Find serviced offices for rent in Gurgaon easily

There are many options for serviced offices for rent in Gurgaon if you know where to look and whom to contact. But do you even know what the options available to you are?

Fully functional office 

There are many people who are not even aware of what a serviced office is. A serviced office is an office which is fully functional and ready to use. This is the most convenient type of office for any organisation to rent. Another common term used to describe this kind of setup is: plug and play office space. After you rent the office your team of staff can walk into the workstation area, plug in their laptops to the existing network and start working. It is as simple and easy as that. The good news is that there are loads of serviced offices for rent in Gurgaon.

One of the most common reasons that businesses prefer to rent a serviced office in Gurgaon is because it save time and money. Time and money are the two most critical aspects of a new aspect. It takes several weeks to do up the interiors of an office space after renting. A serviced office saves the organisation this time lapse. You can start working immediately as soon as you get the possession of the Serviced office space. When a company rents an office space they have to spend money to furnish the interiors. In a serviced office these funds are saved and there is no major capital investment involved.

How to find office space?

The problem is how do you find what you need? You contact the best realtors in town and there is no better choice than AIHP. Will a big realtor be interested in a small client like me and my small office space requirement? For AIHP no client is too small – everyone receives equal importance.

Where to look for office space?

It makes logical sense to live as close to your office as possible. People who work on Sohna Road live on Sohna Road. Some areas such as Udyog Vihar may require travel time as there are no residential areas up close. Cyber city is flanked by DLF Phase 1, DLF Phase 2 and DLF Phase 3 on three sides. But civic planning has ensured that walking to your office is not possible even if you live right behind your office. In fact it might take you a minimum of 20 minutes to get to your office by road instead.


Renting an office in a conveniently accessible location is an important consideration of every business. AIHP can help you find an office space in the desired location.

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