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Are You Searching for Office Space? Consider These Factors First!

One of the critical factors that impacts employee productivity and satisfaction is the office space. Finding a new space for your commercial requirements can be overwhelming, but it is exciting too! You have to research the perfect location and find the ideal type of property for your needs, and there are so many things that you have to take care of. 

commercial office space gurgaon

Scientifically proven, employees are more engaged and productive if they like their office space. If your office is well maintained, it will improve employee satisfaction. When the space is well maintained, the employees will be happier, and happy employees can help the organization. Organizations must also consider the cost of office space rent, legal requirements, public transportation, and other important things. Consider these factors! 



Among all the factors, location is the most important. It is essential to choose a place that is easily accessible. The accessibility of the location directly impacts the organization. Modern cities have many problems with traffic and need more parking places. But this should not mean picking a location far away from the city. 


The office space must be accessible by public transportation, which is a bonus point if there are no traffic jams. The employees and your clients should be able to come to the office without hassle. Consider locations that are close to malls, restaurants, and coffee shops. 


For instance, if you are looking for commercial office space Gurgaon, choose an affordable location close to the public transport network. Reserve an area on the city’s outskirts where public transportation exists. Such places are cheaper, but they will demotivate the employees and clients! 



It’s important to have a general idea of how the market works regarding price, amenities, and location. Choosing a space below market standards is not a good idea. The low price can be due to a poor location or problematic space. Similarly, if the cost of the property is too high, your business will be negatively affected. 


Paying more than your allocated budget will burden the business in the long run. Always ensure there are no hidden charges; the lowest price should match the location and available facilities. Pay only the market standard because the location is good. There are numerous options available on a budget. The price should be equivalent to the quality of the property and all the facilities you will get with it. 



Before finalizing the space, consider all the facilities you will get with the property. It is essential to have good internet and electricity connections in the office space. Businesses these days can only operate via the internet. 


Other factors, such as lighting, parking spaces, kitchens, and washrooms, should be in good shape. It is ideal if the place has good security. Ventilation should be excellent. Always remember that your clients or business prospects will visit your office, so the decorum of the place has to be awesome.


Company size: 

It is crucial to have a space that properly accommodates all your employees. Nobody wants to work in an organization where the desks are crammed together with no breathing space. Similarly, you should only spend money on a small space if you know it will be used. Take your time with the process. 


Choosing the wrong place will force you to move from it to a better place sooner or later. Know your size requirements beforehand. Plan how you want the office to look and how much space is required for all your employees, equipment, and other activities. If you are looking forward to hiring more people, invest in office space that can accommodate your company’s growth. 



Before investing in an office space, it’s essential to consider how it’s designed and laid out. The design of the space tremendously affects employee productivity and satisfaction. The area you choose for your office must feel welcoming and have a productive vibe. Visit the site and pay attention to natural lighting, ventilation, noise pollution, and how close it is to nature. All these factors are significant in building or defining the office’s vibe. 


If the property has working bathrooms and a kitchen that is easy to get to, that is a plus. The layout is essential when considering a property; plan how to make the most of it. 


Types of office spaces: 

Many office spaces include coworking spaces, business incubators, serviced offices, and commercial leases. Each of these has its advantages and purposes. Consider all the types of office spaces available to you. This will help you choose the most affordable and efficient option. 


Coworking spaces are pocket-friendly and have extra perks like cafes, gyms, and event spaces. Business incubators offer support and resources at affordable prices. Serviced offices are pre-furnished and have flexible leases. A commercial lease gives you more control over the space. It provides more privacy and has lower long-term costs. 




Most business owners make the mistake of leaving the research behind. Doing your research helps you evaluate your options and the pros and cons of each of them. It is essential to analyze your requirements and predict your future requirements. Your office space should be accommodating and flexible for your future needs. 


Reach out to AIHP if you are looking for an affordable office space for your organization. They provide solutions for all types of businesses and ensure that your property is well-maintained and has all the facilities required. If you need a reasonable budget, consider cost-friendly options. Doing a little research will help you choose the best place for your business. 


Remember, the more you invest in the business, the more benefits you reap. Investing in a good office space is a safe and cheap way to boost employee satisfaction and productivity. Motivated and happy employees contribute tremendously to the growth of the organization. In the long term, this leads to the survival of the business and more profits! Carefully analyze your requirements and invest in an office face that fulfills all your needs!

office space for rent in Gurgaon

Office Space for Rent in Gurgaon: 3 Strongest Plus Points


Almost all budding business owners and entrepreneurs unfailingly ask themselves one question – should they opt for buying an office or simply renting one? No matter what the structure of your business is, selecting an office is the very first step to making a start. And, it is one of the most important initial steps that everyone willing to set up a business needs to take. Opting for an office space for rent in Gurgaon can be considered an ideal option as per the current market trends. There are various reasons behind this approach including the cost and responsibility of ownership associated with buying a commercial property. 

office space for rent in Gurgaon


The cost involved is one of the primary reasons rentals are getting popular for all those individuals who are either expanding or starting a new business. One of the strongest plus points of choosing an office on rent in cyber city is that it enables you to instantly access the well-finished and furnished office infrastructure without any hassle. This post sheds light on some of the top benefits of renting an office, particularly in the city of Gurgaon:


  • A hassle-free, out-of-the-box transition


If you have managed to buy a brand new piece of commercial property in the city of Gurgaon, then also do you think that you have won half of the battle? No, not at all, you are very far from it. When you buy a commercial property, you need to perform the following to make it ready for operations:


  • Installing and updating the facilities and amenities
  • Creating and designing the interiors
  • Setting up a new water and electricity connection
  • Bringing in furniture
  • Getting all the required tech tools
  • All the essential office equipment, plus much more.


