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Gurgaon is the best place to have office space. Any company that wants to create a name for itself in the market place needs to ensure that it has an office address that adds to its brand value. There are various types of office space available in Gurgaon and clients can find the exact type of space they require from the vast choice.

Types of office space

Some companies prefer to take a bare office space and do up the interiors as per their company norms. This does not only include defining partitions and cabins but also doing the flooring, walls and ceiling. This kind of office space is cheaper to rent but entails a huge initial investment cost. Partially furnished offices provide the bare essentials. A partially furnished office space offers finished interior layout with work stations, cabins, conference room, meeting rooms, completed walls, ceiling and flooring.  Movable furniture like chairs, tables, workstations, conference table, file cabinets, carpeting etc. are not provided with the office. Fully furnished offices come with everything. If a client requires a particular number of chairs or tables or anything else they can ask the landlord to provide.

Furnished Office Space

There are many options for furnished office space available in Gurgaon. AIHP can help your organisation find office space in the preferred area and of the required size. The location of the office space plays a major contributing factor in the rental. Every organisation has a budget and AIHP ensures that the office space is within the client’s budget.

It is essential to understand the required size of the office space. Organisations have specific requirements when it comes to size of the area that they need. If a company requires a certain square footage of office space they may be willing to adjust with a little more or a little less. 50 to 100 square feet more or less may be acceptable, but a greater variation may be beyond their capability to adjust. A larger space may require a compromise with having to pay a higher rental. An office space that is smaller than the requirement may not be suitable. If the space identified it is a lot smaller than the requirement it becomes a problem for the client to accept. Hence AIHP is careful to match the size requirement to the closest fit.

AIHP can help clients find the perfect office space in the desired locality. The office space will be furnished in the manner they need and with the facilities that they want. AIHP has great command over office space in Gurgaon.

Partially or fully furnished office space for rent in Gurgaon

How do you decide whether to rent a fully furnished office space or a partially furnished one? You can start by looking at some important aspects. How much it will cost to do up the interiors of a new office space? Inflation has affected the prices of everything. Even something like a basic office chair is so expensive that it makes you wonder what is so special about it. But that is just something we have to come to terms with in today’s day and age.

The concept of office space for rent has changed quite a bit over the last decade. Businesses can now opt for furnished office space for rent in Gurgaon.

A furnished office is a cost effective choice

A furnished office is one which is equipped with all the basic necessities required for an office to function. Some places even have some additional comforts as a part of the package deal. But there is a price attached to it.

Some businesses are dissuaded by the higher rental rates of the furnished office. However when you compare the capital investment required to make a bare office space functional, we find that the additional rent amount is much lesser.

This comparative study has encouraged many businesses, especially start-ups to opt for fully furnished office spaces. It is cheaper to rent a furnished office than take a bare office space and furnish it yourself. It saves you the huge capital investment of doing up the interiors. Over and above that in a furnished office place you can enjoy additional comforts that you probably would not have indulged in if you were doing the furnishings yourself..

What do you get in a furnished office?

No two office spaces are the same. There are no predefined criteria to state that certain things are mandatory in a fully furnished office space. What you get in a furnished office space depends entirely upon the landlord and their personal definition of fully furnished.

Usually a furnished office space will have the basic necessities such as workstations, office partitions, cabins, meeting rooms, equipped conference room, functional pantry, high speed internet, network cabling. Some furnished office spaces have nice carpeting, attractive wall panels, storage cabinets etc.

Facilities such as central air conditioning, security, HVAC, Fire services etc. are a part of the building services and included in the maintenance. It is possible to negotiate with the building owner regarding certain facilities or furnishings that you might require.

The downside of a fully furnished office is that you do not have any say in the interior décor of the office or the layout. Since all these factors are predefined and already done before you take the office.

Office space for rent in Gurgaon

Office space for rent in Gurgaon is as easy as it can get when you have AIHP on the job. If you want to save time, effort and energy running around Gurgaon then get in touch with AIHP. When you do not have the right people working for you, it adds to your work. You will find yourself running around to different ends of Gurgaon and most of it would be on a wild goose chase. It wasn’t your preferred location or type of office space.

Curtail cost and resources

These are the perils that many organisations go through in an attempt to save a few bucks (or so you think). You end up wasting time and resources. AIHP will provide you with the most cost effective solution and also help you to get a good deal. AIHP is well versed in the business of renting office space in Gurgaon. They are aware of the rates and the variations according to areas and facilities. With AIHP on your side you can be sure that they will negotiate the best rates for your company.

