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Serviced offices in Gurgaon

Serviced offices in Gurgaon

How did Serviced offices originate?

The services offices are known to originated in the United Kingdom in 1980’s. The concept of working together and sharing offices and sharing the overheads was first used by lawyers in the United Kingdom. They would normally huddle together into ‘chambers’ to share the administration and other operating expenses. Some of these chambers into a cultured and large corporate type look. And thus emerged the concept of shared offices. As in 2014, serviced office in UK comprise of more than seventy million square feet of office space and are responsible for generating more than four hundred thousand jobs in the United Kingdom.

So what exactly is a Serviced Office?

Usually a serviced office is a physical location that is completely managed by the facility management company (such as Thereafter the company rents out this premise to other companies. The premise can individual offices or entire floor(s). The terms serviced offices, business centers, executive suites and executive centers are often used interchangeably.

What are the benefits of a Serviced office?

  • Serviced Offices offer a more flexible rental plans.
  • Unlike conventional offices, serviced offices do not require to be furnished
  • The space is expandable (or collapsible) at a short notice hence reducing. This is a very big plus as your operating expenditures are variable costs rather than fixed costs.
  • Many expenditures such as cost of receptionists, security personnel costs and sometimes the cost of business machines are shared.

Whom do Service Office suit better?

  • If you are s start up, then serviced offices are best suited for you as you need to concentrate on the growth of your business and at the same time want all the facilities of a modern office.
  • Sometimes you need additional space on a very short notice (may be because of a large deal just accomplished). Serviced offices very well accommodate such overflows.
  • There may be times when you are moving from one big facility to another one. The new facility may take time to build up and you need an interim space for your activities.
  • You need a sales office to a new market you are venturing into and you would not want a full blown physical space of yours until you are well established. Serviced offices are a perfect answer in such a scenario.

Keep in mind certain downsides of serviced offices. You have restrictions on the kind of branding activities you can do in and around the physical space.Since costs are variable ina serviced office and not fixed costs, the serviced offices may be a bit more expensive than conventional offices depending on your specific circumstance.

AIHP is one of the leaders in providing serviced offices in Gurgaon. With a solid experience of more than 15 years in the industry, AIHP provides serviced offices all across Gurgaon. Our serviced offices are well designed and appreciated in the commercial office space industry. Have a look at some of the serviced offices we have already delivered.There are numerous options available with AIHP for serviced offices in Gurgaon.

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Serviced offices are spaces that are completely managed by professional companies.

Shared Resources

Service offices keep costs in check by sharing the required office resources.

Serviced Offices in Gurgaon

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AIHP offers World Class Serviced Office Spaces in Gurgaon.

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What is the meaning of serviced office?

A serviced office is an office or office building that is fully equipped and managed by a facility management company, also known as an office provider. Serviced offices are often found in the business districts of large cities around the world. A serviced office broker will commonly help business centre owners and facility management companies to rent serviced office space. Serviced offices can offer more flexible rental terms than conventional leased offices, allowing for additional space to be allocated at short notice should the size of an individual business change.

What is the difference between serviced and non-serviced?

As simple as it sounds, a serviced office is one which is cared and maintained for, by the office provider. Whereas the non-serviced ones are the offices which are provided on lease but the maintenance and the care of the space need to be taken up by the customer themselves. The service office is more like a well-pre-managed space which provides you with the freedom to just start with the business operations without working on the management or other aspects of it.

What are the benefits of a serviced office?

The serviced offices are very beneficial in their ways as it offers a space for your business to start with the operations of working without doing any initial services on the space. Furthermore, the routine maintenance hassle is also eradicated, along with other services that are crucial for every company’s employees. It is indeed just a get-there-and-start type of place which eases your workload. The serviced offices Gurgaon by our expert team have all such benefits aligned for businesses too.

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