All this involves extra expenses and hassles which you would never like to get involved with at any cost. It is because making a newly bought property ready for operations in the second-half of the battle needs to be won under all circumstances. Setting up everything on your own is a very time killer process that also involves a huge amount of ready money. On the other hand, rented office space in Gurgaon provides you with everything hassle-freely as and when you ink the deal with the space provider. The city of Gurgaon is home to India’s most renowned office space providers such as AIHP – offering you the following through rental deals that are quite irresistible:


  • A complete package tailored to your requirements
  • An instant opportunity to grow from the very first day
  • Fully furnished office spaces with all the infrastructure that your venture calls for
  • Customization of the office design as per your exact requirements.


By inking the rental deal with AIHP for a well-furnished office space, you don’t have to waste your valuable time and money in searching for different facilities and amenities. Just be there and start your journey to growth and prosperity.  


  • A significant cut-off on the financial burden – the most logical advantage 


As a business owner, you always want to save money at the initial stages so that you can invest in the prime areas of your business to give it speed and pace as per the requirements. One of the most logical and remarkable advantages of renting an office in the city of Gurgaon is that it lightens up your financial burden at that crucial stage of your business establishment. As a business owner, you don’t have to pay anything concerning the maintenance and management of the office which brings down your financial responsibilities.  


What’s more, you are never technically liable for any cost concerning the repair cost unless and until you or your staff members do any deliberate harm to the office premise. Some of the other responsibilities taken up by the concerned landlord involve the following:


  • Routine maintenance – right from slight ones to costly endeavors
  • Repainting the walls
  • Maintenance of infrastructure
  • Technical equipment
  • Keeping the washroom neat and clean, and
  • Keeping everything in the proper working conditions


When you rent an office in the city of Gurgaon instead of buying, you are free to raise your voice as and when you observe any issue concerning any of the affairs, amenities, and facilities. And, without getting involved even a little bit, you can get everything fixed and addressed in no time.  


  • United Working Capital


When you rent an office space in the city of Gurgaon, your hard-earned money does not have anything with the long-term investment. It provides you with more headroom not only to promote your staffers but also to make certain changes in your business model to take your venture to the next level. In a rented office, you get ready to use infrastructure, technology, and business support that bring you complete freedom from paying mortgage based on highly varying interest rates, constantly increasing as per the market dynamics. 


Therefore, when you opt for renting an office instead of buying it, you are always in a win-win situation. The only thing to consider is that before making your move, just think over many times with whom you are going to sign the final deal. The city of Gurgaon has become a global business hub over the past 2 decades, and there is no dearth of landlords who claim to offer nothing but the best. Choose wisely, business well.



AIHP is a leader in providing global quality workplace environments. The company has its headquarters in Gurgaon. AIHP’s concept is unique since it is the first company to offer corporate office space as a product rather than a group of outsourced services. Whether you are expanding, relocating, or setting up a new business, AIHP has you covered in all respects. The company’s backward integrated model is the foundation of its product. Being one of the largest, most well-known corporate landlords in the city of Gurgaon, the company’s in-house specialized teams offer end-to-end product delivery. You can expect everything right from the conceptualization, design, architecture, manufacturing of furniture, office fit-outs, incubation, and workplace management to hospitality from this team.

Commercial Office Space: 8 Architectural Detailing Predictions for 2022 and Beyond

Be it a Commercial Office Space or a center of corporate affairs, perfect interior designing is all about imagination, offbeat ideas, innovative thinking, and creativity of the highest order. Only a very few designers can provide you with highly personable results.  Best designers and decorators are those who never impose their ideas on you while accomplishing your job. They address your specific needs while convincing you that their décor styles and abilities are even better than your insights about interior and exterior designs.

Going along with the latest trends adds an edge to your office space. While defining your taste for aesthetics as well as appealing interior décor. This blog sheds light on some of the latest trends in the exterior and interior office space designs that will not only increase the value of your commercial space for rent but also help you stand apart with your spaces and structures:

Integrated Hardware

Integrated hardware is one of the most happening trends in 2022. This trend is loved and appreciated for conveying seamless, very minimal, and ultra-sleek looks. And feels with no compromise on design excellence. The vertical lines achieved through the integration of hardware simulate molding lines. While creating a well-ordered and extremely calming visual imagery.

Earth Tones

Furniture and different other accessories such as purely natural elements of solid wood and metals help a lot in creating an ambiance just like it prevails outside. Bold as part of earthy tones can be implemented in the black doors or a dark brown sofa set. Professional exterior designers are incorporating these earthy tones to produce a uniquely grounded and creative feel across offices and commercial spaces.

Curvy Shapes

The re-emergence of curvy shapes in interior design can be considered a discreet throwback inspired by styles of the 60s and 70s. The rounded pieces of furniture offer an extremely beautiful line and curve mesh that takes the beauty of form to the next level. In 2022, you are also going to see upholstered pieces such as benches, chaises, and sofas created with undulating curves. Curvy shaped designs are going to reach their climax in the rest of 2022. While pouring the tranquil energy of nature all around and emulating waves, circles, as well as the curves we all desire.

Multifunctional Spaces

Multifunctional spaces have emerged as one of the most preferred and relevant trends in interior designing of commercial spaces and offices in the past few years, and are all set to dominate the rest of 2022 also. The professionals associated with the best office space providers are designing offices with open plans while creating more and more multifunctional spaces. What’s most commonly seen in the office spaces these days is the doubling-up of space. The common area with islands can be used both as a workstation as well as a dining table when needed.

