What does Dynamics CRM do for banking?

It’s been a while since banking went online. But going online has not been an easy task. With each passing day there are new challenges and technological advances. Banks have to constantly keep up with the latest technological changes and security measures.


Pragmasys offers banks PragmaBanco which is based on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It has been customised for banks. This customised CRM is not just a regular CRM but has been outfitted with workflows and reports that are specific to the various segments of the banking industry. PragmaBanco also has high standards of security measures enforced at various levels.


Why Microsoft Dynamics?

There are numerous CRMs in the market place. Many CRMs are competing closely for the top spot and to get a larger market share. Microsoft Dynamics CRM stands apart. When it comes to service and quality standards, Microsoft does not have to brag. The previous experience with other products speaks for itself. Over the years Microsoft has worked on taking their expertise a step further. Today we can trust Microsoft products blindly. We know that Dynamics CRM will be a reflection of their other products.


How Dynamics CRM can help your bank?

Banking is a sector which relies heavily on data and security. Microsoft has ensured that it offers its customers an absolutely secure platform to operate on. PragmaBanco by Pragmasys simplifies the process of explaining the banking processes. It has been designed keeping in mind the various intricacies of the banking sector. It also minimises the time required for understanding the clients requirement and customising the CRM accordingly. The tables, queries and reports have been pre-designed and need minor changes to suit your banks need.


Is Dynamics CRM the right choice for you?

Many banks wonder if the MS Dynamics CRM is the correct choice for their business. This is a tough call and needs to be thought through in a detailed manner. It is important to assess the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics and how it is can contribute towards improving your banking process. Banking is a niche market space and Microsoft has targeted this sector with various special features.


Benefits of Dynamics CRM

Microsoft has numerous benefits and some of these are just taken for granted. When we think of Microsoft we know that the product will be user friendly irrespective of what its capability is. This is a very essential element for any system. Familiarity is another kept feature which Microsoft takes full advantage of. Having had a head start in the race it has made it difficult for other CRMs to infiltrate this space so easily. The Microsoft interface is one that you can easily comprehend and adapt to. There are no adjustment issues and employees easily learn how to operate the CRM.


MS Dynamics in India

Pragmasys is the Microsoft partner in India. You can join this partnership by partnering with Pragmasys. We will set you up with Pragmabanco and ensure that your systems are streamlined. Pragmasys will ensure that your CRM is totally in sync with your business. We are only a call away to solve problems and ensure that the MS Dynamics CRM operates without any glitches.


Serviced offices in Gurgaon

The concept of serviced offices is gaining popularity especially for small business. Larger companies who just need an office just for an address or to show a presence in a city can opt for a serviced office.

What is a serviced office?

As one might have assumed from the name itself a serviced office is one where you are provided with the general facilities of an office. These facilities include services such as reception services, meeting room facilities, and fully equipped office cabin with office infrastructure.  You can also get work station areas which are on a time share basis and various other general office facilities.

You can effortlessly get a serviced office in Gurgaon in an easily accessible location. You may have limited staff strength in this kind of setup and sometimes it may be just one person who may not even be present in the office on all days. However, the common receptionist will take your calls and respond to visitors with the appropriate response. You can collect your messages and leave instructions at the reception for visitors. It is one of the most convenient setups for those companies not wanting to invest in an office space and staff.

Small businesses

For small business or sole proprietorships or professionals, a serviced office in Gurgaon is the perfect option. It is a fully functional office without any investment on your part. You can avail of the services being offered by the serviced office such as conference room or meeting rooms, cafeteria, office boy, receptionist and other facilities without having to bother about office maintenance and hiring staff and paying individual salaries.

Serviced offices in Gurgaon

Gurgaon has numerous serviced office options. AIHP can help you locate the right service office which offers the kind of services and facilities that meet your need. Budget is another criteria based on which AIHP can find the best service office that your money can afford you. For finding the best deals in serviced offices it is necessary to contact the professionals in the field like AIHP. You can have a serviced office in the most prime location and impress your clients with the address. This comes at a minimal cost to you. You can just use all the services including office infrastructure like printer, scanner, fax, projector etc.

Serviced office offices serve numerous purposes besides being an office space to work out of. It can help to promote your business just by the address or by facilitating your operations with the services provided. Let AIHP find you the perfect location for you to work out of.

Find an office on rent in Gurgaon

Looking for an office on rent Gurgaon can be quite laborious and tiring. You go to see numerous office spaces all around Gurgaon with property various brokers. You go from one office to another only to find that it is not what you want. Either it is too big or too small or doesn’t have the required facilities. Or the budget is too high or the location is unsuitable. There are numerous matters which have to be taken into consideration when you decide to look for an office on rent in Gurgaon.


Homework before looking for an office

Before you start looking for an office to rent, there are a few things that you need to do first. This exercise will help you save time and enable you to find the perfect office without much hassle. Preparation is the key.


Every business has a fair idea of the rental budget. But making a rental budget is not enough. You probably have an idea of the location in which you would like to have an office. The size of the office is determined by the number of employees and the size of your business. This information is not all that you need. You want an office of a particular size in a specific location within a certain budget. The basics are clear and that is great. But there is more.


Now we come to the important part. What is the rental rate in the area that you would like to have an office? Today office space rates are generally referred to in terms of sq. ft. A particular area will have a certain rate and this will vary from area to area.


You need to check if you can find the required office space within your budget in a particular area. This preliminary ground work will help to identify the areas in which you can find the desired office for rent. It will avoid wastage of time.


Deciding your rent budget

If you are set on a particular area, you may have to make some adjustment to your rent budget for office space in Gurgaon. This will help your company to be prepared in advance rather than finding out the hard way that your current rental budget doesn’t suffice.


For more information on rental rates in various parts of Gurgaon get in touch with us. We can guide you regarding space availability, facilities and approximate cost of rent.

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