Commercial Property Lease Gurgaon

There are many prime commercial areas in Gurgaon which are only available for lease. Organisations can lease these properties for long durations which can span to a decade or even longer. A long term lease works out to be a cost effective option for a company in the long run especially if there is an escalation in the rental pricing. Long term lease also assures the organisation of the office space for a longer duration. This is essential when a company has spent huge sums for the interior décor of the office space. Many companies like the office décor emulate a certain style and standard which is in tune with their global offices. This is a representation of their company image to their clients and they are very particular about it. Very often such office interiors come at a high investment cost. With this kind of investment it doesn’t make economic sense to not have a long term lease on the commercial property.

AIHP assists organisations in finding the right commercial property which meets their specific requirement. Whether your specifics include amenities or are building specific AIHP can help fulfil as many conditions as possible. AIHP has vast areas of commercial space under its command in prime areas of Gurgaon.

Leasing procedure

Leasing a commercial property in Gurgaon or anywhere in India involves a complicated procedure. There are a lot of formalities and hordes of paper work that needs to be completed. For the final registration of the lease both parties have to be present at the registrar’s office in person. Getting all the supporting documents and forms completed and your file ready for approval takes much effort. One can seek professional assistance and there are many agents who can help with the procedures for a fee. If you are fortunate your agent will advise you correctly and get your paper work in order quickly. However, in most cases your file is returned as incomplete and you realise your agent is incompetent. Many organisations get stuck with the lease registration process which holds them up and causes a delay in their schedule.

When you finalise your commercial property lease in Gurgaon through AIHP you need not worry about the lease registration formalities. AIHP has a team of experts who will help get all the required papers in order and have your file ready very quickly.

Commercial property lease in Gurgaon is very easy when you have AIHP to do all the required work and find the right property for you. It pays to hire with the best in the field.

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