Types of office space

There are various types of office space. It is essential to decide and be sure about the type of office space that you need. An office space comes in a variety of forms. Of course you may have a particular image in your mind, but it is essential to tell your realtor exactly what your need. This clarification will help us to help you find the perfect type of office space without wasting time on seeing places that do not suit your requirement.

Office space can be fully furnished with fully equipped and functional work stations, housekeeping etc. You can also get semi furnished offices which would have the basic furniture and cabin partitions etc. The networking cables and high speed internet usually come with the office as well. You may have to bring your own equipment such as laptops, printers, scanners, projector etc.

Some companies prefer to design their office as per their own company norms. In this case you will need bare or raw office space. The company can custom plan the interiors of the office. You can decide how many cabins, meeting rooms, conference rooms and the size of each. You can decide where you want to have the work stations, common areas etc. These offices need to be furnished from floor to ceiling including the lighting fixtures, cabling, wiring and partitions. When selecting a bare office space the only criteria is the location, rent budget and the required floor area. Given these details AIHP can find you the desired space without much effort on your part. Let AIHP find you the perfect office space for rent in Gurgaon.


Commercial places for rent in Gurgaon

There are numerous commercial places for rent in Gurgaon. Each complex is defined by its location, rental, accessibility and footfall. New commercial complexes in populated areas are bound to attract a large number of people from the moment it opens. Many visitors come out of curiosity and tend to become regulars if the place appeals to them. These places also command a higher rental due to their popularity.

Gurgaon is vast and the commercial places are spread out across the city catering to each area. Some areas like MG Road have a concentration of commercial buildings and are very popular. Cyber Hub and Cyber City also offer some limited areas for commercial use.

Type of visitors

Each commercial establishment attracts a particular type of customers. When a business is considering renting a commercial space the first consideration is the target customers. Assessing the type of footfall and visitors to a commercial establishment is a primary matter. Some professional advice in this arena is also helpful especially for those businesses who are new to the game. You need to choose the location of your commercial establishment based on the category of customers you are catering to. Promoting high end designer wear in an area which is frequented by the lower income group is not a wise choice. Even though the rental may be lower and the space available larger, but you do not get your ideal customers and hence your business will suffer and you will not be able to meet your monthly targets.

Getting professional help

To find the right commercial place for rent in Gurgaon you need the help of the experts in the field. AIHP can help you find the most suitable commercial place within your budget.

The area of the desired commercial space for rent is an important consideration. In prime areas the available space is limited. Hence if you are looking for a large floor space in a prime area, AIHP is the right way to go. With large areas of commercial and office space under their command, AIHP is the best company which can help you get your exact requirement.

Additional Help from AIHP

AIHP can also help by arranging for the interior work of your commercial space. Most commercial spaces for rent come in a bare and stripped form. It requires some amount of interior work to give some semblance to the place.  IF you are new to the locality you can count on AIHP for their full support and help which extends beyond the responsibilities of a realtor. As leaders in the real estate commercial property leasing and renting, AIHP believes in going the extra mile for its clients.

Office space in Golf Course Road

Golf Course Road in Gurgaon is a place for the elite. Whether it is a requirement for residential or commercial space,  everyone would like to be situated on Golf Course Road in Gurgaon. DLF’s Golf Club located out in the far countryside was the reason behind the name of this road, little knowing that a decade later this road would be among the most prime areas in Gurgaon. Today we have multiple commercial buildings on the Golf Course Road and it has become a much sought after address for businesses.

The Golf Course Road is also easily accessible from the main interstate highways. This makes it convenient for people living outside Gurgaon to reach their offices easily. Accessibility is one of the essential criteria’s which helps businesses decide in which area they would like to have their office space situated.

Bright and spacious areas

Depending on the requirement there is office space available on Golf Course Road in a number of different office buildings. All of these office spaces are designed in a very spacious manner with plenty of natural light streaming in. The exterior of the building is glass thus allowing maximum capacity of natural lighting.  Some companies are very concerned about the percentage of natural light inside the office area. To some extent natural light is a cost saving benefit while it is also considered a healthier option for the workspace. Sunlight is a mood enhancer and helps to maintain a positive mind-set in the office and is recommended to help generate higher productivity.

A spacious office area allows plenty of movement space. Most organisations do not like to work in cramped areas where movement room is restricted due to office furniture. They would rather pay a little extra and take a bigger area than having to watch where they are walking lest they bang into filing cabinet or other furniture. A spacious office also looks neater and offers a pleasant atmosphere for the employees as well as a serves as a presentable office space for clients.

