Commercial places for rent in Gurgaon

There are numerous commercial places for rent in Gurgaon. Each complex is defined by its location, rental, accessibility and footfall. New commercial complexes in populated areas are bound to attract a large number of people from the moment it opens. Many visitors come out of curiosity and tend to become regulars if the place appeals to them. These places also command a higher rental due to their popularity.

Gurgaon is vast and the commercial places are spread out across the city catering to each area. Some areas like MG Road have a concentration of commercial buildings and are very popular. Cyber Hub and Cyber City also offer some limited areas for commercial use.

Type of visitors

Each commercial establishment attracts a particular type of customers. When a business is considering renting a commercial space the first consideration is the target customers. Assessing the type of footfall and visitors to a commercial establishment is a primary matter. Some professional advice in this arena is also helpful especially for those businesses who are new to the game. You need to choose the location of your commercial establishment based on the category of customers you are catering to. Promoting high end designer wear in an area which is frequented by the lower income group is not a wise choice. Even though the rental may be lower and the space available larger, but you do not get your ideal customers and hence your business will suffer and you will not be able to meet your monthly targets.

Getting professional help

To find the right commercial place for rent in Gurgaon you need the help of the experts in the field. AIHP can help you find the most suitable commercial place within your budget.

The area of the desired commercial space for rent is an important consideration. In prime areas the available space is limited. Hence if you are looking for a large floor space in a prime area, AIHP is the right way to go. With large areas of commercial and office space under their command, AIHP is the best company which can help you get your exact requirement.

Additional Help from AIHP

AIHP can also help by arranging for the interior work of your commercial space. Most commercial spaces for rent come in a bare and stripped form. It requires some amount of interior work to give some semblance to the place.  IF you are new to the locality you can count on AIHP for their full support and help which extends beyond the responsibilities of a realtor. As leaders in the real estate commercial property leasing and renting, AIHP believes in going the extra mile for its clients.

Office space in Golf Course Road

Golf Course Road in Gurgaon is a place for the elite. Whether it is a requirement for residential or commercial space,  everyone would like to be situated on Golf Course Road in Gurgaon. DLF’s Golf Club located out in the far countryside was the reason behind the name of this road, little knowing that a decade later this road would be among the most prime areas in Gurgaon. Today we have multiple commercial buildings on the Golf Course Road and it has become a much sought after address for businesses.

The Golf Course Road is also easily accessible from the main interstate highways. This makes it convenient for people living outside Gurgaon to reach their offices easily. Accessibility is one of the essential criteria’s which helps businesses decide in which area they would like to have their office space situated.

Bright and spacious areas

Depending on the requirement there is office space available on Golf Course Road in a number of different office buildings. All of these office spaces are designed in a very spacious manner with plenty of natural light streaming in. The exterior of the building is glass thus allowing maximum capacity of natural lighting.  Some companies are very concerned about the percentage of natural light inside the office area. To some extent natural light is a cost saving benefit while it is also considered a healthier option for the workspace. Sunlight is a mood enhancer and helps to maintain a positive mind-set in the office and is recommended to help generate higher productivity.

A spacious office area allows plenty of movement space. Most organisations do not like to work in cramped areas where movement room is restricted due to office furniture. They would rather pay a little extra and take a bigger area than having to watch where they are walking lest they bang into filing cabinet or other furniture. A spacious office also looks neater and offers a pleasant atmosphere for the employees as well as a serves as a presentable office space for clients.

Finding the perfect office space

Locating the right office space on Golf Course Road is a job that needs expert help as most of the space is occupied or not available. AIHP has vast areas of commercial space under its banner and can help its clients find the perfect office space that meets their specific requisite. Whether you need a large office space area or a small one, AIHP can help you find the right space within your budget. AIHP will also help negotiate the right deal for you company.

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