Office space golf course road

Golf Course Road is the premium area for office space in Gurgaon. A large part of Golf Course Road runs through residential areas. Even though the road is quite long the available space for commercial buildings along the road is very limited. Due to these constraints leasing office space Golf Course Road is not an […]

Fully Furnished office space on Sohna Road Gurgaon

To the trend for office space is changing. Most businesses prefer to rent fully furnished office spaces on Sohna Road. You’re probably wondering why Sohna Road? Why not Udyog Vihar or Cyber City or any other location in Gurgaon? Without any doubt, Gurgaon is the hub of corporate activity in India. Those businesses that are […]

Office space in Golf Course Ext Road

Golf Course Extension Road is the new up and coming area in Gurgaon. This road connects Sohna Road to the Faridabad bypass. It intersects with many other major roads such as the Golf Course Road and various others. Many top rated builders have bought land on this road and are making huge premium commercial complexes […]

Easy to find commercial space for rent in Gurgaon

Commercial space for rent in Gurgaon is in plenty. But the question is where and how can you rent it. Where should you start?   First of all, where are you looking? You can find anything if you look in the right place. When it comes to commercial space for rent, AIHP is the right […]


Prime Commercial Space available for Rent

Gurgaon is the hub for all commercial activity. Every business prefers commercial space in a prime area of town. The significance of being centrally located in Gurgaon rests on having an office area office in DLF Cyber City or Udyog Vihar. There are other locations that are well connected and much sought after too, like […]

Plug and play office Gurgaon

Need a ready to use office space? The concept of a plug and play office is catching on in Gurgaon at quite a fast pace. As the name suggests a plug and play office is ready to use. With everything in place the employees can just open up their laptops and start working immediately, as […]

Office space for rent in Udyog Vihar

Udyog Vihar is a prime area of Gurgaon and finding office space in this locality can be a great challenge for a company. There are many property dealers who run around trying to source a good location for their clients but often it is a waste of time. In order to find good office space […]

Upgrade with an office situated on Golf Course Road

Getting office space in Gurgaon is not as easy as it sounds. But this also depends on the location you desire to have an office. Office space Golf Course Road is difficult to get. This is because there are limited commercial buildings on Golf Course Road and the demand is high. Everyone wants an office […]

Commercial space for rent

Gurgaon is the commercial hub for the top companies in the world. 250 of the Fortune 500 companies have their offices located in Gurgaon. Commercial space for rent in Gurgaon comes at a premium. Certain areas are categorised as prime commercial locations. Sourcing commercial space in these areas is literally like a hit and miss […]

Office space in MG Road

Over the last decade MG Road in Gurgaon has become a very popular location for office space. The presence of multiple Shopping complexes and malls on this road has served to add value to having an office that is so centrally located. MG Road intersects with the National Highway 8 at IFFCO Chowk making it […]

Hassle free commercial space for rent

Looking for commercial space for rent in Gurgaon? This can be quite a challenging experience. Whether you are a large corporate company or a small business, many of the hassles remain the same. The easiest and best way to find the office space is by contacting the right office space brokers. You are probably wondering […]

Lease fully furnished office space in Gurgaon with ease

Are you running around in circles looking for fully furnished office space in Gurgaon? Locating the right office space can be a challenge in a place like Gurgaon. It is huge and spread out over a very vast area. The demographics can be daunting. So how do you go about looking for office space? A […]

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