Finding the perfect office space

Locating the right office space on Golf Course Road is a job that needs expert help as most of the space is occupied or not available. AIHP has vast areas of commercial space under its banner and can help its clients find the perfect office space that meets their specific requisite. Whether you need a large office space area or a small one, AIHP can help you find the right space within your budget. AIHP will also help negotiate the right deal for you company.

Spacious office in Gurgaon in a prime location

Setting up an office in Gurgaon? You would be looking for office space for rent in Gurgaon. Gurgaon is huge and expanding by the day. There are several areas that are earmarked as the best for office space. Office space in UdyogVihar is the most popular choice. You can find all types of offices in UdyogVihar and something to suit every budget.


Necessary Office Building features

What are the main features that one looks for in an office? A building with lift, 24×7 power backup, central air conditioning, high speed lease line internet and security are important. These are just some of the basic features that every company needs to be able to function.Building amenities are certainly important and one cannot overlook these factors. How can you work in an environment which does not have proper power backup or slow internet speed? This would severely hamper your business. AIHP ensures that all the basic features for a company to be able to function without any hassle are already in place.


Suitable type of office

A bright and spacious office is what we automatically assume. Today most commercial office buildings have glass exteriors allowing maximum lighting. A well light office adds a positive cheer. Small office spaces tend to make you feel claustrophobic. Those days of small dark office that look like cubby holes are over. Today you have the choice of a spacious office. The professional interior decoration ensures that the office has a comfortable feel.


Furnishings in the office

Most office spaces come with the basic furnishings. Some office spaces are semi furnished and some are fully furnished. You can choose the type of office you want. AIHP has a variety of office space options for you. You can get a bare office space which is just a shell, or a semi furnished office with basic furnishings or a fully functional plug and play office. Office space in UdyogVihar comes with a variety of options. If you have certain specification for office interiors we can comply. AIHP can customise your office to suit your company standards. Our interior designing team is just a call away.


AIHP for office space in Gurgaon

AIHP is your service provides when you want office space for rent in Gurgaon. We have the resources to find you exactly what you need. Let us know your requirements and budget. Comparatively we charge a low brokerage and provide an excellent service. We believe in building long term relationships.

Get prime office space in Gurugram

Gurugram formerly known as Gurgaon is one of the commercial hubs that reflect on a global level. More than half of the Fortune 500 hundred companies have office space in Gurugram. The others do not have a presence in India. But you can be sure that if they did come to India, Gurugram would be the primary choice for setting up their main office.

Getting office space in a prime location is not as easy as it sounds. The cost of rent is not a deterrent for an organisation seeking prime office space in Gurugram.

To find your perfect office space you need the right realtors. AIHP is one of the leading realtors in Gurugram with a command over half a million sq. ft. areas of office space. On their own or without the right contacts, companies find it extremely difficult to find the desired kind of office space.

Prime areas of Gurugram

Identifying the prime areas in Gurugram is easy. If you have an office in Udyog Vihar, Cyber City, Golf Course Road or Golf Course Extension Road – you are in the envious zone. Over the years these areas have gained their name and fame. To have an office in any of these areas makes your business one which is envied by others. Your office address is a great support and can be used as an underlying marketing tool. Clients tend to give you due respect based on your office location. There are numerous reasons why office space in prime areas is in hot demand.

Rental of prime area office space in Gurugram

It may have become obvious by now that the rental for prime area office space in Gurugram comes at a premium price. However, the dividends more than make up for this additional investment. Being able to rent an office in a prime area of Gurugram is a major upselling factors for businesses and service providers. Your office address does half the work for you.

Finding prime office space in Gurgaon is not easy. The demand is high and the expensive rental rates do not dissuade businesses. As soon as a company vacates an office space in a prime area, it is taken up by another business. If you find the right kind of office space it is advisable to make your decision regarding the space instantly. There is no time for contemplation. Any delay could means that you lose the space from under your nose.

AIHP, the biggest corporate realtors in Gurugram can help you find the most suitable office space. We can also help you with all the formalities as well as negotiating the best rental rates.

How to find rented property for office in Gurgaon

Gurgaon can be quite confusing for new comers. Even those who are familiar with this city can face a problem finding rented property for office in Gurgaon. Before you start looking for an office space, the first step is to clearly identify the size of the office space that you require, your rental budget and the preferred location. Once you have these basic criteria’s on the table, you can proceed to the next step which is the most difficult one. The process of actually locating the property requires professional help.

Most businesses already have an idea of what they need. You just need help finding the best rented property for office in Gurgaon. Unless you have the right kind of help you may find yourself going round in circles without being able to actually find what you need. Small time real estate brokers have a habit of trying to palm of what is available to them rather than understanding your need and likewise trying to fulfil it. So how do you go about finding your perfect office space in Gurgaon?

