Office space golf course road

Golf Course Road is the premium area for office space in Gurgaon. A large part of Golf Course Road runs through residential areas. Even though the road is quite long the available space for commercial buildings along the road is very limited. Due to these constraints leasing office space Golf Course Road is not an easy matter. However, some businesses are not deterred and would like to have their office their office on Golf Course Road only.

If you are looking for office space Golf Course Road it is going to be a tough search. For assistance you can get in touch with AIHP. If there is any office space available on Golf Course Road AIHP will know about it and be able to arrange for your business to lease it.

For office space on Golf Course Road you have to be willing to pay a premium price, but the address makes the rental worth the price.

Why Golf Course Road?

Some people wonder why Golf Course Road and no other location in Gurgaon. There is a certain aura about Golf Course Road which cannot be replaced by any other location in Gurgaon.

Besides the charm of the location there are various other benefits attached to Golf Course Road. These benefits can be summed up as accessibility, connectivity, upmarket location, and open area. Most of the urban areas are an amalgamation of building on every side. There is no open space and all one can see is a concrete jungle. But the DLF Golf Course offers a vast expense of open space, which is visible from many of the commercial buildings on the Golf Course Road. A large part of the Golf Course Road is lined with residential colonies which are very green and comprise of low rise buildings. These factors go to make the Golf Course Road a comparatively open area with a higher quality of fresh air.

The Golf Course Road offers easy connectivity to the Mehrauli Gurgaon Road, Faridabad by-pass and the National Highway 8. The recent development of underpasses has ensured that there is a free flow of traffic on the Golf Course Road.

The Rapid metro and various other forms of public transport ensure good connectivity on the Golf Course Road. Office goers do not need to worry about driving to work when getting to their office is so easy and convenient especially by the rapid metro.

To lease office space on the Golf Course Road contact AIHP for the best options available.

Fully Furnished office space on Sohna Road Gurgaon

To the trend for office space is changing. Most businesses prefer to rent fully furnished office spaces on Sohna Road. You’re probably wondering why Sohna Road? Why not Udyog Vihar or Cyber City or any other location in Gurgaon?

Without any doubt, Gurgaon is the hub of corporate activity in India. Those businesses that are based in Gurgaon are in the right place, but those which are located in other parts of the country either have to move, or open an office in Gurgaon, just to show their presence. 

Opening a new office means a lot of work. Worst of all, there is a time lag while the office is getting done up. Making the office interiors takes time. You can’t start work in a bare office and to do up the interiors later. When it is an office in another city, it can be a bigger challenge. You need to send people out of town for extended periods of time to supervise the work. They have to be responsible enough to be to make some immediate decisions regarding the work, without senior approval.

But things have become easier. The hassle of renting a bare office space and getting the interior decoration according to company specifications is no longer your headache. Now you can rent a fully furnished office. It is totally done up and ready to use. AIHP takes on the responsibility of doing up your office after you sign the lease agreement. One of the perks of renting office space through AIHP is that we relive you of the regular new office workload.

If you want a customised office décor, let us know your requirement and we will get it done accordingly. Once your company has approved the interior decoration blue prints our interior designing team will begin work. We have our own team of interior decorators and hence you do not need to worry about the quality of work. We value our clients and provide the highest quality service. Our Interior designing team works closely with us and we ensure that your office is up and ready for use within the given time frame. So if you are moving across cities, you can move into a ready to use office space. We go all out to make certain that our clients are satisfied and there is no compromise on our part in this area.

If you want a fully furnished office space in Gurgaon get in touch with us and we can find you exactly what you need.

Office space in Golf Course Ext Road

Golf Course Extension Road is the new up and coming area in Gurgaon. This road connects Sohna Road to the Faridabad bypass. It intersects with many other major roads such as the Golf Course Road and various others. Many top rated builders have bought land on this road and are making huge premium commercial complexes that have large capacity office space. Organisations which are looking for large floor size can consider taking up office space on the Golf Course Extn Road. Today since there is a little office space available in premium areas most organisations find it difficult to get large floor areas all together and end up having to divide their operations between different office locations or floors.

Type of office space

AIHP offers clients a wide variety of different kinds of office space. There could be variations in the facilities provided by the office building as well as choice of interiors and furnishings. Some companies prefer to rent the bare floor and have the interiors made by a professional interior designer as per the set standards of their organisation. Some companies are a bit flexible when it comes to interiors are would rather rent an office space that has the bare minimum already in place. This could include predesignated workstations areas, meeting rooms, conference rooms, office cabins, cafeteria area etc.