Some Benefits of Multifunctional Spaces are:

  • You can use a multifunctional office space for eating and socializing, and working at the same time
  • Creating multifunctional spaces is not only cost-effective but also saves a lot of space, and thus ideal for offices facing a space crunch
  • A multi-functional office space is a true integration of a large variety of functions in time and space, and thus offers functionalities par excellence

Floral Wallpaper to Relive Nature Round-the-clock

Floral wallpapers have always been an important part of interior designs in homes. But now, they are getting immensely popular with office spaces also. With a great appeal for vibrant and contrasting colors, you can see beautiful floral wallpaper patterns all around in diverse sizes and designs suiting perfectly to a large number of décor styles. Floral wallpapers are also going to be the favorite décor accessory for office bathrooms as well as all the entry areas. These wall covering options not only add interest and whims to the space they are applied to but also allow you to relive nature round the clock.

Built-in Seating

Built-in-seating is one of the most happening trends in 2022 as it is a great technique to save space in commercial and even corporate office space. The built-in seating arrangement adds character to a room while giving the space an out-of-the-box look and feel. These days, saving space is a big challenge for almost all people and the idea of built-in seating is going to be a part of architectural detailing not only in the year 2022 but also in the times to come.

The Year 2022 is all about Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns are also witnessing an upward curve in 2022 interior décor styles of offices and you can see them almost everywhere including-

  • Wallpapers
  • Cups
  • Notebooks
  • Couches
  • Art and craft
  • Floors
  • Lighting fixtures etc

As per the professionals associated with best office space providers. The year 2022 is all about geometric balance while making a statement with extremely bold and vibrant geometric patterns. Therefore-

  • Stick to more classic patterns when it comes to chairs and throws
  • Choose the best area inside your office to make a bold statement using geometric patterns
  • Go for geometric bathroom and floor tiles
  • Opting for geometric wallpapers is also a great idea

More Inclusion of Nature

The year 2022 is witnessing more inclusion of nature in both interiors as well as exterior designs across space settings. Incorporating more and more natural elements in modern décor environments is getting a way of life. Because it has a direct connection with our overall well-being. Additionally, the natural elements in an office’s interior décor increase productivity and creativity.

Concluding Remarks

AIHP is one of the largest and most reputed corporate landlords in the city of Gurgaon offering well-furnished, state-of-the-art ready to move office spaces. It is the most reliable one-stop-shop where dedicated teams of professionals go the extra mile in conceptualizing, creating, implementing, and managing global quality workspace environments. It is the first infrastructure company within the industry. It offers corporate office space as a product rather than a group of outsourced services. Be it the challenge of expanding the existing business, relocating, or just starting a new office. AIHP does it all for you.

4 Advantages of a Turnkey Ready Well Furnished Office in Gurgaon

Finding furnished office space for rent in a city like Gurgaon offers a large number of advantages besides keeping you away from all types of hassles and inconveniences. When you think over the idea of a well-furnished office. You might not realize that the term furnished indicates a wide range of amenities and facilities already available on the concerned premises. The example of water, electricity, and different other utilities. That can be cited here as they are already included in a well-furnished office.

Other such a furnished office in Gurgaon might include different janitorial services and a kitchen as part of the monthly rent apart from different other desirable amenities such as high-speed internet connectivity. Some common locations might also offer facilities such as common areas, meeting rooms, and also a space for any event. The city of Gurgaon over the past two decades has become a paradise for corporates and other sectors to operate their business. This blog sheds light on some of the major benefits of opting for well-furnished office space in the city of Gurgaon in the following points:

Convenience – business owners always appreciate avoiding the hassles

Convenience matters a lot when any business moves to a well-furnished office. Just as homebuyers always want to buy a turnkey-ready home that doesn’t call for a lot of repairs and refurbishing jobs. Business owners also appreciate avoiding the hassles related to renovation, refurbishing, and adapting a new location to their business requirements. For starters, there is no need to hire any movers and packers. Particularly when everything is ready in the new office you are relocating to. What you need to do is just pack everything on your own and move.

A few things to consider when you move to well-furnished office space:

  • Make sure that the office has all the basic pieces of communal furnishing as promised in the quote
  • Always Ensure you don’t have an enormous task to accomplish after shifting
  • Be Assure the provider is giving you everything as per measurement and dimensions
  • Visiting the office personally is a great idea before shifting
  • Please ensure there is nothing left undone by the provider which might kill your valuable time
  • The well-furnished workspace in Gurgaon wherein you are going to establish your business needs to be respectable. So that you proudly show clients or stakeholders your presence
  • The office should not have cheap-looking, tired, or outdated furniture.

Cost Savings – so many cost savings on different fronts

Moving to a well-furnished office in the city of Gurgaon brings you so many cost savings on different fronts. It eliminates the need for hiring the services of movers and packers. While also removing all the overhead expenses that are borne by the business owners on different types of upgrades and installations. You will not be shelling out for any kind of construction or hiring any electrician to give an upgrade to outdated and old office paraphernalia.

This way, you get a sufficient scope for saving the money which you can spend on many different crucial aspects of your business. When you are all set to get everything ready in your new well-furnished office. You are always away from the fear of damage to your goods, tools, and equipment. Which are often reported to be damaged during the shifting process.

A Professional Impression – necessary for winning clients, and brand building

Be it interior designing or any other aspect, the providers of high-quality furnished spaces in the city of Gurgaon leave no stone unturned to do all the needful possible. So, that they can attract business owners from different industries toward their office spaces. These providers get everything accomplished in the spaces by the professional interior decorators and allied workmen to make the space professionally-looking and royal in look and feel.

As a result, all the fixtures and artworks perfectly coordinate with other furnishings on the premises. Right from the spacious meeting rooms to the private cabins. All this can help you to present your products and services in the best possible light. The floors of furnished office spaces in the city of Gurgaon often have attractive and alluring carpeting with a professional décor arrangement in all the common areas.

All this not only gives off a professional impression to customers and clients. But also the manpower which you need to succeed in your venture. A professional impression about your business not only enhances the credibility of your business. But also helps you in brand building by way of the unique location address.

