Office space in MG Road

Over the last decade MG Road in Gurgaon has become a very popular location for office space. The presence of multiple Shopping complexes and malls on this road has served to add value to having an office that is so centrally located. MG Road intersects with the National Highway 8 at IFFCO Chowk making it a very premium locality.

Accessibility to MG Road is one of the reasons that many organisations would like to have their offices in this area. The metro line runs along this road adding further value to the location. The availability of public transport on MG Road is easy due to the large number of shoppers visiting this area. These conveniences are important for employees who prefer to use public transport and especially for those commuting from Delhi or Noida.

Scarcity of office space on MG Road

MG Road has a diversity of commercial structures and a majority of them are shopping complexes. Some areas of MG Road are also occupied with residential areas and this leaves very limited space for office buildings. To have an office space on MG Road is a matter of great pride for an organisation due to the limitations of the available area for official usage.

The limited office space on MG Road is controlled by major landlord entities like AIHP. Any company seeking to have an office on MG Road should ideally contact AIHP for the best office space in this area.

MG Road has a number of office buildings that are slightly off the main road but still considered very a prime location to have an office space.  They all enjoy the privilege of being associated with the upmarket MG Road.

Prime locality Address

For some organisations the address of the head office is very important and must be in a prime locality. Over the years Gurgaon has gained the reputation of being a corporate hub and all industries and companies have been vying for an office space in the prime localities of Gurgaon. While MG Road may not have the same reputation as Cyber City or Golf Course Road, it has the advantage of easy accessibility.

If your company is looking for office space on MG Road, AIHP can help you find the desired space. Whether you want bare office space or furnished office or a plug and play office you can get the necessary office space on MG Road from AIHP. AIHP can also provide office space with customised interiors according to the prerequisites of your company.

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