Choosing the right office space on Golf Course Extn Road

The greatest hurdle faced by organisations is finding the office space that suits their requirement. Usually they have to go through many properties before they finally find something that looks remotely agreeable. With AIHP an organisation need not waste time going around and looking at something that is not even close to what they need. AIHP has a variety of properties under their command and can show the client what is available with details regarding location area, interiors, facilities etc. Once an office space is of interest to the client and they would like to see it physically, they are taken to the actual location. This saves time, money and effort for both parties.

AIHP can negotiate the deal with the builder company on behalf of their clients and ensure that you get the best deal possible. AIHP can also take care of all the legal formalities. Their legal team will ensure that all the paper work is in place as soon as possible. This saves the organisation the trouble of hiring a legal representation for the lease formalities.

AIHP provide their clients with world class office space in the most premium locations. For the best office space solutions AIHP is the right path to follow.

Easy to find commercial space for rent in Gurgaon

Commercial space for rent in Gurgaon is in plenty. But the question is where and how can you rent it. Where should you start?


First of all, where are you looking? You can find anything if you look in the right place. When it comes to commercial space for rent, AIHP is the right place.


What type of commercial space do you need?

Your need could be fora particular type of commercial space, which could include a specific size, location or other criteria’s. You have come to the right place. At AIHP we specialise in helping our client find commercial spaces that meet their particular requirements.


Do you need specific amenities?

Commercial space is easy to find. Each space has some facilities and amenities which come with it. But, the question is, what is your requirement? What are the amenities that you absolutely want in your commercial space? For some people central air conditioning is a must, for others it is security. Each person has a different set of priorities.Let us know and we will ensure you get it.


Furnished commercial space?

Today many commercial spaces come with furnishings. Some people prefer to rent furnished commercial spaces as it saves them some amount of the initial investment cost. Usually furnished commercial spaces come at a similar rental as an unfurnished one. Some clients are particular about the interiors and do not want any furnishings. They have a plan for the interiors and random furnishings can mar it. We can arrange both furnished and unfurnished commercial spaces for you as per your choice.


Limited budget is not a hindrance

If you are on a tight budget you may have decided to forgo some facilities such as lift or dedicated parking, or security. This is a wise decision. We don’t want you to set your hopes too high at the beginning. Of course at AIHP you can be sure that we like to get you the best that your money can afford. It is our endeavour to find our clients commercial space that is beyond your expectation at a price that is comfortable.


Rent easy with AIHP

When you have AIHP as your broker renting becomes an easy task. We take care of all the nitty gritty details and the associated formalities. We check the paper work and ensure that rental registration is done easily without wasting much time. We check all the paper work so that no loose ends are left untied. With AIHP you get a complete service from start to finish.



Prime Commercial Space available for Rent

Gurgaon is the hub for all commercial activity. Every business prefers commercial space in a prime area of town. The significance of being centrally located in Gurgaon rests on having an office area office in DLF Cyber City or Udyog Vihar. There are other locations that are well connected and much sought after too, like the Golf Course Road and Sohna Road. While there is prime commercial space available for rent in most of these locations it is difficult to come by them. Usually they are guarded by the big players in the realty sector.

Locating the desired commercial space

When it comes to locating commercial space that suits specific requirements it is most advisable to contact the specialists in the industry. AIHP have a long history of helping clients finalise on commercial space that meets all their criteria. They are the corporate landlord entities and have huge expanses of prime commercial space available for rent under their umbrella.

Flexible tenancy

For organisations that are not sure about the commercial space they are leasing, AIHP can arrange flexible tenancy terms. Planning to expand or aiming to move into a larger space or a better location within a short span of time? It can all be organised by AIHP. They will arrange space for a company for the interim period and ensure that all the requirements are met. A temporary arrangement does not have to be a compromise when AIHP is involved. By having an experienced realty company on board, helps to eliminate the pressures regarding office space and commercial leasing for an organisation. As the experts in the field, AIHP, ensures that their client gets the best deal and terms keeping in mind the interests of both parties on a fair level. AIHP can negotiate deals that are well within the budget of their clients all the while safeguarding the client’s best interests at heart.

Fully fitted office space

For a company that is looking for an office for short term usage,they would definitely require a commercial space that is fully fitted. It does not make financial sense to invest in the interiors and infrastructure for a limited time span. AIHP has just the solution and can provided clients with fully fitted offices that have nice interiors that have been tastefully designed. The décor of the office space plays a significant role on the mind-set of the employees.  Good interiors have a pleasant effect on the mood and can motivate employees to perform better. Providing a better working environment is one of the core reasons why companies are willing to spend on the office furnishings.

