Prime Commercial Space available for Rent

Gurgaon is the hub for all commercial activity. Every business prefers commercial space in a prime area of town. The significance of being centrally located in Gurgaon rests on having an office area office in DLF Cyber City or Udyog Vihar. There are other locations that are well connected and much sought after too, like the Golf Course Road and Sohna Road. While there is prime commercial space available for rent in most of these locations it is difficult to come by them. Usually they are guarded by the big players in the realty sector.

Locating the desired commercial space

When it comes to locating commercial space that suits specific requirements it is most advisable to contact the specialists in the industry. AIHP have a long history of helping clients finalise on commercial space that meets all their criteria. They are the corporate landlord entities and have huge expanses of prime commercial space available for rent under their umbrella.

Flexible tenancy

For organisations that are not sure about the commercial space they are leasing, AIHP can arrange flexible tenancy terms. Planning to expand or aiming to move into a larger space or a better location within a short span of time? It can all be organised by AIHP. They will arrange space for a company for the interim period and ensure that all the requirements are met. A temporary arrangement does not have to be a compromise when AIHP is involved. By having an experienced realty company on board, helps to eliminate the pressures regarding office space and commercial leasing for an organisation. As the experts in the field, AIHP, ensures that their client gets the best deal and terms keeping in mind the interests of both parties on a fair level. AIHP can negotiate deals that are well within the budget of their clients all the while safeguarding the client’s best interests at heart.

Fully fitted office space

For a company that is looking for an office for short term usage,they would definitely require a commercial space that is fully fitted. It does not make financial sense to invest in the interiors and infrastructure for a limited time span. AIHP has just the solution and can provided clients with fully fitted offices that have nice interiors that have been tastefully designed. The décor of the office space plays a significant role on the mind-set of the employees.  Good interiors have a pleasant effect on the mood and can motivate employees to perform better. Providing a better working environment is one of the core reasons why companies are willing to spend on the office furnishings.

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