few years. Ensuring that you are able to find the right kind of commercial space is the best possible location is very essential.

Commercial space pricing

There is no fixed or defined price for the rental of a commercial space. Sometime real estate brokers try and push the rental up for their own benefit. A higher rental rate results in the broker earning a higher brokerage. This kind of mal practice is not supported by the large players like AIHP. Just to make a slightly higher commission it is not fair trade practice to promote higher rental rates. At AIHP we will not only ensure that you get commercial space at a currently trending rental rate, but we even help to negotiate a better rental rate for you.

At AIHP we always put the client first. We go to all lengths to help our clients to finalise the rental deal with the property owner. We also help with the formalities including the paper work and the legal procedures which are mandatory for renting commercial property. Rental and leasing formalities can be quite complicated for people who are not familiar with the procedures. This can also result in a lot of wastage of time. With the help of AIHP all the formalities can be completed within a short duration of time.

Furnished office for rent in Gurgaon

Furnishing an office can be an expensive affair for an organisation. It involves hiring an interior designer, specifying the requirement, approving designs and working out the cost of the interiors. This in then followed by a time lag for the work to be completed. Very often the project goes beyond the budget and may still not include all the desired features. The amount of investment on office interiors also depends on the state of the original interiors and the amount of work required for bringing it to a certain standard. Some bare office spaces are in quite a bad shape. The amount of money a company is willing to invest in doing up the interiors of the office space and furnishing it depends on their lease agreement term.

Furnished office space

Some companies are not willing to invest in office furnishings and would rather rent a furnished office. This is a greater likelihood if the lease term is short or the organisation has expansion plans and future plans to move to another location. For short term stay renting a furnished office is a preferable choice.

Some organisations do not have a capital investment budget for office interiors and hence find it more convenient to rent a fully furnished office and pay a slightly higher rental. Investing in office infrastructure which later has to be disposed of can be a waste of money and this is another reason organisation prefer to rent furnished office spaces.

Facilities included in furnished office space

All furnished office spaces in Gurgaon provide the basic furniture for workstations, prefabricated office cabins and conference room. Network wiring and high speed internet lease line is usually a part of the lease agreement. Services such as security and housekeeping are included in some offices while in other offices clients have to make their own arrangements.

Availability of furnished office space

With the growing demand for furnished office space most landlords offer their tenants a basic interior infrastructure set up. Some landlords may do up their interiors in a better manner as desired by the client. Furnished office spaces are easily available in all prime areas of Gurgaon. Some organisations have a particular choice of building or locality where they want their office. To find the perfect furnished office space you can contact AIHP. We are one of the biggest corporate landlords in Gurgaon and can help you get the desired type of office space. We also help our clients negotiate suitable rental deals. Our services extend to helping clients with all the legal formalities and required paper work for the furnished office space lease agreement.

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