Plug and play office Gurgaon

Need a ready to use office space? The concept of a plug and play office is catching on in Gurgaon at quite a fast pace. As the name suggests a plug and play office is ready to use. With everything in place the employees can just open up their laptops and start working immediately, as soon as they occupy the office.

Total setup

The new trend for office space is now plug and play offices. These are ready to move in spaces with a total setup of furniture and basic technology infrastructure as well. Many companies do not want to spend money on buying office furniture and doing up the interiors. It can be quite an expensive affair to have the office interiors done up especially for short stay. A plug and play office has nice interiors and a total setup with a slight additional cost in the rental. For many companies and corporate landlords it works out as a win-win situation. The landlords invest a little extra on the interiors and in the bargain can demand a higher rental.

Short term stay

Plug and play office spaces are usually required by organisations with a small budget or by those companies who do not intend to stay in a particular location for long. In this kind of situation there is no point for a company to invest in fixed and immovable assets. Many companies prefer to rent their office furniture if their stay is not long term or if they do not have a large budget for office infrastructure. However, in a bare office space even with rented office furniture a company still has to invest in infrastructure such as network cabling, lighting, electricals etc.

A plug and play office usually has a nice and pleasing interior. Many of these offices come with add-ons like cafeteria, equipped conference rooms for video conferencing, with projector and other useful equipment as well.

By passing brokers

Finding the perfect plug and play office space in Gurgaon may not be an easy task. Each office has different features and facilities. With AIHP helping out, locating the perfect plug and play office in Gurgaon is stress-free. AIHP has a number of options available and organisations can choose the space that suits best in terms of facilities as well as location and rental.

Contacting the expert is the best way to go about finding office space in Gurgaon. It saves time and the hassle of having to go through properties that do not suit your criteria. Many small property brokers are keen to palm off the properties they have in hand without trying to understand that the client has a different set of requirements. This breach of communication can be quite frustrating for companies. AIHP is a total solution provider for plug and play offices in Gurgaon.

Office space for rent in Udyog Vihar

Udyog Vihar is a prime area of Gurgaon and finding office space in this locality can be a great challenge for a company. There are many property dealers who run around trying to source a good location for their clients but often it is a waste of time. In order to find good office space in the bustling of Udyog Vihar it is essential to contact the corporate landlord entities like AIHP.

AIHP has under its command vast amounts of office space in Udyog Vihar and other prime localities of Gurgaon. AIHP is the right company to approach when looking for office space for rent in Udyog Vihar. They know exactly what is available and if your office space requirement can be met. They can advise you with current availability and try and meet your specific requirements. Office space requirements vary and while some companies may have a need for lift facility in the building other organisations are concerned about the amount of daylight and water facilities in the building. Each aspect is important and AIHP ensures that clients get office space of their preference with as many amenities as possible.

Office space rental negotiation

AIHP has a good reputation in the corporate renting and leasing circle and is a firm that is trusted by landlords. Any company seeking a good deal when it comes to office space for rent in Udyog Vihar will benefit with the help of AIHP. Its good reputation enables AIHP to negotiate good deals for clients and assure landlords of good rent as well as hassle free rental term.

Negotiating for the rental can be quite an ordeal for landlords and tenants. All companies have a budget for their office space rent and sometimes the space requirement exceeds the planned budget. In this kind of situation some serious negotiations are needed. Coming to a conclusion where both parties are in agreement takes compromise by both parties and AIHP can help both parties reach and agreeable compromise.

Selecting the right space

Udyog VIhar is an area in popular demand and hence landlords usually do not want to waste time negotiating as some other company may be willing to give them the asking rate. This is the moment when AIHP steps in and helps your company get an agreeable rate which is satisfactory for both parties. Good spaces are hard to find and there are many takers as Udyog Vihar is in high demand. AIHP has an advantage as they take charge over spaces which are under their command to rent out to their clients.

Upgrade with an office situated on Golf Course Road

Getting office space in Gurgaon is not as easy as it sounds. But this also depends on the location you desire to have an office. Office space Golf Course Road is difficult to get. This is because there are limited commercial buildings on Golf Course Road and the demand is high. Everyone wants an office in this prime location.

Type of office space

With AIHP you have the choice to select the type of office space that you need. Most businesses want a bright and spacious office. The area and layout of the office is of some concern. We take care of all your needs and can reorganise the interiors to match your business requirement.

Type of building and its amenities

Some aspects of an office space we take for granted. It is necessary to make s checklist of the basic amenities that you require. Even small things such as power backup or fibre optic high speed internet make a difference. We tend to overlook such trivial matters when selecting an office space Gurgaon. AIHP on the other hand ensures that the basic amenities are available in the office space we show you. If something is lacking we bring it to your attention at the onset. This enables you to make an informed choice. We don’t wait for you to move into your new office and then realise that something is missing.

