Top 4 Reasons to Establish a New Business in Gurgaon

Gurgaon is one of the fastest-growing metropolitan cities in India. Moreover, this city is home to the world’s biggest corporate houses and a large number of other national and global organizations. Be it established companies or start-ups, all are interested in having their presence in Gurgaon.

The city, particularly in the past 20 years, has proved to be the most prosperous and spacious place for business belonging to different industries and sectors. This might be the reason the demand for well-furnished ready to move office space in Gurgaon always remains high.

This post is going to shed light on all those prominent reasons. That make Gurgaon an ideally suitable destination for establishing new businesses. Also, before we jump on to the main topic, let’s take a look at the success story of Gurgaon:

Gurgaon: The Success Story

The phenomenal success that the city has achieved in a very short period is primarily. Because of the gigantic investment it has brought to the country. There was a time when Gurgaon used to be typical farmland away from the limelight of modernity. Over time, it has flourished into India’s most preferred business hub with international recognition.However, it is now considered the economic capital of the state of Haryana. With aggressive progress in a wide range of business areas. Popularly known as the millennium city. Gurgaon is unquestionably in the driver’s seat when it comes to influencing the economy of the state of Haryana.

Now let’s discuss in detail all those pointers that make the city an industrial and commercial hub:

A unique, privileged location

The city of Gurgaon has a unique and privileged location that plays a pivotal role in its popularity. As a premium business destination. Be the companies from foreign lands or small, medium, and large scale business houses in India. All of them prefer Gurgaon for its unique location. The city is located in very close proximity to New Delhi – the national capital of India, just 12 km away from the IGI International Airport.

The city also boasts of truly world-class infrastructure including the well-furnished ready to move office space in Gurgaon. Mega commercial complexes, and extremely swish localities all around. All these advantages and conveniences contribute profusely to making the city an ideal destination for all types of businesses and commercial activities.

A professional image

Be it large, medium, or small, nothing matters more for a business than a professional image. Every business strives hard to establish a better image by spending millions of rupees through different types of image-making campaigns. An image helps businesses to attract, win and retain customers’ trust and confidence. Moreover, location, accessibility, and infrastructure are the real building blocks of the image of a business. Customers judge a brand on various parameters in which even the minutest thing counts very much.

The city of Gurgaon provides national and international businesses with all that they need to succeed including location, accessibility, and infrastructure. Hence, businesses can find well-furnished ready to move office space in Gurgaon as per their exacting requirements. These act as a panacea to give their businesses a compellingly professional image.


Be it infrastructure or utility services, cost-effectiveness is a crucial concern for all businesses. It gets even more crucial when the business is new and is just making a start. In the initial phases of any business, the owners are under extreme pressure to yield a maximum output with the least possible resources and overheads. The city of Gurgaon rescues all the new businesses in this regard. The first and foremost thing that comforts new business owners is the cost-effective and immediate availability of the ready to move office in Gurgaon.

Some renowned office space providers in the city are developing these spaces keeping in view the global quality parameters mind. These spaces are not only cost-effective but also built around the ideas of customizations as per some particular businesses’ exacting requirements. The city boasts of the following with unmatched cost-effectiveness:

  • State-of-the-art ready to move office space in Gurgaon
  • World-class serviced office spaces
  • Virtual workplaces, and
  • Collaborative workplaces.

All these spaces are equipped with global quality facilities and amenities. Which are less expensive and reasonable featuring round–the–clock accessibility to allied services and facilities under a single roof. So, all these facilities together are attracting investors not only from India but also from across the globe. Today, a large number of companies that are already established in other cities in the national capital region are shifting to Gurgaon to make the most of the benefits that this city offers to diverse businesses.

Safety and Security

Safety and security are some of the most crucial elements that all businesses consider before foraying into a new land to establish their business. No business can survive if any feeling of fear or insecurity haunts it at all times. As discussed earlier, Gurgaon in the past 20 years has emerged as the economic capital of the state of Haryana. And the government has acknowledged this fact well. To provide business houses round-the-clock uninterrupted security, the government has taken some specific and additional initiatives.

New police posts in and around the city have been established increasing the numbers of police personnel to beef up the security. A 24×7 helpline has also been introduced keeping in view the safety and security of women workers. Gurgaon has now become a fully metropolitan city. Therefore all the arrangements at the local and district level are in sync with the same culture. In this type of positively charged atmosphere, every business would like to enjoy the privilege of opting for a well-furnished ready to move office space in Gurgaon for sure.

The Closing Note

AIHP is one of the largest corporate landlords in Gurgaon offering well-furnished, state-of-the-art ready to move office space in Gurgaon. It is a one-stop-shop where dedicated teams of professionals conceptualize, create, implement, and manage global quality workspace environments. However, working on a unique concept, AIHP is the first infrastructure company that offers corporate office space as a product rather than a group of outsourced services.

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