Commercial office space Gurgaon

There are several types of commercial office space available in Gurgaon. Most organisations prefer to rent office space which is in a good area with a lot of other commercial activity. The prime commercial areas of Gurgaon for office space are Udyog Vihar, DLF Cyber City, Golf Course Road, and Golf Course Extension Road. Areas like Sohna Road are also becoming popular as is MG Road. The location of the office building is an important criterion for some companies as they are concerned about the address value.

Spacious office space

Having a bright and airy office space is a requirement in some cases. Some companies are particular about having a spacious looking office. The interior décor of the office plays an important role in making an office look spacious.  In most situations organisations prefer to rent the bare office space and have the interiors done according to their preference. For a bare office floor the essential elements are windows and the amount of natural light that comes into the office. This affects energy utilisation and is a concern to some organisations.

Facilities for office space

Commercial office space in Gurgaon can be found with a great variation in the facilities. Most building offer a lift service but some buildings with few floors and an older constriction may not have a lift in the building. This is a greater likelihood in a place like Udyog Vihar. However due to the value of the location some organisations are willing to compromise and rent the office space anyhow. Most large office spaces have the facility for toilets within the area. Some buildings however, where the office space is smaller may offer services such as common toilets. Companies who have a requirement for a small office space are not willing to waste valuable space on toilets and usually have a makeshift pantry area. They are happy to content with common toilets and pay a maintenance fee.

Parking facilities is another major concern for offices located in Gurgaon. Udyog Vihar is a maze and finding a decent parking space can be a challenge. Some office buildings have built underground parking space and companies pay a stiff rental for this area. These parking spots are usually assigned to the senior officials in the company. Areas like Cyber City also have underground parking which companies can pay for. Other employees have to make use of the commercial parking areas which charge a hefty parking fee per day. Golf Course Road currently has vacant areas which are being utilised as parking, but this situation is soon changing. Few organisations are concerned about parking space when considering renting office space in a prime location.

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