How much is your Gurgaon office rent?

In Gurgaon, office rent is the main concern for many organisations. Irrespective of the size of the business, their Gurgaon office rent is always more than they would like to pay. Some organisations manage to get a good deal and end up paying lesser than their neighbours.

Unfortunately some businesses get conned into paying a higher rental. This is usually because they are not aware of the current rental rate in that particular area where they are finalising the deal. This happens often when businesses deal through small time real estate brokers who are out to make a quick buck.

Factors influencing office rent

There are many factors which affect the office rental rates. It is essential to understand these criteria’s before you start looking for an office.  It is also important to understand that if the real estate broker informs you that you will not get the required office space in your budget; that information only pertains to the current area. There is a high probability that you can get the desired size of office space in another area of Gurgaon which is more suitable to your budget.

Location: Office rent in Gurgaon varies as per the location of the office. Some areas like DLF Cyber City, Udyog Vihar and Golf Course Road are very premium and rentals are high. Areas such as Sohna Road, MG Road and Golf Course Extn Road are slightly cheaper. Other areas such as Sector 31, 32, 39 & 43 may be more affordable. There are various places which may cost more if they are located on main roads while you can find cheaper rental off the main road. Sectors 34, 35, 36 & 37 are further out and the rentals vary based on the accessibility to the main road.

Building: The type of building in which your office is situated also impacts the rent. If it is a new building you may have to pay a higher rental. Newer constructions offer better infrastructure. Older buildings could offer a slightly cheaper rental, however the infrastructure may be quite basic and require a higher investment cost to make the office usable.

Facilities:  A building which offers central air conditioning, lift service, basement parking, building and gate security is bound to cost more that buildings without these frills. Some of these facilities are necessary and may involve a high capital investment. Hence it is better to carefully analyse the facilities and their usefulness as compared to the additional rental.


To ensure that you get the best rental rates for your office space in Gurgaon It is advisable to always deal with reputed real estate brokers like AIHP. With a reputed realtor you are assured of a quality service as well as the best office rental rates in Gurgaon.

Customize Office Space

Office space comes with a very standard interior décor. This can be boring at times. Every company has certain specific requirements for office space. These requirements may vary based on the type of the company and the budget they have for office facilities. Some organisations need a large conference room as they hold many meetings. They will also need the infrastructure setup for presentations etc. The kind of office interiors depends on the type of business. Some offices like those of Builders and Developer prefer to have many meeting rooms, where they can meet clients and discuss their requirements in privacy. They are not so keen on large conference rooms.

Nature of business

Each organisation has a particular type of business function.  The core business determines the office requirements. Offices that are into IT functions, especially backend work, are not very concerned about the layout and setup of the office space. They need high speed internet and proper cabling which can support high bandwidth.

The nature of your business sometimes demands a certain office décor. Travel companies like bright and creative designs. Customers who visit your office are also attracted to the décor and inclined to make up their mind faster regarding travel.

Organisations that are into creativity like advertising, magazines and publishing houses like to have pleasant office interiors. It keeps the employees inspired. Drab décor can affect the mood and the creative spirit. They prefer more open space and less clutter. It helps ideas to take root and grow. On the other hand IT offices like to use as much of the office area as work stations. Their office may appear to be congested, but they are too preoccupied to mind the maze.

Customised Office space in Gurgaon

The availability of customised office space in Gurgaon comes in all types and caters to a variety of different requirements. There are variations in the type of décor and the facilities that are available. You can get a very cheap customised office space in Gurgaon even in nice areas like Sohna Road and near Udyog Vihar. The cost of the office space depends on factors such as the facilities available and the services being provided. The type of building also makes a difference to the cost of the office space.

If you have a requirement for a particular type of customised office space AIHP can help you find it. Though there are many customised office spaces available each one has a different specification. Not all spaces will suit your requirement. To find the space with the exact requirement in the right kind of location and within your budget you need the right realtor – AIHP. They are the leaders in commercial and office space.

Leasing office space on Golf Course Road

Office space Golf Course Road is a premium demand. There are so many businesses who dream of having an office on Golf Course Road. But the office space on Golf Course Road is limited and only the fortunate few can have this privilege.

So how do you find office space on Golf Course Road? Not just any realtor can help you find what you need. It is only those who have command over various office space and authority by the landlords who can provide you with the type of office space that you need. There are many brokers who will keep you on the run with wild promises of finding office space on Golf Course Road for you. After a while it becomes quite obvious that you are just being taken for a ride, because they cannot deliver.

To avoid wasting time you need to get in touch with the corporate landlord entities.  AIHP has thousands of sq. ft. office space under their command. All you have to do is call and state your requirement. They will get back to you with the available office space on Golf Couse Road which meets your requirement criteria’s. This can be such a relief for businesses looking for office space.

The next step is physically visiting the available office space as soon as possible and finalising on the most suitable space.  With AIHP things are so easy because you don’t have to waste time running around looking at office space that is either not in the desired location or does not meet your prerequisites. AIHP shows you the available spaces that suit your need and allows you to close the deal within a short span of time. Office space on golf course road is usually taken up very fast, but if a space interests you, AIHP will ensure that the space is reserved until you are able to take decide on it.

Leasing office space has many complexities and legal hassles which no business is happy to go through. The paper work and legal formalities can be tiresome when you have no idea of the type of documents and forms required. Fortunately AIHP staff will guide you through all the formalities and help you get through each one step by step. This can be such a relief and also save you a lot of time besides all the headache of running from pillar to post just to get your paperwork in order.


There is no better broker for leasing office space on Golf Course Road, than AIHP. They ensure that you are not only able to find what you require but will see you though until you have the office space in your possession.

Commercial office space Gurgaon

There are several types of commercial office space available in Gurgaon. Most organisations prefer to rent office space which is in a good area with a lot of other commercial activity. The prime commercial areas of Gurgaon for office space are Udyog Vihar, DLF Cyber City, Golf Course Road, and Golf Course Extension Road. Areas like Sohna Road are also becoming popular as is MG Road. The location of the office building is an important criterion for some companies as they are concerned about the address value.

Spacious office space

Having a bright and airy office space is a requirement in some cases. Some companies are particular about having a spacious looking office. The interior décor of the office plays an important role in making an office look spacious.  In most situations organisations prefer to rent the bare office space and have the interiors done according to their preference. For a bare office floor the essential elements are windows and the amount of natural light that comes into the office. This affects energy utilisation and is a concern to some organisations.

Facilities for office space

Commercial office space in Gurgaon can be found with a great variation in the facilities. Most building offer a lift service but some buildings with few floors and an older constriction may not have a lift in the building. This is a greater likelihood in a place like Udyog Vihar. However due to the value of the location some organisations are willing to compromise and rent the office space anyhow. Most large office spaces have the facility for toilets within the area. Some buildings however, where the office space is smaller may offer services such as common toilets. Companies who have a requirement for a small office space are not willing to waste valuable space on toilets and usually have a makeshift pantry area. They are happy to content with common toilets and pay a maintenance fee.

Parking facilities is another major concern for offices located in Gurgaon. Udyog Vihar is a maze and finding a decent parking space can be a challenge. Some office buildings have built underground parking space and companies pay a stiff rental for this area. These parking spots are usually assigned to the senior officials in the company. Areas like Cyber City also have underground parking which companies can pay for. Other employees have to make use of the commercial parking areas which charge a hefty parking fee per day. Golf Course Road currently has vacant areas which are being utilised as parking, but this situation is soon changing. Few organisations are concerned about parking space when considering renting office space in a prime location.

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