How to rent an office in Gurgaon?

There are many options for finding offices for rent in Gurgaon.  The best way to locate a nice office within your budget is through the large real estate agents, like AIHP. We are the biggest realtors for office space in Gurgaon and have personal command over vast expanses of office and commercial space. Whatever your requirement is, let us know and we will definitely have something that will suit your preference.

AIHP is a corporate landlord entity and we have a huge database of the office space available in various parts of Gurgaon as well as the current rental rates. We help our clients find the most suitable office space without any running around. Once you have learned what is available and short listed some places of interest, we can show you the office space, to help you make the final decision.

After you have decided on which office space you would like to rent, we will help you to negotiate a good deal with the landlord. We will also guide and help you with the paper work and legal formalities for the commercial rental agreement.

Without the right kind of help you can be running around in circles looking for office space. At AIHP we try and make your experience of renting office property as easy as possible by facilitating our clients in every way that we can.

Why furnished office space for rent is the best choice

Furnished office space for rent in Gurgaon is becoming common. Many office space owners are offering businesses furnishings at a nominal price. Why should you opt for furnished office space?


Start-ups and new businesses are usually on a shoestring budget. Your starting budget has to be allocated to be able to sustain your business till it breaks even and able to pay for itself. Most businesses start off with a burst and then slow down by curtailing expenses. Investing in office furnishings is not a wise choice for a start-up. Renting is a common option. Today it is easy to find well-furnished office spaces.


Choose your kind of space

A well-furnished and spacious office with an attractive colour contrast is a dream. AIHP can make this dream into a reality for you. We have beautifully furnished and ready to move in, plug and play, office spaces available for you. Just walk in and start working like you always belonged here.


The features and facilities of your office space

Some businesses do not give much thought to amenities. Whatever comes we’ll take it, is the general attitude. AIHP gives you ground to voice your desires. Whether it is security, lift, central air conditioning, high speed internet, housekeeping or whatever else, we try and get it for you.


Furnished offices in the best locations in Gurgaon

The location of your office makes a huge difference on your letterhead. Half the reason businesses want a prime location office address is because it looks good on the letterhead. Your office should be located in a nice area and it must be easy to find. If you have clients or customers visiting your office you want an easily accessible location for your office. The address matters but accessibility is important too. Let us help you get a good location with at an impressive address.


How to find fully furnished office space

Today finding an office can be quite a cumbersome task. The first thing that any business would do is to find a realtor who deals in office space rentals. In the hope of finding the perfect office space, you end up vising loads of office spaces that don’t even match your criteria. What is the issue? To make things easier for yourself you need to contact the office space rental expert in Gurgaon. AIHP is always ready to help new businesses and star- ups find office space within their limited budget. We will make your rental experience an easy one. No running around seeing places that you don’t want. We find the best office space for you as per your specifications.

Find serviced offices for rent in Gurgaon easily

There are many options for serviced offices for rent in Gurgaon if you know where to look and whom to contact. But do you even know what the options available to you are?

Fully functional office 

There are many people who are not even aware of what a serviced office is. A serviced office is an office which is fully functional and ready to use. This is the most convenient type of office for any organisation to rent. Another common term used to describe this kind of setup is: plug and play office space. After you rent the office your team of staff can walk into the workstation area, plug in their laptops to the existing network and start working. It is as simple and easy as that. The good news is that there are loads of serviced offices for rent in Gurgaon.

One of the most common reasons that businesses prefer to rent a serviced office in Gurgaon is because it save time and money. Time and money are the two most critical aspects of a new aspect. It takes several weeks to do up the interiors of an office space after renting. A serviced office saves the organisation this time lapse. You can start working immediately as soon as you get the possession of the Serviced office space. When a company rents an office space they have to spend money to furnish the interiors. In a serviced office these funds are saved and there is no major capital investment involved.

How to find office space?

The problem is how do you find what you need? You contact the best realtors in town and there is no better choice than AIHP. Will a big realtor be interested in a small client like me and my small office space requirement? For AIHP no client is too small – everyone receives equal importance.

Where to look for office space?

It makes logical sense to live as close to your office as possible. People who work on Sohna Road live on Sohna Road. Some areas such as Udyog Vihar may require travel time as there are no residential areas up close. Cyber city is flanked by DLF Phase 1, DLF Phase 2 and DLF Phase 3 on three sides. But civic planning has ensured that walking to your office is not possible even if you live right behind your office. In fact it might take you a minimum of 20 minutes to get to your office by road instead.


Renting an office in a conveniently accessible location is an important consideration of every business. AIHP can help you find an office space in the desired location.

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