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Explained: The Concept of Green Construction Across Structures

Green building is a phrase that refers to the use and implementation of eco-friendly materials as well as practices in the operations, designs, construction, and even location of residential and commercial buildings across the globe. This is one of the noblest concepts applied not only to the new construction of buildings and homes but also to the renovation and retrofitting of existing buildings.

Today, be it a private structure or a public one, the green building concept is being implemented almost everywhere. For example, if you search for some good office spaces in Gurgaon, you can see it in practicality for sure.

This popular trend of constructing greener buildings and structures is being considered now an effective and efficient tool to make positive changes in the contemporary construction industry.

Green Building: An overview 

Structures and their users have a drastic impact on the environment during their whole life cycle right from construction and operation to demolition. These structures exploit natural assets, consume energy and water, and produce a huge amount of waste. A green structure is a structure that diminishes or wipes out adverse consequences that structures might have on the environment and may likewise make positive effects. Green structures save valuable natural assets and bring betterment to the overall quality of human life. 

Practising environmental safety doesn’t involve any split in the ongoing way of life or comfort. The upsides of green structure stretch a long way past funds and the ecological system; it benefits individuals on a different social level. People get a better and healthier environment to live in while enjoying life to the fullest. It is also an open secret now that employees perform better when they work in a cleaner and better working environment or an office on rent in cyber city. This leads to a growing economy. 

Here’s what can turn a building into a green building

While the design of any structure takes place, the concerned team must take notice not only of the environment but also the overall quality of the people during operations. The following are the features that can turn an ordinary building into a green building:

  • Effective and efficient use of water, electricity, and a large number of other resources including both manmade and natural
  • Maximum possible use of daylight, implementation of solar energy, and other forms of renewable and sustainable energy
  • Ample efforts on reduced pollutants and pollution in air, water, and noise 
  • Emphasis on reuse and recycling
  • Excellent indoor air quality along with cross ventilation
  • Maximum use of ethical, sustainable, and non-toxic materials right from the very beginning to the completion of the building
  • An innovation-inspired design that capacitates the building to get adapted to a changing environment.

In other words, any building can be a green building if it adheres to the above-said points judiciously. Some of the most preventive examples of green structures include the following:

  • Green homes
  • Green offices
  • Green schools
  • Green hospitals
  • A green community centre or even a road
  • Green pipeline, and
  • Any commercial property on rent in the city of Gurgaon or any other part of the country. 

Benefits of Green Building at Glance 

Environmental benefits 

This is the main advantage of green buildings. It emphatically impacts our environment and the general ecological system by decreasing water use and energy sources that pollute or spoil our environmental components, for example, coal and carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. On the front of environment, green structures do the following:

  • Green buildings not only reduce the waste of water but also save it
  • Enrich water reserves
  • Preserve natural resources
  • Defend biodiversity
  • Enhance air and water quality
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Produce less waste, and
  • Decreasing the number of toxic gases.

Thus, green buildings may contribute a lot to saving not only our environment but also slowing the rapid pace of climate change.

Cost efficiency and economic benefits

Saving the environment has a close connection with money savings – creating a mutually beneficial situation. It furnishes you with so many financial and practical advantages. These incorporate reduced operating expenses, improved occupant productivity, and savings on occupants’ service bills. Also, it improves your profit from resources and benefits because of your reserve funds in operating expenses.

In conclusion, properties that are green-constructed call for lower maintenance costs as they are constructed using sustainable components which in turn add unmatched value to the property. Green buildings are built with special planning in which the most cost-effective methodologies and sustainable materials are put into use. All of these result in cost efficiency and economic benefits.

Improving air quality (inside and outside the house)

Over the past 30 years, air pollution has become one of the most serious concerns for humankind. This form of pollution is claiming millions of lives around the globe every year. Therefore, optimizing energy consumption while creating comfortable abodes with reduced environmental impact has become the need of the hour to achieve cities with cleaner air to breathe and live in.

As green buildings practice sustainability in all its operations along with optimized energy consumption, air remains neat and clean with almost no pollutants around.  

Going green simply means reducing toxins from the air and having the ability to enjoy fresh, neat and clean air always. Having a favorable indoor environment safeguards not only the occupants’ health but also brings improvement in their overall quality of life. Neat and clean air helps human beings avoid serious illnesses that result from the inhalation of toxic substances.


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