Enhanced Productivity – has a direct connection with the resources

Whether you are operating your business in a co-working space or a fully furnished office in Gurgaon or even in a more conventional office in any other city. Your employees will always feel charged, enthused, productive, and refreshed. When they find everything in the pink of conditions right from infrastructure to all desirable amenities and facilities. This type of positive scenario wherein everything is in its place helps your people focus better on their respective job roles resulting in more productivity.

On the other hand, in an office where employees need to spend a handsome amount of time getting settled. Their enthusiasm drastically comes down leading to low productivity as well as a bad image of the organization. Having all the spaces perfectly prepared also saves your employees from frequent distractions.

For example, they don’t need to wander table to table or desk to desk for printers, intercom sets, or any other power tools until everything gets set up properly. After all, employees’ productivity has a direct connection with the resources they get to use during daily job hours. And a fully furnished office for rent provides them with everything they need.

Concluding Remarks

AIHP is a leading name in conceptualizing, creating, and implementing. The management of high-quality workplace environments in the city of Gurgaon is good. It is the first company in India to offer corporate and commercial space in the city. As a product instead of a group of outsourced services. Being one of the largest corporate landlords in Gurgaon, AIHP deals in commercial property for lease and office spaces. Get in touch with the company for more details.


8 Points to Consider while Looking for an Office for Rent in Gurgaon

Choosing an ideal location for your office is not an easy task. It is because it involves a large number of factors to consider. However, choosing an ideal office space can give a never-before boost to your business. Things can become more challenging when you need to choose an office for rent in Gurgaon. This blog helps you carry out the same in the following points:

Location and Accessibility

Location is the key to success in any business. It acts as a foundation for all other factors. Choosing the right location for your office is important for the following reasons:

  • An office location impacts the mood of your employees
  • Good locations have better accessibility for public transportation resources
  • A great location also makes your clients and suppliers feel easy
  • Offices at great locations often have ample parking lots
  • A better visibility factor is also associated with the location of the office.

Accessibility always creates better visibility. And, visible businesses always attract newer customers as well as improve your brand image. So, you need to understand the importance of an outstanding location while choosing an office on rent in Gurgaon.

The conveyance of the right message

Choosing an ideal office for rent in Gurgaon is like getting dressed. Every business has a message. And, you need to convey it to the public in a meaningful manner. The message needs to be as per your business identity. Business owners are always under pressure to leave a good first impression. It is because they don’t get a second chance to repair it again. All this considered, the overall aura of your business premises resonates with what you want to convey. And, nothing conveys it better than an ideal location.


The next big thing is the size of the office for rent in Gurgaon. You must have a crystal clear idea about how much space you need. The considerations of the size even get more important if you are a growing business. You need to be specific about the number of existing workers as well as the extended staff. Sometimes, various offices cannot accommodate the new arrivals and the entire atmosphere of the office gets spoiled. Some other considerations include the following:

  • The requirement of the size is associated with the scale and magnitude of the business to be started
  • It also matters a lot whether you are shifting an established business or starting a new one
  • You need to be very clear whether you will be hiring new people as your business picks up the pace
  • Budgetary calculations.


Office spaces have seen a complete transformation in the past few years. Now you can opt for an office for rent in Gurgaon with amenities par excellence. Gone are the days when office spaces used to be just functional. Amenities mean a lot in an office as they play a pivotal role in talent retention. So, before you end your search, make sure the office space has the following in the premise:

  • Breakout areas
  • Meeting and conference rooms
  • High-speed internet
  • Private phone booths
  • Shower facilities, and
  • Smoking zone, etc

You must remember that amenities in your office play a very crucial role. They not only improve the work environment but also boost employee wellbeing.

Technology Compatibility

We have been relying on technology like never before for the past 2 years. So, make sure the office on rent in Gurgaon has all the technological compatibilities in place. An ideal office space should support all the smart gadgets. It should also have an ample amount of power outlets and ports for internet connections. There are areas where wireless connectivity is always an issue. You need to make sure that connectivity is seamless in the office space that you are going to choose.

Eco-friendly Features

Needless to say, we are again going back to nature. It is because we have paid a heavy price for going away from it. More and more companies are striving to promote an eco-friendly working environment. So, while searching an office on rent in Gurgaon, you need to take note of the following:

  • Make sure the space promotes an eco-friendly environment in sync with their business operations
  • You Need to sure the building upholds green standards
  • Ensure the construction has taken place with green approaches
  • Make sure the building has energy-efficient characteristics

Eco-friendly features have a very positive impact on your business. These features not only boost the productivity of your employees but also contribute to the environment. These features have a direct connection with the mindset, health, and productiveness of your employees.

Safety and security

A productive business can succeed only in a safe and sound environment. Safety involves a large number of things. Some of them include the following:

  • You need to choose a location where law and order is never a problem
  • You have to make sure that your women employees are safe in and around your office premises
  • You also need to be very specific about the safety and security of your assets
  • You need to check the crime rate in the particular area where you are going to set up your business.

Competitor Presence

Before finalizing an office on rent in Gurgaon, you also need to ascertain that there is no competitor nearby. There are various businesses where nearby competitors can hamper your progress. Renting too close to your competitors might not be a wise move. So, take your time and consider all the above-mentioned facts. Your own insights and research work always play an important role in your finding.

Concluding Remarks

AIHP conceptualizes, creates, and implements the management of high-quality workplace environments. It is the first company in India to offer corporate and commercial space in Gurgaon as a product instead of a group of outsourced services. The promoters behind the company are the largest corporate landlords in the city dealing in commercial property for lease and office spaces. The AIHP in-house specialized teams provide end-to-end product deliveries. You can get in touch with AIHP for an office on rent in Gurgaon.