The office location

Even a main road like the Golf course road has buildings which are more conveniently located and some which have a more difficult approach. This factor does influence the office space rental. On the whole Golf Course Road is a prime area even if the buildings do not have easy access from the main road. This area is easy to find and commands a premium rental. But do not fret AIHP can help you get a good deal in the best of places when you contact us for your office space Golf Course Road.

Enjoy easy rental with AIHP

AIHP makes your rental process very simple and easy. You tell us what you want and we find it for you. You don’t have to run around looking at office spaces that are nowhere near your requirement criteria.

Partner with AIHP for low brokerage

Are you worried about the high brokerage rates? You can relax. AIHP offers you very competitive rates and a service beyond par. You can partner with us to take care of all your office property services. We can facilitate the rental registration process and all the necessary paperwork involved for the process. We go over and beyond to ensure ultimate client satisfaction.

Commercial space for rent

Gurgaon is the commercial hub for the top companies in the world. 250 of the Fortune 500 companies have their offices located in Gurgaon. Commercial space for rent in Gurgaon comes at a premium. Certain areas are categorised as prime commercial locations. Sourcing commercial space in these areas is literally like a hit and miss kind of opportunity. As soon as an office space is vacated, the very next day it is taken up by some other company.

To get commercial space on rent in Gurgaon a company needs to get in touch with the big players in the field, like AIHP. Some company’s make the mistake of contacting small time brokers who keep them on the run. They show you lots of commercial spaces which are available for rent, but none of them suit your criteria. After a while it becomes somewhat of a wild goose chase.

Finding the perfect commercial space

The top rated realtors like AIHP have vast expanses of commercial space under their authority. These buildings or floors have been given to their charge. So if you are looking for something specific or even a general commercial space, you can find it easily with AIHP.

The newer areas of Gurgaon are somewhat planned. There are particular areas which are designated commercial areas. You can also find commercial space in the midst of residential colonies. But again it depends on what your requirement is. Commercial space inside a colony is more or less limited to nearby residents. With a lot of advertising you can draw other footfall, but that is an expensive proposal.

Then you have commercial space on main roads, like MG Road, Golf Course Road, Sohna Road etc. These are premium areas with visitors not just from Gurgaon, but Delhi as well.

Save time with AIHP

Hunting for the right commercial space can be very time consuming. You know what you want but all the spaces you see do not match up. At AIHP you can discuss your criteria and they can tell you what commercial spaces are available in the similar category. Without having to run around you can study the specification of each appropriate space. If you find any properties which are suitable, you can make a trip to the location to get the reality feel. Through pictures shown to you by AIHP you get a rough idea of what you can expect. In this manner you can conserve time. There is no need to make needless trips to numerous commercial locations to look at commercial spaces.

Office space in MG Road

Over the last decade MG Road in Gurgaon has become a very popular location for office space. The presence of multiple Shopping complexes and malls on this road has served to add value to having an office that is so centrally located. MG Road intersects with the National Highway 8 at IFFCO Chowk making it a very premium locality.

Accessibility to MG Road is one of the reasons that many organisations would like to have their offices in this area. The metro line runs along this road adding further value to the location. The availability of public transport on MG Road is easy due to the large number of shoppers visiting this area. These conveniences are important for employees who prefer to use public transport and especially for those commuting from Delhi or Noida.

Scarcity of office space on MG Road

MG Road has a diversity of commercial structures and a majority of them are shopping complexes. Some areas of MG Road are also occupied with residential areas and this leaves very limited space for office buildings. To have an office space on MG Road is a matter of great pride for an organisation due to the limitations of the available area for official usage.

The limited office space on MG Road is controlled by major landlord entities like AIHP. Any company seeking to have an office on MG Road should ideally contact AIHP for the best office space in this area.

MG Road has a number of office buildings that are slightly off the main road but still considered very a prime location to have an office space.  They all enjoy the privilege of being associated with the upmarket MG Road.

Prime locality Address

For some organisations the address of the head office is very important and must be in a prime locality. Over the years Gurgaon has gained the reputation of being a corporate hub and all industries and companies have been vying for an office space in the prime localities of Gurgaon. While MG Road may not have the same reputation as Cyber City or Golf Course Road, it has the advantage of easy accessibility.

If your company is looking for office space on MG Road, AIHP can help you find the desired space. Whether you want bare office space or furnished office or a plug and play office you can get the necessary office space on MG Road from AIHP. AIHP can also provide office space with customised interiors according to the prerequisites of your company.