AIHP Team Member

Karan Bedi

Joint MD

Karan Bedi had an inclination for business right from the start. After he graduated from Queens University in Canada with major in finance, he came back to India and started his own business. He explored the market and identified the areas where there was a need.

 Karan started his first business when the world was in the middle of a financial crisis. Jobs were scare and business opportunities were hard to come by. Karan was able to drive his new business to success even in the middle of this chaos. He has a bold determination and a strong will to excel.

 In 2012 Karan Bedi came aboard AIHP and joined hands Nipun Mahajan. This was based on the belief that Karan can apply his realm of expertise to take AIHP to a new level. Karan’s contribution has been valuable in upscaling AIHP. His complex verticals of experience and knowledge are helping to manoeuvre AIHP to incredible thresholds.

 Karan did some of his schooling from the prestigious Sanskriti School in Delhi where he developed a love for sports. He spends his recreational hours playing golf, tennis or squash. He is also keen to promote sports among the India youth. He believes in empowering the talented Indian sports people to be able to pursue their sporting careers and in turn strengthen India’s standing in the global arena as a sporting force.

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