Furnished office for rent in Gurgaon

Furnishing an office can be an expensive affair for an organisation. It involves hiring an interior designer, specifying the requirement, approving designs and working out the cost of the interiors. This in then followed by a time lag for the work to be completed. Very often the project goes beyond the budget and may still not include all the desired features. The amount of investment on office interiors also depends on the state of the original interiors and the amount of work required for bringing it to a certain standard. Some bare office spaces are in quite a bad shape. The amount of money a company is willing to invest in doing up the interiors of the office space and furnishing it depends on their lease agreement term.

Furnished office space

Some companies are not willing to invest in office furnishings and would rather rent a furnished office. This is a greater likelihood if the lease term is short or the organisation has expansion plans and future plans to move to another location. For short term stay renting a furnished office is a preferable choice.

Some organisations do not have a capital investment budget for office interiors and hence find it more convenient to rent a fully furnished office and pay a slightly higher rental. Investing in office infrastructure which later has to be disposed of can be a waste of money and this is another reason organisation prefer to rent furnished office spaces.

Facilities included in furnished office space

All furnished office spaces in Gurgaon provide the basic furniture for workstations, prefabricated office cabins and conference room. Network wiring and high speed internet lease line is usually a part of the lease agreement. Services such as security and housekeeping are included in some offices while in other offices clients have to make their own arrangements.

Availability of furnished office space

With the growing demand for furnished office space most landlords offer their tenants a basic interior infrastructure set up. Some landlords may do up their interiors in a better manner as desired by the client. Furnished office spaces are easily available in all prime areas of Gurgaon. Some organisations have a particular choice of building or locality where they want their office. To find the perfect furnished office space you can contact AIHP. We are one of the biggest corporate landlords in Gurgaon and can help you get the desired type of office space. We also help our clients negotiate suitable rental deals. Our services extend to helping clients with all the legal formalities and required paper work for the furnished office space lease agreement.

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