6 Reasons Why Gurgaon is a Paradise for Offices and Firms

Well-known as the Singapore of India, the city of Gurgaon is also considered to be the first private city in India. The city was the ‘first’ in India to have a privately financed metro rail facility and a private fire station. It is still the fastest growing city in the country wherein the office space absorption with almost every company willing to rent commercial property had crossed the 30 million mark in the year 2011 itself. As per a recently released report by the Economic Times. The city of Gurgaon is the most sought-after market for office spaces.

A city that was an ordinary town 25 years ago now has become a city that’s home to nearly half of the Fortune 500 companies. This blog explores the reasons why:

  • For long, the city had no local government at all

It was the year 1979 when Gurgaon parted its way with the city of Faridabad. Just contrary to Gurgaon, Faridabad was privileged to have national and regional rail connectivity, basic infrastructure. And national and international industrial units managed and monitored by an urban local authority. The provision of no urban government proved to be a great asset for the city. Generally, when any real estate body or any other private company wants to acquire the land for certain purposes. They need to deal with a large number of bureaucratic layers.

But the case was totally different in the city of Gurgaon because the chief minister of the state was having the veto power on land conversion. All this resulted in the lowered overall cost of all types of transactions while making the land acquisition easier and hassle-free. The private bodies willing to be operated within the city felt the ease of making roads, highways, and a large number of other structures.

  • The city offers unmatched ease of construction

The city of Gurgaon is one of the rare cities in the country. Where private entities find it easy to construct different types of buildings and structures. When compared to other cities in the country. In Gurgaon the builders and developers don’t need to roam and wander in the bureaucratic corridors for a variety of necessary permissions. Whatever the provisions in the system, they get a nod almost in no time. This has enabled various reputed real estate developers to create world-class spaces for office space rent.

  • Gurgaon was built from scratch

Any city when built from scratch has so many privileges and advantages. For example, enforcing business-friendly policies and norms is easier in such cities. One of the most amazing facts associated with the land in Gurgaon is that most of the land available is idle and infertile. As a result, there was no opposition from the landowners at all in the conversion process from agriculture to non-agriculture. This also contributed to making the land cheaper for different parties including corporates and real estate developers.

  • Planned by the private parties

For any city to function well, ample and apt planning is quite imperative for proper functioning. Here, the example of the city of Jamshedpur in Jharkhand can be cited to support the said view. The city is 100% planned by the private parties. In the same way, the real estate giant DLF owns the largest parts of the city of Gurgaon but still they don’t have something that Tata has in Jamshedpur. So, DLF cannot provide sewage or water supply.

Be that as it may, private actions can prove to be fruitful in this regard. For instance, in Gurgaon, the number of privately deployed guards is more than the government deployed security personnel. This has resulted in a lesser crime rate in the city when compared to Faridabad and even Delhi – the national capital of India. Taking things to the next level, DLF in association with the Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) is making a joint effort to create a 16-lane signal-free expressway.

  • Gurgaon is adjacent to Delhi

The city of Gurgaon enjoys the privilege of being close to Delhi – the national capital of India. Over the past 2 decades, Delhi has been facing a never-before space crunch with property prices always skyrocketing. When Gurgaon started prospering, it grabbed the attention of firms and offices operating in different parts of the national capital region (NCR). Relocating to the suburbs of Gurgaon is still a hot trend and a large number of companies today are willing to  office space Rent

This scenario explains why the city of Gurgaon has proved to be a paradise for different firms and offices. Being close to the Indira Gandhi International (IGI) airport, Gurgaon location-wise enjoys a special privilege. Another neighboring city called Faridabad has a well-connected railway facility providing industrial units, especially those in the manufacturing sector with an additional edge.

  • Overall business-friendly and encouraging environment

Today, Gurgaon has become a prime location for both national and international businesses. Just because it provides them with the right kind of aura associated with their business address. Almost all the businesses are trying to join the big league by establishing their office in the city. This is the reason the demand for the well-furnished rent commercial property is growing by leaps and bounds. Over the past few years, the Haryana State Government has also come up with newer plans and schemes for the required pampering of the city. And, it is quite logical also because the city has become the highest revenue generator for the government.

Concluding Remarks

AIHP is one of the leading providers of world-class workplaces in Gurgaon. The company has earned a formidable reputation by creating, implementing, and managing unique concept-based spaces for businesses and firms of different types.

AIHP is the first entity within the domain to offer corporate office space as a product rather than a group of outsourced services. Be it the challenge of expanding the existing business, relocating, or just starting a new office. AIHP does it all for its valued customers. Those willing to  office space rent in Gurgaon or need any well-furnished rent commercial property can get in touch with AIHP right away.

Commercial Properties-Everything you need to know before renting and setting up your business


Real estate utilize for business recreations is commonly considere a commercial property. Choosing a property as a commercial estate is essential based on how it is financed, taxed, and apply to the laws. If you are someone looking for a commercial property on rent, you must know every detail about it. Signing up for a retail space for rent is a big step for any new start-ups or business owners. The world of commercial property is very complex, and it may take you a lot of time to get the perfect space you are looking for. So, once you get the property, do the necessary planning and work accordingly.

What is a commercial property or commercial space?

Commercial property is also known as commercial real estate, income property, or investment property. It is real estate used to generate revenue or profits, which can form rental income or capital gains. Commercial space can either be a land or a building.

What are the types of commercial property?

There are generally different types of commercial properties:

Office buildings- This category of commercial space includes small professional office space, single-tenant property, downtown skyscrapers, etc.

Multifamily- This commercial space includes high-rise apartments, other complexes, or more extensive buildings than a fourplex.

Industrial- This category consists of cold storage, workshops, warehouses, distribution centers, big R and D facilities, repair stores, etc.

