Why is there such a huge demand for office space in Gurgaon?

Office space in Gurgaon is in popular demand.
Gurgaon is the hub for all corporate activity. It has almost become mandatory
for Medium and Large sized businesses to have a presence in Gurgaon whether
they have business operation there or not.

There are numerous factors which have a hand in
making Gurgaon what it is today. The availability of vast expanses of space is
one of the main factors that promoted Gurgaon. Companies that want to
consolidate all their offices and operate out of a single location have a huge
an advantage in Gurgaon. At one time all businesses vied for office space at
Nariman Point. Today Gurgaon is the new Nariman Point.

The demand for office space has led to the
development of Gurgaon as a residential area as well. This has resulted in
Gurgaon expanding to its further most limits. Sohan and Manesar which were
considered a short distance away from Gurgaon are now extensions of Gurgaon
with no demarcation for the townships. Gurgaon is expanding in every direction
possible. Today we are barely able to decipher where Gurgaon ends and Delhi

Gurgaon’s popularity is also prompted by the fact
that it is a part of the National Capital Region. When it comes to legal
permits and other corporate formalities Gurgaon is just an hour’s drive from
central Delhi. The various Ministry offices are all within close proximity and
the corporates do not have to spend huge sums for getting their various permits
and permissions in place by sending staff out of town for unlimited number of
days till the job is accomplished. Why waste resources when you can get an
office in Gurgaon. Gurgaon is a very central location and is also in close
proximity to the airport. This is a huge advantage for day visitors who come
for business meetings.

The benefits of having an office in Gurgaon are
multi-fold and far outweigh any doubts that a business may harbour. The demand
for office space is growing at a fast pace and finding office apace in a prime
location can be quite a challenge.

 AIHP is a
corporate landlord entity and can help you find exactly what you are looking
for. They will get you an office space that meets all most of your major
criteria’s and demands. In fact there may be a few additional perks which come
as a bonus. If you want office space in Gurgaon there is no point wasting time
with small time property brokers. AIHP has all the available office space in
their realm.  

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