Partially or fully furnished office space for rent in Gurgaon

How do you decide whether to rent a fully furnished office space or a partially furnished one? You can start by looking at some important aspects. How much it will cost to do up the interiors of a new office space? Inflation has affected the prices of everything. Even something like a basic office chair is so expensive that it makes you wonder what is so special about it. But that is just something we have to come to terms with in today’s day and age.

The concept of office space for rent has changed quite a bit over the last decade. Businesses can now opt for furnished office space for rent in Gurgaon.

A furnished office is a cost effective choice

A furnished office is one which is equipped with all the basic necessities required for an office to function. Some places even have some additional comforts as a part of the package deal. But there is a price attached to it.

Some businesses are dissuaded by the higher rental rates of the furnished office. However when you compare the capital investment required to make a bare office space functional, we find that the additional rent amount is much lesser.

This comparative study has encouraged many businesses, especially start-ups to opt for fully furnished office spaces. It is cheaper to rent a furnished office than take a bare office space and furnish it yourself. It saves you the huge capital investment of doing up the interiors. Over and above that in a furnished office place you can enjoy additional comforts that you probably would not have indulged in if you were doing the furnishings yourself..

What do you get in a furnished office?

No two office spaces are the same. There are no predefined criteria to state that certain things are mandatory in a fully furnished office space. What you get in a furnished office space depends entirely upon the landlord and their personal definition of fully furnished.

Usually a furnished office space will have the basic necessities such as workstations, office partitions, cabins, meeting rooms, equipped conference room, functional pantry, high speed internet, network cabling. Some furnished office spaces have nice carpeting, attractive wall panels, storage cabinets etc.

Facilities such as central air conditioning, security, HVAC, Fire services etc. are a part of the building services and included in the maintenance. It is possible to negotiate with the building owner regarding certain facilities or furnishings that you might require.

The downside of a fully furnished office is that you do not have any say in the interior décor of the office or the layout. Since all these factors are predefined and already done before you take the office.

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