Retail shops- This commercial property includes a single-tenant retail building, pad site on highway frontages, large and small neighborhood shopping centers, grocery stores, outlet or regional malls, showrooms, etc.

Land- This category comprises investment property on raw, undeveloped rural lands that can be developed in the future. It also includes pad sites, infill lands with an urban area, etc.

Others- The last category is miscellaneous, which consists of other non-residential spaces, such as hospitals, hotels, cafes, movie halls, parks, stadiums, self-storage developments, medical centers, schools, universities, etc.

In many places, residential properties that have more than a particular number of units can be use as a commercial space for the purpose of tax or borrowing.

How can you determine the rent of a commercial property?

In order to get the correct value of any commercial property, you must know how to calculate its rent. There is an easy way to calculate commercial rent:

Rent = (Common area multiplied by the rate per month) + (Usable square foot multiplied by its rate per month)

Why should you rent any commercial property?

Commercial properties have always been acknowledge as a practical investment. If we compare the building cost and the cost of customization for renters, they are higher than any residential estate. You can expect a lot higher returns in this case. Also, when you opt for residential renting, there can be common problems caused by neighbors, which you would not find if you take any commercial space for rent.

Things to keep in mind before renting a commercial property

Here are a few tips that you must remember before you rent a commercial space:

Research as much as you can. Know about the property owner, landlords, zoning and other laws, environmental expectations, and other details. Know what you have to pay, what the rent covers, and the rate of increasing the rent every year. Ask if you have to pay any extra charges or if the rent will cover everything. Know about the rent rules when you close your business or shift to another place.

What are the benefits of renting a commercial space?

If you are not aware of the advantages of leasing any commercial space, you must be glad to know all these:

Retaining flexibility: Renting a property gives you flexibility and mobility. You do not have to tie it down to a particular location and can move to any other place if needed.

Cash flow: If you have just started your business, renting will be better than buying. This is because your starting outgo will be limited to the first month’s rent and the security deposit. Here, you will not be required to pay the total property price or any down payment.

Maintenance of the area: If you do not want to take up the responsibility of regular maintenance of the commercial property, renting it is a good choice. Your maintenance expenses will be low.

Decreasing property price: If your area is witnessing any declining property values, then buying the property might make you face losses in the future, so leasing the property is a good choice.

No need to take heavy loans: Renting will be a far better option than buying if you want to avoid hefty loans or high rates of interest payments.

Is it a good idea to start a business in a rented commercial space?

People are becoming more inclined to start their businesses, so commercial properties are gaining popularity daily. If you are someone who wants to know if the commercial property is a good investment, then look at these points:

The commercial buildings, most of the time, have docks for loading trucks.
Sometimes they have more giant refrigerators compared to normal ones.
They have flat roofs and multiple electrical points.

All these make the property perfect for starting any business. Commercial property accomplishment, noting down the prices of sales and the rate of occupancy, and new buildings are effective in measuring business activity in a particular region.

How To utilize your commercial property?

If you are thinking of how you can use the commercial space, then there are a few ways to do it. You can start a restaurant because commercial properties are usually spacious, so you will not face problems regarding pantry space or storing foods. They are install with a proper refrigeration system. You can set up a shopping complex or center with ample space and several units. If your commercial space has an open area, you can utilize it as a warehouse. Also, education is a top priority in our daily lives, so setting up an educational institute can be an excellent idea. You can use it as a godown as well.

Are retail space and commercial space different?

Yes, they are entirely different from each other. Office space and commercial space are the same things, and it is not necessary to have high foot traffic in a commercial space. As commercial spaces have mainly uses in businesses, you will rarely find people going in and out continuously. On the other hand, retail space is based on foot traffic. So, be careful to not confuse between the two.

To conclude

Commercial properties generally refer to any building that does house business or land planned to make revenue and more significant residential properties on rent. So keeping everything in mind, renting a commercial property can be highly beneficial because its uses are manifolds. You can expect higher returns. If you have a business that needs a professional workspace or thinking of opening a new store, or need a warehouse or garage. You must consider the thought of renting a commercial space.

Top 4 Reasons to Establish a New Business in Gurgaon

Gurgaon is one of the fastest-growing metropolitan cities in India. Moreover, this city is home to the world’s biggest corporate houses and a large number of other national and global organizations. Be it established companies or start-ups, all are interested in having their presence in Gurgaon.

The city, particularly in the past 20 years, has proved to be the most prosperous and spacious place for business belonging to different industries and sectors. This might be the reason the demand for well-furnished ready to move office space in Gurgaon always remains high.

This post is going to shed light on all those prominent reasons. That make Gurgaon an ideally suitable destination for establishing new businesses. Also, before we jump on to the main topic, let’s take a look at the success story of Gurgaon:

Gurgaon: The Success Story

The phenomenal success that the city has achieved in a very short period is primarily. Because of the gigantic investment it has brought to the country. There was a time when Gurgaon used to be typical farmland away from the limelight of modernity. Over time, it has flourished into India’s most preferred business hub with international recognition.However, it is now considered the economic capital of the state of Haryana. With aggressive progress in a wide range of business areas. Popularly known as the millennium city. Gurgaon is unquestionably in the driver’s seat when it comes to influencing the economy of the state of Haryana.

Now let’s discuss in detail all those pointers that make the city an industrial and commercial hub:

A unique, privileged location

The city of Gurgaon has a unique and privileged location that plays a pivotal role in its popularity. As a premium business destination. Be the companies from foreign lands or small, medium, and large scale business houses in India. All of them prefer Gurgaon for its unique location. The city is located in very close proximity to New Delhi – the national capital of India, just 12 km away from the IGI International Airport.

The city also boasts of truly world-class infrastructure including the well-furnished ready to move office space in Gurgaon. Mega commercial complexes, and extremely swish localities all around. All these advantages and conveniences contribute profusely to making the city an ideal destination for all types of businesses and commercial activities.

A professional image

Be it large, medium, or small, nothing matters more for a business than a professional image. Every business strives hard to establish a better image by spending millions of rupees through different types of image-making campaigns. An image helps businesses to attract, win and retain customers’ trust and confidence. Moreover, location, accessibility, and infrastructure are the real building blocks of the image of a business. Customers judge a brand on various parameters in which even the minutest thing counts very much.

The city of Gurgaon provides national and international businesses with all that they need to succeed including location, accessibility, and infrastructure. Hence, businesses can find well-furnished ready to move office space in Gurgaon as per their exacting requirements. These act as a panacea to give their businesses a compellingly professional image.


Be it infrastructure or utility services, cost-effectiveness is a crucial concern for all businesses. It gets even more crucial when the business is new and is just making a start. In the initial phases of any business, the owners are under extreme pressure to yield a maximum output with the least possible resources and overheads. The city of Gurgaon rescues all the new businesses in this regard. The first and foremost thing that comforts new business owners is the cost-effective and immediate availability of the ready to move office in Gurgaon.

Some renowned office space providers in the city are developing these spaces keeping in view the global quality parameters mind. These spaces are not only cost-effective but also built around the ideas of customizations as per some particular businesses’ exacting requirements. The city boasts of the following with unmatched cost-effectiveness:

  • State-of-the-art ready to move office space in Gurgaon
  • World-class serviced office spaces
  • Virtual workplaces, and
  • Collaborative workplaces.

All these spaces are equipped with global quality facilities and amenities. Which are less expensive and reasonable featuring round–the–clock accessibility to allied services and facilities under a single roof. So, all these facilities together are attracting investors not only from India but also from across the globe. Today, a large number of companies that are already established in other cities in the national capital region are shifting to Gurgaon to make the most of the benefits that this city offers to diverse businesses.

Safety and Security

Safety and security are some of the most crucial elements that all businesses consider before foraying into a new land to establish their business. No business can survive if any feeling of fear or insecurity haunts it at all times. As discussed earlier, Gurgaon in the past 20 years has emerged as the economic capital of the state of Haryana. And the government has acknowledged this fact well. To provide business houses round-the-clock uninterrupted security, the government has taken some specific and additional initiatives.

New police posts in and around the city have been established increasing the numbers of police personnel to beef up the security. A 24×7 helpline has also been introduced keeping in view the safety and security of women workers. Gurgaon has now become a fully metropolitan city. Therefore all the arrangements at the local and district level are in sync with the same culture. In this type of positively charged atmosphere, every business would like to enjoy the privilege of opting for a well-furnished ready to move office space in Gurgaon for sure.

The Closing Note

AIHP is one of the largest corporate landlords in Gurgaon offering well-furnished, state-of-the-art ready to move office space in Gurgaon. It is a one-stop-shop where dedicated teams of professionals conceptualize, create, implement, and manage global quality workspace environments. However, working on a unique concept, AIHP is the first infrastructure company that offers corporate office space as a product rather than a group of outsourced services.

Factors and Benefits of Rentable Commercial Property You Should Know

Discovering the right office space can be a challenging job for a business, especially when it is in its blooming stage. Despite this fact, Many companies and startups are choosing the best available options by simply considering a list of factors and flourishing at an astonishing rate. Consider this list given below to discover and rent commercial property.

List of factors

• Location

When it comes to real estate, the first factor has to be ‘location’. Experts suggest that even rentable properties should be chosen at the best location in order to bring more convenience to your daily business operations.

The definition of location varies for residential and commercial properties in different aspects. An office on rent in Cyber City will have different features in terms of location such as conveyance, availability of resources mandatory for offices, the presence of other businesses supportive to the venture, etc.

You will also have to make sure that your clients are able to communicate with you in no time. Make sure that your employees are able to connect to your location hassle-free. If they feel tired just by reaching their workstations, the output of your team will automatically reduce.

• Rent rate

The second most important factor that determines the type of commercial property you can choose is rent. The amount you will have to pay every month will matter a lot when it comes to company expenses.

The rate of commercial property is higher than that of residential properties. You need to maintain a balance between your requirement and your capability of spending on rent. Hence, overspending will cause unnecessary financial stress on you.

In this aspect, analyze your financial condition wisely and realize what the need of the moment is. Apart from rent, there are other overhead expenses linked to an office on rent in Cyber City. For instance, you will have to afford a deposit for the property and will also have to consider maintenance, parking, energy bills, etc. These costs will reduce in volume but increase in number when you choose to share an office space with other companies.

• Floor space

The third most important factor is the floor space. You will have to choose an optimum floor space in terms of your office requirement. You can utilize the extra expenses in other domains. Similarly, choosing a small space may make your office look cluttered and can hinder the normal workflow. Hence you should rent commercial property that suits your need and offers ample flexibility.

• Infrastructure

In today’s world, office space is not only a floor with chairs and tables. There are so many things to consider creating a modern environment where employees will love to work and clients will prefer to visit for business.

Hence, your choice of office space will be a prime factor that decides the level of first impression. For this, a considerable investment is required. You can still find affordable space in commercial properties offering exclusive services such as cafeteria, parking, business lounges, internet services, reception, virtual office space, concierge, etc. You can decide to A rent commercial property after considering these added services.

Why Choose a Rentable Commercial Property?

There is a saying in business that the less you are obligated the better you can make exceptional financial decisions. Managing your capital investment is a crucial point in the success of your business. This is where leasing property for fully furnished commercial purposes can be a great idea. Check out the reasons mentioned below that will encourage you to choose a Commercial Property for Rent.

1. Access to remarkable options

Considering the features of your business and brand recognition, discover rentable commercial properties in the best locations. Budding ideas and blooming enterprises need exclusive perks and location-based workstations to flourish. This factor becomes a crucial point in the preliminary phase of a business. When you are planning to expand your business or want to cut down the required resources, an office on rent in Cyber City is the best bet.

2. Flexibility

The more you keep yourself free from obligations you can avail of brilliant options. For instance, when you buy a commercial property, you will have to stick to it and might have to face hurdles to cut down expenses while increasing space for future requirements. Hence, rentable commercial properties as you can make a brilliant choice in the present according to your need and can make better decisions in the future.

It means you can change your resources according to your present requirement and do not have to feel the financial pressure whatsoever.

3. Investment control

There is no need to spend a fortune on commercial properties in prime locations. Consider renting a property as you will also have to pay installments when you buy one. Of course, a property bought is an asset and works well for the portfolio of a business. In this aspect, attracting financial pressure might not be feasible for some. Hence, rented commercial properties are ideal for the time being.

4. Fewer obligations

Buying a property can attract a lot of responsibilities. On the contrary, renting a property does not add major financial obligations. All you have to do is to pay the rent on time and a few other added fees. Major repairs will not fall into your account. Your responsibility will be to keep the internal area clean and maintained.


Consider following these points mentioned when you are willing to choose an office on rent in Cyber City. Make sure your decision is budget-friendly and supports your business plans well. Keep your options open and focus on optimizing these resources to manage your finances better. Focus on the location of the property and avail only those services That you need to run your business.

Major Benefits of taking up Commercial property in Gurgaon

Gurgoan is a place that offers all modern amenities and will make your lifestyle very comfortable. If you are thinking of buying a commercial space in Gurgaon, it is a complex process that involves a few risks. Gurgaon has seen a huge growth in the economy over the years. It is now a hub of top companies, high-end properties, and many top-notch restaurants and cafes. It is very important to consider the benefits of taking Commercial Property in Gurgaon.

Factors that you need to consider when taking up Commercial property in Gurgaon.

Upfront and ongoing costs

It is the topmost factor to consider while looking for Commercial property for rent in Gurgaon. There are various properties where prices are minimal. You can approach the areas where you think will be best when taking up commercial property for rent 

Convenient location 

Looking at the property is necessary when thinking about Commercial Property in Gurgaon. Analyzing the locality makes sure that you are getting the premises you wish to have. When looking for Commercial property for rent in Gurgaon also check the connectivity to other places. There are currently numerous commercial projects going on so taking Commercial property would be best.

Business growth potential 

For Commercial Property in Gurgaon, lookout for a place that has a prominent neighborhood. It can affect you in many ways. When you are at your initial stage look for a medium-sized place that is sufficient for your business. There is much Commercial property available that you can consider. 

Area zoning 

Having a commercial property for rent  that’s properly zoned for your business is extremely important. You must check and understand the industrial zoning for factories, offices, and retail.


After finding a perfect Commercial property identify its physical condition. How it can be used, wear and tear, environmental issues and also check the liability issues.

Parking facilities

When looking for commercial property for rent make sure that you get easy access to the area and can park vehicles comfortably.

Local amenities

You should take a Commercial property for rent in Gurgaon where there are local amenities nearby such as coffee shops and restaurants. 

If you have perfectly considered the above-mentioned factors now it’s time to enjoy the below-mentioned benefits. Investing in the buying of commercial premises is a big commitment. Instead, the best thing is to consider Commercial property for rent in Gurgaon.

Financial freedom

The best and the foremost benefit of commercial property for rent in Gurgaon is that renting ties up less, freeing up your money to spend in other areas of business development. Even if the value of the land drops you will not have to worry, as your money isn’t invested in the land.


If you are there for your business taking up a commercial property rent Gurgaon will not have you balling money. If in the future the size of your businesses changes, or you wish to switch to a big or small space then you will have the liberty to change. This liberty is only available when you choose a Commercial property for rent in Gurgaon.

You will be protected from interest rates

When using Commercial property for rent in Gurgaon there is a chance that the landlord could increase the rate of the rent when its reviewed. You will not have a mortgage that is affected by the interest rates.

Less Maintenance required

By getting a Commercial property for rent in Gurgaon you discover that the headache of maintaining and repairing falls to your landlord. But be cautious as you need to be thorough with the lease. By carefully checking the terms of the lease you will be well aware of each fact. Because once you understand and sign papers it means you will be fully responsible for whatever terms are written.

Your terms

There might be some give or take but when it comes to Commercial property for rent in Gurgaon. You will enjoy the opportunity to negotiate the terms of your rent to bring them as close to alignment with your business needs as possible.

Decreasing property value

Landlords often get affected by the property prices when they fluctuate. Because of the unstable market, people living on rent will not be affected. 

But there might be a few downsides involved when we talk about Commercial property for rent in Gurgaon i.e. 

  1. Market conditions– If somehow in the future the rates of the land increase you will never get the benefit out of it as that benefit stays with the owner of the land. 
  2. Rent reviews– The rate of the rent doesn’t depend on you as it is decided by the landlord. Your landlord can review and raise the rent at the agreed interval as they have this right. So, you better be prepared with your budget plan at the time if it happens. 
  3. Neighbouring businesses– If you choose to have multiple occupancy properties you will not have control over who you get as your neighbor. So, either work on the factor mention above or prepare to be surprised. 

To Sum Up 

In conclusion, taking a Commercial property for rent in Gurgaon will have its pros and cons. But once you are thorough with the factors you will have nothing to worry about! By opting to choose a place for rent you will have a flexible approach in life. If you require some assistance, AIHP are the best people to get in touch with. With their expertise, you will land a dream place in Gurgaon. AIHP is unique and offers corporate office space as a product. They are also known to be the biggest corporate landlords in Gurgaon. 

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